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  1. 1. Color steel plate
    color coating steel plate is a steel plate with organic coating. It has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, bright colors, beautiful appearance, convenient processing and having the original strength of the steel plate, and low cost. Features.
    The color coating steel plate using galvanized steel plate as the substrate. In addition to the protection of zinc, the organic coating on the zinc layer has a covering the isolation effect, which can prevent the steel plate from rusting, which is longer than the galvanized steel plate. However, in different regions and different uses, the same color coating plate with the same galvanized amount, coating, and the thickness of the same coating will be very different. For example, in industrial areas or coastal areas, due to the effect of sulfur dioxide gas or salt in the air, the corrosion speed is accelerated and the service life is affected.
    1, the membrane plate
    is covered with a layer of membrane on the aluminum alloy substrate. Different membrane materials are made after the plate surface coatings are compounded after professional adhesives. The membrane is bright and bright. It can choose many varieties, waterproof and fire prevention. It has excellent durability (weather resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance) and anti -dirt resistance. UV prevention performance is superior.
    Themum -covered plate substrate material is: aluminum, magnesium alloy, aluminum manganese alloy, aluminum alloy, and the use of electroplating plates as a membrane substrate in the use of new materials.
    The performance characteristics of anticorrosive plates
    1. Product mechanical performance is prominent, 2mm plate, the pitch distance is 1.5m, and the load -bearing load of the unit area can reach 200kg, which can fully meet the roof load -bearing needs; Good weather resistance, service life ≥ 25 years, temperature-resistant -50 ℃ -130 ℃, applicable to both south and north;
    3, good corrosion resistance, acid-resistant, alkali, salt-resistant, water-resistant corrosion;
    4, the sound insulation performance is outstanding, even the single -floor roof panel can not hear the sound of raindrops, you prevent the vibration conduction of the sound;
    5, the beautiful appearance is rich and colorful, the shape is unique, and the color can be customized;
    6 The installation of anticorrosive plates is convenient.
    The application scenarios of anticorrosive board
    1, photovoltaic power generation
    distributed photovoltaic power generation, also known as decentralized power generation or distributed energy supply, refers to the construction of photovoltaic components near the user venue, directly the solar energy is used directly. Converted to electricity. Distributed photovoltaic power generation projects are long -term projects. Usually, the application period must reach more than 25 years. The roof system for photovoltaic power generation is also very high. It must have a corresponding guarantee period.
    The use of anticorrosive plates can ensure the long -term operation of photovoltaic power generation projects, and to ensure the anticorrosive effect of the roof system.
    2, coal and chemical industry
    The coal chemical industry uses coal as raw materials. After chemical processing, coal is converted into gas, liquid and solid products or semi -products, and then processes the process of processing chemical and energy products. It mainly includes the gasification, liquefaction, dry distillation, and targeting of coking oil, and the chemical engine of coke. As the world's oil resources continue to decrease, coal chemicals have broad prospects.
    At the same time, the corrosion of the coal chemical plant has serious corrosion. The common types of corrosion are: chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion, and bacterial corrosion. The use of anticorrosive plates can greatly improve the anticorrosive effect of coal chemical plants, and protect the substrate from corrosion and invasion.
    3, animal husbandry
    The animal husbandry industry is the pillar industry of my country's agricultural and rural economy. With the implementation of strong farmers and agriculture policies, my country's animal husbandry industry has also moved from traditional animal husbandry to modern animal husbandry. Traditional animal animal husbandry has two major problems: 1. Livestock and poultry pollution. The main ingredients in livestock and poultry excretion are nitrogen -containing compounds, calcium, phosphorus, soluble nitrogen -free, crude fiber, other trace elements, certain drugs, and the content of various ingredients is different from the variety of livestock and poultry varieties, feed, breeding methods and other methods. Different, it will pollute air, water, water, and soil after excretion of feces; 2. The factory and sheds will be severely corrosive. The environment of the livestock field has more ammonia, and the ammonia gas is alkaline when it encounters water, which is extremely corrosive to the shed.
    The corrosion problem of animal husbandry will affect the output efficiency and quality of animal husbandry. The anticorrosive plate is an indispensable part of the construction of modern animal husbandry factories. It provides a guarantee for the scientific anti -corrosion of the plant, and also helps improve the efficiency and efficiency of animal husbandry breeding.
    With the country's attention to the quality of architecture, the application field of anticorrosive plates is continuously expanding. Gao Zhengxin used its own advantages to develop Gaozheng ultra -weather -resistant anticorrosive fluorotamin board. This is a high -performance PVDF membrane that Gao Zheng is exclusively developed on the metal substrate. It has anti -corrosion plates with ultra -high weather resistance, excellent anticorrosive performance, and green environmental protection characteristics.
    The advantages of high -positive weather resistance to anti -corrosion plates: 1. Excellent acid -alkali corrosion performance, which can effectively inhibit the corrosion of the steel plate plating of the building; 2. Super strong and anti -aging performance; Performance reaches a grade of non -burning; 4. The effect of bacteriostatic effect can effectively inhibit the reproduction of bacteria on the surface of the anticorrosive plate. 5. The thermal insulation performance is excellent. After testing, the anticorrosive plate is about 8 ° C lower than the indoor temperature of the ordinary color steel plate; 6. The dirt resistance is easy to clean, and the oil pollution and dust attached to the surface of the plate can be washed , Greatly enhance the aesthetics of architecture and the life of the building.
    Ga Zhengxin's insistence on independent research and development, master the path of core technology, follow the principle of "based on technology, quality as the fundamental, and talent as the core", fully grasp the emerging industrial advantages of the new material field, and is committed to building The development and production of new materials is a complete industrial chain, breaking foreign monopolies, incorporating new materials into society, and improving people's lives.

  2. Metal roof waterproof materials include: asphalt and waterproof coils (can be selected according to actual scriptures)
    The knowledge expansion: characteristics and application scope of asphalt and waterproof coil
    Asphalt: Water -aslens cold base oil uses high -quality oil Asphalt is a base material, which uses cationic surfactants as an emulsifier, and is equipped with water -based coatings configured with a variety of chemicals. There are no organic solvents in the product, non -toxic, non -burning, and safe and reliable use.
    The main characteristics of asphalt
    ARTE effectively improves the adhesion of different stone, which significantly improves the adhesion, and is well combined with the original grassroots.
    The construction is convenient and fast.
    The cold construction, improve construction conditions, reduce pollution, operate construction safety, and protect the environment.
    In the use of pavement waterproofing projects, it can save stones and fried costs and reduce pavement maintenance costs.
    The application range
    This sealing layer of ordinary pavement.
    C dust processed on the sandy pavement.
    The blocking layer under highway.
    This waterproof coils Cold base oil.
    The waterproof coil: It is mainly used for building walls, roofs, tunnels, highways, garbage landfills, etc., to resist external rainwater and groundwater leakage into curly flexible building materials The product, as a leakage connection between the foundation and the building, is the first barrier to waterproof the entire project, which plays a vital role in the entire project. The products mainly include asphalt waterproof coils and polymer waterproof coils.
    The characteristics of waterproof coils
    Water resistance: Water resistance refers to the performance of water to resistance under the action of water and infiltration after being infiltrated. Indicators such as water absorption.
    Temperature stability: Temperature stability refers to the performance of not flowing at high temperature, not foaming, not sliding, and no crispy cracking at low temperature, that is, the ability to maintain the original performance under a certain temperature change. Commonly used indicators such as heat resistance and heat resistance.
    Pu mechanical strength, extension, and anti -fracture: It refers to the performance of waterproof coils to be continuously cracked under certain deformation conditions. Commonly used indicators such as tension, stretching strength, and fracture and elongation.
    Inutability: Flexibility refers to maintaining flexibility at low temperature conditions. It is important to ensure easy construction and non -brittle cracks. Commonly used indicators such as softness and low temperature bending.

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