How long does it take to customize a lithium-ion battery pack?

There are no fixed specifications and sizes for lithium batteries in industrial/special fields, and they are all customized according to customer parameters. According to the conventional process, it takes about 15 days to customize a lithium-ion battery.

At present, lithium-ion batteries are widely used in various industries in the field of industrial equipment, but because there are no conventional fixed specifications and size requirements in the industrial field, there are no conventional products for industrial lithium batteries, and they all need to be customized. How long does an ion battery take?

Under normal conditions, it takes about 15 days to customize a lithium-ion battery;

On the first day of the early stage, the order demand is received, and the R&D personnel evaluate the order demand, quote the sample and establish a customized product project.

Day 2: Selection and circuit design for product battery cells

Day 3: Make a structural drawing and confirm with the customer, and conduct business negotiations

On the fourth day, start to purchase materials, BMS protection board design, battery assembly, cycle charge and discharge, circuit and other tests and debugging verification

Then pack, put into storage, quality inspection, out of the warehouse until the delivery to the customer, the customer conducts sample testing and other work, usually takes about 15 working days.Also read:36v 100ah lithium ion battery

Lithium battery assembly is not like the small workshops where unknown batteries and BMS protection boards are taken over and directly packaged in series and parallel. They are shipped directly without testing and verification. This kind of battery is usually in a price war, and the price of the battery is very high. There is no after-sales guarantee for the low price. Basically, it is a one-time business. It is recommended to go to a professional and regular battery manufacturer to buy batteries, and the quality is more guaranteed after sales.

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