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  1. The personal English resume sample of the financial industry
    . Introduction: The following selected personal English resumes of the financial industry are organized and shared by me, I hope it will help everyone! The article is for reference only!

    Finance Industry personal English resume model 1
    Richard Anderson
    1234, West 67 STREET,
    carlisle, MA 01741,
    (123) -456 7890.
    objects: r n   Looking for the position of stock broker in a well known and reputed trading company.rn   Summary:rn   Skillful, honest and brilliant having over than Eight years in investing in money, and several other financial procts on behalf of private, corporate and clients.rn   Summary of rn   Excellent of the stock market .rn   Carefully clean U4 record.rn   Superb written and verbal skills.rn   Effective attention to detail , research, skills, and problem solving skills.rn   Firm to maintain a high degree of .rn    ability to promote company success by being courteous to customers, company , through a and by having a positive attitude.r nEXCELLENT Computer Skills (Microsoft word and internet).

    Sun Rise Investors, Florida
    , 2004 -Present
    Create and Maintain New Academ. (Over the phone or walk-in).
    put up stock quotes and news to customers.
    record all phone with customers. n accept stock and cusomer checks.
    offer all all of customer services for all aspects of account .rn   Complete all the pending ACATS transfers.rn   Help the customers on the Internet when the Internet is down and answer to their questions about Sun Rise.rn   Keep up with margin , record items, work short option report.rn   Handled margin accounts.rn   Follow up on leads from potential customers.rn   Execute other projects/ties as assigned.rn   Ecate customers to Working of the Market by Enabling Internet Access.
    Sun Rise Investors, FLORIDA
    Trainee, 2000-123
    Advised Private Clients, by Direct Co ntact, phone and reviewed letter.rn   Bought and sold for clients.rn   Made research and find about the market in domestic and foreign equities, stocks and .rn   Managed and reviewed portfolio.rn According to the process by Analyst Made on Buying and Selling Stocks.
    NEW ISSUES in Larger Firms. R
    High School Diploma (1998) n Financial Industry Individual English Jane Edible Institutional Institute of Spotors: R N Brian Hudson
    2109 West End Avenue,
    Nashville, TN 37240
    Telephone NO: 615-322-4632
    Email ID: Brian_hudson n   Achieved Bachelor of Arts Degree in and Finance from the Campbell College, Bules Creek, NC in the year 2003.rn   Achieved Diploma in from Oxford , Oxford, England, in the year 1999.rn   Computer Skills rn   Knowing Office Package: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft and Microsoft Outlook Express.rn   Knowing Operating Systems: Windows9X, , Windows ME, Windows XP and Windows Vista.rn   Knowing IBM PC, Lotus 1-2-3, Comchea, Lan and
    Summary R
    Brokerage, Series 8

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