In the era of fighting flow, is there still a drama in the traditional advertising industry?

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  1. Any media has a specific scope of communication and objects, such as regional, national, international. It should be noted that the scope of general communication is actually meaningless, and it is important that the distribution and main object of the scope of media communication.

    The coverage domain is an important indicator of the media strategy and specific selection of the media. Generally speaking, consumers in the target market are relatively concentrated in regional distribution, and the propagation objects of advertising media have certain certainty. If the distribution of its coverage and the target market consumers does not conform at all, the selected media will not be applicable. If the selected media coverage is not covered at all or only covers a small part or greatly exceeds the area where the target consumer is located, it is not applicable. Only when the media covers the area where the target consumers are basically covered with the area or the area of ​​the target consumers is completely consistent, the media's choice is the most appropriate.

    The spread of TV media is quite extensive, especially in the era of TV entering space. From the perspective of global perspective, where the TV spreads is where the advertisement goes. But as far as a specific TV station or a specific TV section or TV ads is concerned, the scope of communication is relatively narrow. The wide range of television media dissemination is also derived from the complexity of the composition of the dissemination objects. Regardless of gender, age, occupation, nation, cultivation, etc., as long as watching TV, it will become the target of TV media, but some audiences cannot become customers of advertisers. Therefore, although the scope of communication of TV media is extensive, TV advertising objects are not targeted and the demand objects are inaccurate.

    The coverage of broadcast media is large and widely propagated. Almost every family has radio. As long as the radio is launched in the radio broadcasting power range, every family can receive the radio program. Because the broadcast is a medium with sound and language, instead of using text as a carrier, it is suitable for the majority of the audience with different cultural levels. Anyone who has listening can accept advertising information. Therefore, the spread of broadcast advertisements is widely spread, which is almost national. And there are quite a considerable number of illiteracy and no reading ability, but you can use broadcasting to obtain information. This is not comparable to any other media.

    The spread of newspapers is relatively clear. It has both international and national and regional. That is, the coverage of different types of newspapers is different. This obvious regional division provides convenience for advertisers to choose the media, so it can improve the advertising effect and avoid waste of advertising costs.

    The question is particularly new and worthwhile. As early as 2017, the "New York Advertising Week" of the world's largest advertising industry summit opened each year. Participants were surprised. They were obviously "advertising weeks", but tech companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Tencent from China had a strong sense of existence. Traditional advertising giants began to fear these emerging media in the digital era. This can explain the problem.

    This in the words "New York Times" technology columnist Kevin Ross, companies like Facebook "have become a giant beast of technology and media." In the past, newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and outdoor screens were the positions of advertising; now, they are all kinds of mobile terminals, various small screens, and everyone can become media.

    The people today have to admit the cruel reality. The Internet platform has gradually impacted the traditional advertising agent. With its technology, data, targeted launch, and precise marketing, it has jumped into the protagonist of the media agent.

    At present, the traditional advertising industry is having some fierce confrontation with the emerging media, a state of an enemy and friend. On the one hand, the traditional advertising industry cannot block the expansion of emerging media. On the other hand, emerging media cannot instantly annex the traditional advertising industry. There is still a process of cooperation and wrestling between the two parties, and the balance point between each other still has a tug -of -war.

    In this background, the living space of the traditional advertising industry is obviously compressed a lot, but it is not fatal. As long as the traditional advertising industry continues to break through itself and integrates into the emerging media circle, its traditional advertising industry still has broad living space. In other words, the traditional advertising industry is just a marginal format, and the emerging media eats some business.

    The debate on the advertising media industry since AI artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing involved in the advertising media industry. The communication mode is being constructed, and the traditional "media centerism" is being replaced by the "Consumer Center". The new marketing model is changing the service model of the advertising company, and the entire communication form is being restructured.

    changing the service mode, reconstruction

    but to be completely replaced, it is definitely impossible in a short time.

    The Internet in China is not as deeply developed, and in some aspects, the Internet cannot be replaced. And there are many behaviors that have been default for thousands of years. For the young Internet, there is still a long way to go to change, reform, and subversion.

    The traditional advertisement, usually places with large traffic flow. And the Internet has accumulated rapidly because of its own traffic, and advertising behaviors have developed rapidly.

    But in our lives, people are relatively large, such as squares and stations. Or we are walking on the street, and the streets and alleys are full of advertisements. These advertisements have no way to replace the Internet. After all, not everyone has the opportunity to contact the Internet, and more people's habit is to bring a family on the weekend People go out and go, stroll around. So these people are the audience of traditional marketing. This feature is unable to replace Internet marketing.

    The Internet marketing in our era, the target group is tantamount to those young people with more active thoughts.

    The group -oriented groups are wider.

    , but no matter what the situation is, it has its problem. Mr. Xiao Fa gave it a joke:

    ▼ n

    C telephone sales, which has become a magic weapon for insurance, decoration, finance, and other companies. But with the improvement of the law, mobile phone shielding software is popular. This method will gradually be eliminated.

    The on -site sales, almost extinct. Today, in the outbreak of information, your customers are no longer willing to accept this way. The times have changed. This kind of sweeping -like visit is not without a chance, but it is minimal.

    Sonic pioneer, the tradition can no longer be traditionally, a handful of stuffing into your hand, there is a feeling that you know. Regardless of the effect, this method should not be promoted anymore.

    S small advertisement, which makes people extremely disgusted, its appearance is so spicy. The small advertisements I saw on the police car were the most memorable in my life. The promotional effect is very good, dare you try?

    media advertising, TV publication. It is often visible at home or on subways, buses, and trains. You can pass the time so that the journey is not lonely. But when the signal is poor, people are anxious. There are fewer and fewer young people watching TV, but middle -aged and elderly people are still the main force. The effect of advertising is not yet replaced.

    Outdoor advertising, every corner of the city, can only add color to the city. Advertising can be described as beautiful. Is the conversion rate high? In other words, the value of such an advertising situation is no longer on sale.

    elevator advertisement, such an advertising form is more acceptable by Mr. Xiaofa. In a small space, you can escape the embarrassing eyes of strangers or acquaintances. But the problem is that there are really too many. A screen inside and outside a elevator. As a result, I will keep my eyes closed as soon as I enter the elevator.

    ▼ ▼ ▼

    Email advertisements, rough -made, all garbled, a mess. The saddest thing is that frequent hair issues have been sent to "trash can" without knowing themselves.

    Procketing advertisements, QQ group, WeChat group, most of them have become advertising groups. Those without advertising have also become "zombie groups". The most pity is the circle of friends. It is a pity that it is tasteless and abandoned. Advertising has not formed, offending a bunch of people. How many friends choose to pick up.

    (short) video advertisement. This is very interesting. Buying a member can block the advertisement and tease the posterity? Furthermore, even those who can't afford members, you let it look at the advertisement of Mercedes -Benz's advertisement. To form conversion on such platforms, especially short videos, we must pay a lot of effort and exploration.

    Live advertisements. In recent years, the flow is really full of water, and the traffic has been occupied by high value, eating, and playing. Ordinary companies or individuals can't afford to play.

    Website advertisements to seize the "good position". Ordinary websites, search engines, and e -commerce platforms are all available. There is no good experience inside, what SEO, SEM is all in vain.

    The e -commerce platform can directly drain advertisements to the store. As for whether it can be converted into sales, it is necessary to test the merchant's own internal skills.

    The soft text advertisement, this true test level, no good skills can not write good copywriting. Advise some accounts, don't just post and copy. Don't send the company's recruitment notes to the platform.

    promoted advertisements (CPM, CPC, CPA, CPS, etc.), which is very annoying. According to web browsing records, search records, analyzes user hobbies, gives recommendations, give men a faithful advice, do not let the daughter -in -law take it Your office laptop visits Taobao, otherwise your recommendation content is also lucky.

    Thentes, it can be seen that they all have their own characteristics and focus. They are immature or too much.

    This is worth noting:

    With the popularity of the Internet, people's channels for obtaining information are also richer; in the era of big data era Data uses labels to classify crowds, and accurately put in and advertising dissemination for different groups; with the impact of the Internet, the information of the target group becomes fragmented, and the traditional single around the central media communication mode can no longer achieve the brand's extensive dissemination. The spread of information on the fragmented information platform is possible.

    In interconnection development has promoted the changes in the form of great creative content. With the development of the mobile Internet, the traditional advertising creative model is being replaced by rapid, short cycle, and real -time content.

    said so much, how to develop in the future, Mr. Xiao Fa can only predict in his own way. But within five years, Internet marketing cannot replace traditional marketing. There are still many weaknesses in Internet marketing. According to your own enterprises and products, choosing a suitable advertising method is the right way. Or take the director for a long time.

    The new things in each era, but not all new things can replace tradition. Traditional things must not be able to support the excellence. There must be a sense of crisis in doing things. You should develop your field of vision and learn to survive in the gaps. Otherwise, the road will become narrower and narrower until there is no way to go.

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