Wang Sicong Panda Mutual Entertainment's bankruptcy auction is 31 million. Why can the premium rate reach 991 % so high?

5 thoughts on “Wang Sicong Panda Mutual Entertainment's bankruptcy auction is 31 million. Why can the premium rate reach 991 % so high?”

  1. Recently, according to the news of the Shanghai Bankruptcy Court's press conference, in the bankruptcy liquidation case of Wang Sicong's live broadcast platform Panda Interactive Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd., nearly 9,000 stocks were filmed, with a shot of RMB 31 million and a premium rate of 991%. Why does this premium rate reach 991%? It is mainly because the auctioned items are some limited editions or out -of -print items, which are very rare, so the price is very high in reasoning.
    In this auction occurred on June 15, 2020, a group of peripheral products from Panda Mutual Entertainment appeared in the Ali Shot Lot, including a lot of gift boxes, canvas bags, and even mobile phone cases and other types. Limited edition gadgets. The starting price is also relatively close to the people, and there are things that have been popular, and the price will be copied very high. For example, one of the gift boxes is fired by more than 5,200 yuan from the starting price of 50 yuan.
    The growth of the live broadcast industry in the past few years, coupled with visible profits, has made many business leaders join, and Wang Sicong is no exception. In 2015, Wang Sicong founded Panda Mutual Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd., opened the Panda TV live broadcast platform, and at that time, many famous anchors of Douyu who took away the live broadcast platform of the game. However, after several years of operation, Panda Mutual Entertainment Culture Co., Ltd. announced bankruptcy on March 30, 2019. Panda TV also suddenly closed the server as early as March 8, 2019, so Wang Sicong was also included in the incident. Lost crowd.
    Wang Sicong's entrepreneurial entrepreneurship over the years is not ideal, and each time will be hit by a certain blow. Fortunately, what Wang Sicong said is also a rich second generation. Not long ago, he also launched the Shanghai Xinfei Fan E -Commerce Co., Ltd., which he founded, and served as chairman after Wanda Investment Co., Ltd. was established. It seems that after a few years of hard work, I chose to go home and inherit my family business. I think Wang Jianlin let Wang Sicong go to break, and let him experience the failure again and again to make him more mature. After such tempering, he can better be the heir of Wanda enterprises.

  2. I personally think that the reason why Wang Sicong's panda entertainment can be sold for 31 million, which also indicates that its product is very valuable. After all, some anchors in Panda TV are particularly popular and cohesive.

  3. This is obviously that someone is working later. Someone should see the prospect of Panda Entertainment, so such a high premium will occur.

  4. Because behind Wang Sicong's parents, he said that Wang Sicong's father was powerful, but in fact his mother also had various investments. Such a connection relationship was very important for the entertainment industry, so the premium was so high.

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