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  1. Friends who do not understand the alien cigarettes or rarely smoke the group, when they hear the new version of Liqun may think that it should be the update product of Liquan cigarettes. In fact, it may be the fake problem of the fakes of Liqun, so you know How should I identify the authenticity of the dividend group smoke? The following is the method of identifying the dividends that I have compiled for you, I hope to help you.

    The method of identifying the authenticity of the dividend group smoke ① First of all, look at transparent paper and line -head manufacturing process. The authenticity group (new version) is produced by GDX2 packaging units. The characteristics of smooth and transparentness, the characteristics of the linear shape of the line; and the fake and shoddy cigarette products are mostly packed, so the transparent paper is not flat, the transparentness is poor, or the linear shape is irregular, or both characteristics. The features are relatively obvious, and the differences can be found in a little attention.
    ② look at the diamond -shaped laser anti -counterfeiting logo, the cigarette bar or the middle and upper position of the small bag has a diamond -shaped holographic laser anti -counterfeiting logo, which is clear, especially the plum pattern in the logo. Different geometric patterns are presented, and the three -dimensional sense is very obvious; while the anti -counterfeiting signs of fake cigarettes, the pattern is blurred, whether it is giving light or backlight change, the sensitivity difference between the pattern has no main and secondary sense. Some even have no plum patterns, but obvious grids.
    ③ Look at the printing process of trademark paper, genuine and profit group (new version) cigarettes, trademark paper printing is delicate and exquisite, especially the lines and edges are still clearly visible; and fake cigarettes are mostly imitation printing, trademark paper printing is rough. After the multiples, the pattern or the edge of the text has a burrs.
    ④ Look at the barcode printing process on the side of the box cigarette, the barcode font of the cigarette (new version) cigarette (new version) cigarette font, dark color and clean edge printing, no stains; while fonts of fake cigarettes are not saturated enough, the color contrasts real cigarettes Light and edges are printed with virtual edges.
    ⑤ look at the color and formation structure of the tobacco, and the real cigarette silk color is golden, oily, and the filament formation structure is reasonable. It contains hard cigarette stalks that have not been pushed, and the cigarette rate is higher.
    The identification method of the real and false of Xiao Su Yan 1. Look at the packaging seal
    The signs of glue on the seal of the real smoke. The fake cigarette seal is smooth, and the opening of the opening is consistent. However, with the "progress" of fake technology, this method is not reliable.
    2. Looking at the flower -shaped pattern of hot bronze on the cigarette shell
    Plinking at different angles to observe, all change the light, the flower -shaped pattern is clear, and the lines are clear, especially the phenomenon of foggy in the hot spots; The pattern is fog -like and thinner, and the light variation is observed.
    3. Look at the hot "Seouoia" on the packaging
    The hot -sized stereo sensation of real smoke. When there is no strong light irradiation, the color of the font becomes darker; When light shooting, it looks unnatural.
    4. Comparison of hot gold text lines, colors
    The blee text on the front and back of the real smoke packaging, the line thickness is uniform, and the color is naturally easy -going; and the text lines of fake cigarettes are thin. Feeling up. Especially the connection of strokes seems to be disconnected.
    5. Look at the virtual inkjet on the white paper in the package
    The inkjet number of real smoke is neat and consistent, the glyph standard and spray point are closely connected; Not standard.
    Deduades of Chinese cigarettes in the hard box 1. Block packaging:
    (1) Packaged transparent paper Due to the low friction coefficients, smooth feel, good luster, and the fake cigarette friction coefficient, stagnation hand, poor gloss. There is a large interval between the fake cigarette box and the transparent paper, especially at both ends of the box.
    (2) The strip is not a letter -free golden pull line.
    (3) The transparent paper sticks parallel to the side of the barcode and the edges, which is a straight line shape, which is uniform in width, while the fake smoke is not parallel, not straight, and uneven.
    (4) Strip box adopts European -style upper lid, and the inside of the transparent paper in the upper right corner of the box transparent paper adopts an automatic inkjet hidden anti -counterfeiting technology. The anti -counterfeit sign is purple and blue under ultraviolet light. The anti -counterfeit sign used two letters of the group pattern. Ten digits (two lines) ZH are Chinese phonetic heads of Chinese two characters, and the latter ten represents the production date, class, and car number.
    (5) For the old bar box used for recycling, the appraisal is often worn at the corner of the corner; there are often two traces of sealing or sealing.
    2. Small box packaging
    (1) The box is transparent and the hand is smooth and shiny.
    (2) The box is not a letter -free line.
    (3) The transparent paper sticks on the barcode side with a sutch, which is flat, straight, and uniform; while the fake cigarettes are not parallel, not straight enough, and not uniform.
    (4) The anti -counterfeiting sign is on the front of the box. The "produced by Shanghai Cigarette Factory in China" is in the inside of the transparent paper below. In addition to the line arrangement and no group pattern, it is consistent with the anti -counterfeiting technology and content of the bar box.
    (5) After the small box is blocked, there are three rules on the left and right sides, and the fake cigarettes are sliced. The small box and the inner lining paper are covered with one gel line, which is eight -shaped, with two glue wires in front and back, while fake cigarettes adopt non -sticky or irregular pieces.
    (6) The cipkin steel print with a two -digit number at the bottom of the small box represents the year, month, and car number.
    3. The cigarette branch
    (1) The order of the cigarette branch is 7, 7, 6, and the fake smoke is generally 7, 6, and 7.
    (2) The length of the cigarette branch, the circle, the appearance, and the steel printing specification, while the smoke branches have no trumpet; the fake smoke is not standardized, and some have a trumpet.
    4, tobacco
    (1) Smoke wire consists of smoke, swelling tobacco, and a small amount of stalk wire.
    (2) The color of the smoke is orange to the golden luster, while the color and gloss of the fake smoke are poor.

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