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  1. Original title: Analysis of the development trend of the container industry The port throughput will maintain a steady situation. my country, as a world container manufacturing country, has been continuously transported to all parts of the world through various containers. 80%of the goods are transported by containers, and containers have become the largest number of transportation carriers in the world. Recently, the Global Smart Container Industry Alliance was formally established in Shenzhen, marking that my country's smart container industry has developed from disorderly and scattered to intensive integration and development.
    The development of the container industry
    As of January to April 2018, a total of 53 container ships were delivered around the world, with a total of 429,000 standard box capacity. The industry supply growth is expected to increase from 3.8%of the previous year to 4.7%. The large -scale ships have been delivered one after another since the beginning of the year, bringing pressure on the market's current freight rate.
    In the current new shipbuilding delivery plan, it is expected that the number of new ships in 2018 will account for about 40%of the existing orders. In 2019 and 2020, 30%and
    23%of the existing orders will be delivered in 2019 and 2020, respectively. Therefore, from 2019, the industry will usher in a slowdown in supply growth. The growth rate of the industry supply in 2019 will decrease to 3.0%, and the demand growth rate will remain at 4.6%. The industry supply and demand pattern will improve significantly compared with this year, which will effectively support the steady upward trend of freight rates.
    Conal transportation: Industry supply and demand growth rate
    Data source: Public data, forward -looking industrial research institutes compiled
    Hong Kong mouth throughput growth rate will remain steadily. According to the data released by the "China's Container Manufacturing Industry Market Prospective and Investment Strategic Planning Analysis Report" released by the hospital, as of January to April 2018, the country's major ports have completed 4.21 billion tons of cargo throughput, a year-on-year increase of 0.9%, which is lower than market expectations. Among them, the total amount of foreign trade cargo throughput was 1.36 billion tons, an increase of 2.6%year -on -year;
    The standard box of 78.04 million yuan in container throughput, a year -on -year increase of 5.5%. Looking forward to the peak season of beneficiary shipping transportation during the second half of 2018, we expect the national port throughput to maintain a steady situation.
    The growth rate of major port throughput in the country (3 months rolling average)
    Data sources: Public data, forward -looking industrial research institutes compiled
    national GDP growth rate and container throughput increase
    Data Source: Public Data and Foresight Industry Research Institute compiled
    The output analysis of metal containers
    In recent years, China's metal container production has fluctuated slightly. Specifically, the cumulative output of China's metal containers in 2017 was 103.484 million cubic meters. It is expected that the cumulative output of Chinese metal containers in 2018 will reach 107.106 million cubic meters.
    2014-2018 Metal container production conditions and inspection
    Data sources: Foresight Industry Research Institute organized
    This rising steel prices drove the price of containers, the gross profit margin of containers
    2016, due to supply due On the side reform, steel prices have risen significantly. Containers as the main metal product processing industry as steel costs as steel costs are more sensitive to steel prices. Rising steel prices will inevitably drive the price of container prices. The price of containers has risen from $ 1,500 at the bottom of 2016 to $ 2,200/box, which has driven the gross profit margin of the container business significantly. The gross profit margin of the 2017H1 group container business rose to 17.32%, which was increased by nearly 8 points compared to 9.47%of the 2016 annual report. We believe that in the cycle of rising steel prices, containers will also increase their prices, thereby achieving gross profit margin upward, and the volume and price of container business increased in volume and great performance.
    The development trend of the container industry
    With the continuous changes in the transportation market and the increasingly improved container technology, the future demand for containers will also become diversified and complex.
    1) Intelligence
    The informatization of the container is a key factor affecting modern logistics. At present, the informatization of containers is mainly through relevant information technologies such as radio frequency recognition technology (RFID) and micro -electromechanical system (MEMS) to achieve information technology such as sensing technology, control technology, 2G/3G communication network technology to achieve information on the global environment Real -time and transparent, as well as remote monitoring, tracking and management of containers under the full supply chain.
    Multi -type transportation
    The world container transportation is still mainly based on a single transportation mode, and the connection between sea, land and air is not close enough. In the future, the continuous progress of container technology will provide more convenient conditions for the connection between various transportation channels.
    3) Environmental protection
    Under the pressure of environmental protection policies, China's container industry is facing a transition to water -based painting. However, my country's current container that uses water -based coatings only accounts for about 3.5%of the total number of global containers. The cost impact has become a major "problem" to the container industry.

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