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  1. How HR in the workplace is self -appreciated
    Hir how HR in the workplace is an important position among an enterprise. In the workplace, each occupation has its own development, but if you want your own profession, you have a bigger profession. The value -added of the value is to do a good job of career planning. Let's share how HR in the workplace is appreciated?
    MR in the workplace how HR self -appreciation 1. Find the direction of self -appreciation
    Plores of human resource management, which is a summary of the content covered by the human resources management work covered by the module Essence Specifically refers to: human resources planning, recruitment and allocation, training and development, performance management, salary and welfare management, labor relations management.
    The surgery industry has special attacks. There are so many modules. Only one of the templates work hard can become the big cow of the module. All HRs with great modules are very small.

    . Finding the direction of market flow
    The people say that the direction of market flow is the industry, but the market flow direction of HR refers to the focus of work and irreplaceable work.
    It, like the recent popular artificial intelligence, the rise and use of artificial intelligence, it will impact the process work of HR. We must explore where we must improve and give up the point where we must improve according to these points. Then go to self -appreciation based on this.
    This requires HR to make new ideas in the industry's new trends in human resources, talent management, and organization development in the industry. Scholars have put forward new ideas and need to keep attention at all times.
    This business allows you to spend more money, understand professional trends to save you more money, and HR, which can help the boss save money, and even affect the relationship between human resources and make money. How to affect the company’s company’s The profits are clearly analyzed to the boss, and it must be very flattering.
    . Finding like -minded crowds
    , in fact, there are inertia.
    But as long as it is a group of people who are like -minded, they can work hard to support each other in the same direction and goals.
    Now, most people have several WeChat groups and industry exchange groups. I encountered problems at work, or spending a lot of money to find consultants to solve the problem. Have you ever thought about going to the industry with colleagues or friends in the academic world? There are answers, but you have never known.
    Therefore, in order to have such a good teacher at any time, such people usually pay more attention to accumulation, and they will definitely come in handy at critical moments.
    So this is also very important. HRs have to find people who are like themselves. In addition to improving yourself, it can also broaden the connections and lay the foundation for future development.
    MR in the workplace how to self -appreciate itself 2 where the future direction of HR
    The first, vertical development.
    The longitudinal development is the most basic form of development of any occupation.
    1. Senior recruitment commissioner/recruitment supervisor
    Most people will stay at this level, which is difficult to break through. This is the biggest bottleneck stage in recruiting HR occupation development. Like the caterpillar that breaks out of the cocoon, at the moment of breaking the cocoon, we must work hard to become a disc. Many people do not work hard or enlightenment, they can only stay at this level.
    2. Recruitment manager
    The most common development direction. At this position, I will no longer do recruitment by yourself, mainly to lead the team to achieve the recruitment goal.

    3. HRBP
    With the process of the three pillars of the human resources, the position of HRBP has gradually replaced the original HR manager position. human resource Management. This position is a comprehensive for human resource management, and no longer just look at recruitment.
    4. Human Resources Director
    VIPs will reach this level. It is necessary to have rich experience, high IQ, high emotional intelligence, and the lack of three.
    The second, horizontal development.
    Celaced development is an important symbol to measure the ability of a career.
    1. Management consultant
    . After the recruiters accumulated a certain experience, they provided management diagnostic consultation with their own rich experience and practical experience, and turned to professional consulting work.
    The relying on the work experience of the enterprise, the consultation will be more confident, and it is practical, and it is also easy to get the approval of the enterprise. Of course, to engage in consulting work, you must be familiar with various management cases, especially with your own set of good operating solutions. At the same time, it is best to have the work background and high degree of well -known companies.
    2. Occupational planner
    The recruiters who deal with people who are looking for a job for a long time, so they know how to deal with these people. If you want to help more people find their career direction, you can develop in the direction of career planners.
    3. Hunting and recruitment experts
    This direction is a technical post. The positions of ordinary technicians, engineers and managers are generally not too difficult, and those who have three or five years of experience can do it. There are two directions for hunting experts. One is to handle the company's high -end positions, such as director and president; the second direction is to handle overseas positions. This position must have a clear understanding and understanding of the talent distribution of the industry and the industry. If it is an overseas recruitment, it is also required to speak very fluent in English and communicate with foreign candidates.
    4. Headhunter
    This position is similar to the third, but it belongs to Party B's job. There are many people who do headhunters, but they do well and do well. They do not have many. The good headhunters have a good annual salary of hundreds of thousands. They are also very good.

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