The name of the large foot bath shop reference Daquan needs to reflect the corporate culture

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  1. With the improvement of the concept of health, more and more people have begun to join the army of foot bath. Facing the rising number of consumers, many foot bath shops began to expand scale, forming large -scale foot bath shops. If you are also one of them, you must not ignore the importance of the name. Different -scale shops should be different in names, otherwise it is easy to attract new customers. So how should we name the large foot bath?

    The naming skills of large foot bath shops
    1. Reflecting corporate culture
    When naming the foot bath shop, it is necessary to meet the business direction of the entire shop. Some foot bath investors are just for the sake of nice names. As a result, no matter how associative they are, they cannot hang up with the foot therapy. Such a name cannot arouse the customer's desire to consume. Naturally, it is not conducive to brand communication.
    2. Symbolic naming method
    When naming a foot bath shop, you can use beautiful things, and some may have obvious symbolic significance, and some are faintly contained in the naming person's hope of their own cause. This is also a lot of naming methods. This method of naming usually does not contain any competitiveness. The common names are dragon and phoenix, Kirin, pine cypress, Meilan, Qingshan, Chunguang, Great Wall, Jiangshan, Peony, Baihua, Blue Sky, Qingyun, Venus, White Swan, Heming, etc.
    The name of the large foot bath shop
    [Huaqing Pond]
    The sources of inspiration for this name are the bathing place of the concubine in the song "The Concubine Drunk". Bai Juyi chanted in "The Song of Everlasting": Spring Han gave a bath in Huaqing Pond, and the hot spring water slipped and washed. It is very popular to name this allusion, and it is easy to cause people to associate.
    [Huaxia Mingzi]
    The homophonic is "Huaxia Nationality". Huaxia means the world, so it is very suitable for opening a chain store, and the bright foot is to understand the feet, so the meaning of the name is to provide customers with the highest quality service and for customers. , So very suitable for foot therapy shops.
    The name of the large foot bath shop
    If content of Lu Jiazu Yufengxuan Barefoot Daxian n n Jin Sheng Qianzhitang Luofengxuan Bathing Heaven and Earth
    Di Hao Qinglian Pavilion Foot Jiale Hearts

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