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  1. Do you have good employment? The explanation is as follows:
    For college students in today's society, how is employment prospects compared to other majors. Stomatologists have a wide employment field. They can work in the Department of Orals and Personal Houses in large hospitals, and can be opened in private facial plastic surgery and beauty in beauty salons. In order to alleviate the current situation of the disorders of the supply and demand of doctors and patients, encouraging privately to open oral clinics should be the general trend. The existing private clinic is mixed. Although there are some retired old oral physicians, it is more about the rivers and lakes who have not received regular training. health care.
    First of all, to be a dentist, you need to have a dentist "qualification certificate". Friends who have no certificate or qualifications to engage in dentists can pass the college entrance examination of the three schools of Yunnan and apply for dental medicine colleges Division of counterpart majors. (This degree is the entry standard of dentist!)
    The students of dental medicine mainly study the basic theory and basic knowledge of dental medicine. The basic abilities of diagnosis and treatment, repair and prevention of diseases and diseases. Students in this major mainly learn the basic theory and basic knowledge of dental medicine, and have been trained by diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of oral and maxillofacial diseases. They have the basic ability of diagnosis and treatment, repair and prevention of common oral diseases, multiple diseases, and preventive health care.
    What are the employment directions of oral medicine majors? Where can I go to work after graduation? What do students find after graduation? The following is a few common employment directions for dental medicine for reference. The employment field of dental medicine majors is wide. It can work in the department of oral cavity in large hospitals and privately open clinics, and can engage in related facial plastic surgery and beauty in beauty salons. After graduation, work related to medical education, scientific research, and clinical practice: Physician -help patients solve the suffering of the oral cavity in medical institutions or individual clinics; teachers -engage in dental medical teaching in medical colleges

  2. With the increase in industry competitiveness, choosing dental medicine is also a good choice. The general proportion of doctors and patients in the world is now 1: 2000, and now the proportion of Chinese dentists and patients is 1: 4000, and the proportion of doctor -patients is seriously uncoordinated. With the improvement of China's material level, the people's attention to health is getting stronger and stronger. In addition, the teeth are related to a person's appearance. People's pursuit of appearance, medical plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular, dentist can perform medical beauty surgery. Even though the employment environment is good, but if you want good employment and good prospects, you must have a good ability. Stomatology is essential. Oral medicine is a strong discipline of theoretical and practical combination. The knowledge of dental medicine is widely knowledgeable and professional. It requires more practical training techniques to strengthen hands -on ability. Study theory and knowledge and basic practical ability in schools. After graduation, you can strengthen practical enhancement technology. Employment can be in dental department and major private dental hospitals in major public hospitals. At the same time, you can obtain a license to practice a practicing physician. When the technology is so mature when the technology is innocent and the experience accumulates.

  3. I am a student of nursing majors. The oral majors are quite good. My little friend is a major in the mouth. I often tell me about the knowledge of the oral professionalism.
    Stidal medicine is a comprehensive discipline that studies a type of classification, wide coverage and closely linked to each other. Guidance: Stomatology is divided into two parts: basic medicine (student science, dental tissue pathology, etc.) and clinical medicine.
    The demand for dental doctors in our country is still very high. As people's awareness of oral health gradually increases, the employment rate of dental medicine students will become higher and higher, so the employment of the major is not a problem. At the same time, the data of the former Health and Family Planning Commission also showed that the employment division of the dentist in my country is extremely uneven. There are about 10%of the specialist hospital, while less in some counties in rural or remote areas. It can be seen that the gap between dentists at the grassroots level is even more huge.
    The professional basic knowledge must be firm, which is very important for your future learning. In addition, you must also work hard in the experimental class and continue to practice to improve your operating skills.
    Stidal students can obtain the dentist qualification certificate after graduation, and then go to the hospital to apply for a certificate or open a dental clinic by themselves. So whether to work for others or be a boss depends on yourself. Due to the large gap, students of the major do not have to worry about employment issues at all. They only need to learn relevant knowledge. The beautiful future is naturally at your feet.

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