King of Dubai, the Spring Festival W Motors and Dan Jiabao to help the "Hope" speed passion

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  1. The UAE's "Hope" Mars probe successfully entered the Rim Mars orbit on February 9, 2021. On February 10, 2021, Beijing time, China's "Tianwen No. 1" detector successfully entered the track of Mars operation. Chairman of the Dubai Executive Committee, Crown Prince of Dubai, Schoch Harmandam Ben Mohammed Bin Rashid Almakuum, led an international team from the UAE, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy. The super -combustion videos of the four languages ​​of the Chinese, Britain, and France are the first edition, the comprehensive version, and the celebration. The Mars mission of "Hope"! At the same time, the Crown Prince of Dubai congratulated China "Tianwen No. 1" to enter the Mars track smoothly!

    Mohammed Bin Rashid Almaktum sent the New Year's blessing to Chinese siblings and Chinese overseas Chinese around the world.

    (Dan Jiabao Industry helps "invest in Dubai" international platform and develop international trade and international cooperation)

    Promote the spirit of the UAE and Dubai)

    W Motors and iconiq group, as one of the Dan Jiabao International Team Alliance, with passion and passion, the Crown Prince of Dubai Harmandama, the "Hope" detector Mars Journey! Let the people around the world deeply understand the great cause of exploring the space between the UAE and the whole mankind, and pay tribute to countless space heroes!

    The Crown Prince of Dubai Xieh Hamandan sincerely thanks to participating in the filming and production of the film. Everyone and institutions that are promoted! Each camera, astronomical telescope and other equipment! Thank you for providing the UAE Space Agency UAE Space Agency Emirates, MBR Space Center Mohammed Ben Rashid Space Center and the "Hope" Mars Organizations such as task detectors.

    Due to space limitations, countless participants and organizations cannot be demonstrated, so please understand! We take this opportunity to express their gratitude and respect for all supporters! Tribute to every dedication to each one who is committed The unknown hero in the space career! "Knowing no far and near, thousands of miles is still adjacent" from the earth from 34 million miles from Mars, the UAE "Hope" and China's "Tianwen No. 1" Mars probe successively in February 9, 2021 Arrived on Mars on February 10th, showing the fate of destiny. The UAE and China as a friendly neighborhood as the Silk Road. Building space strategic cooperation has a solid foundation and unique opportunity!

    (Left: Wu Nan, Right: Wang Yi Xian)

    W Motors and iconiq Group chairman Wu Nan is deeply proud of this, and the strong patriotic enthusiasm is surging! The call for the country along the "Belt and Road" countries and regions to spread the Chinese national culture and brands! At the same time, the mixed -race princess An Jiabao as the spokesperson of the cultural and artistic brand "Tang Renfang" who inherited and promoted China's intangible cultural heritage. The Tang dolls produced by Fang have appeared at the National People's Congress, and the China -Africa Cooperation Forum and other national affairs occasions, and have been given to foreign guests as a national gift to express the friendship between China and foreign countries. The "Tangrenfang Non -Heritage School" carried out poverty alleviation projects of "precision poverty alleviation, crafts public welfare" to help poor students get out of the mountains and realize the value of life; bring Chinese dolls to the world and spread the friendship. This is exactly the same as the concepts of W Motors and iconiq. I believe that the two parties will carry out extensive activities in the future and carry out multilateral cooperation to promote the national spirit and Chinese culture more lively and lively! Help girls education and help poverty -stricken areas!

    Liu Jiahong, a consultant to China Regional Affairs in Dan Jiabao Industrial, said, "W Motors and iconiq, as an energy -friendly enterprise, are committed to the research and development and production of electric vehicles, and developed the product plan of the company's product plan around sustainable development strategy. 2021 in 2021 On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, W Motors and iconiq sincerely invite a mixed -race princess An Jiabao as a corporate ambassador. I hope that in the near future, I hope that in the near future, we can be able to maintain the ecological balance of the earth, pay attention to marine garbage, protect the mother of the earth, to autistic patients, and people with disabled people. And the care work of low -income people has contributed, we believe this will be the most outstanding and tacit combination! Dan Jiabao Industry, as an important bridge connecting China and international affairs, selects strategic alliances, including the content of the endorsement brand and the content and the content of the endorsement brand and the content and the content of the endorsement brand and In terms of products, there will be strict control. As a goodwill ambassador for international cooperation, Jiabao has been committed to spreading positive energy and great love, so we will be highly consistent with the values ​​of cooperative companies, love and positive energy. " R. n
    W motors and iconiq group congratulations to the "Hope" and "Tianwen No. 1" successively entered the Mars track. Vice Chairman Wang Yixian congratulated the "Hope" and "Tianwen No. 1" to arrive in Mars smoothly, and was proud of China and the UAE, and created a feat of human aerospace industry!

    (left: Bruno Lambert, medium in China : Wu Nan, Right: Wang Yixian)

    "Hope" is the hope of the UAE and the hope of the people of the world! The "Hope" will further analyze the Mars climate, environment, and discover the life of Mars for human beings. Provide valuable information and data to deepen people's comprehensive understanding of Mars. Chairman of the Dubai Executive Committee, Crown Prince of Dubai, Schoch Harmandam Ben Mohammed Bin Rashid Almakum, said that as the UAE seek to get rid of the dependence on oil, the mission of hopes will be provided with the UAE more Wide opportunities. This is a historical opportunity to start new mission, new industry, and new future! Bless the "Hope" Mars probe to complete the mission successfully! Bless the UAE will be better tomorrow! Blessing all humanity will be better tomorrow!

    The Crown Prince of Dubai Xieh Hamandan welcomes people from all over the world to visit the Dubai World Expo to visit, communicate ideas, and create the future! The concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature, replacing traditional energy with sustainable green energy, reducing pollution, reducing waste, and expressing warmth to the mother of the earth. As a volunteer of a mixed -race princess, An Jiabao, as a blue ribbon volunteer, has strived to popularize autism knowledge in the world and use music and art to help recovery of autism patients. She praised the Dubai Autism Center for the rescue, treatment and cultural education of patients with autism in the Middle East, and made an example for many regions in the world in the rescue of patients with autism!

    . She praised Dubai's autism autism. The selfless love of the chairman of the symptoms, Shech Harmanda, dedicated and caring for special groups, picked up trash for the ocean to release the marine ecological chain for the ocean. The mixed -race princess An Jiabao said that the pure heart was extremely precious, better than all the titles and material. W Motors and iconiq also build each car with pure and ultimate spirit! Make each car full of love and pass love!

    W motors worldwide One of them appeared in the team of King Dubai.

    W Motors have a deep relationship with Dubai, UAE. In "Speed ​​and Passion 7", the parent company of the Middle East Super Run Lyman (Rickenn), which flys over the high -rise building of Dubai, is W Motors. In the new 2021, W Motors and the "Hope" co -speaking "speed and passion" space chapter, staged a dream linkage that attracts global attention! Let us look forward to the super Burning surprises! Harbin with the Crown Prince Harmandam and Mixed Princess An Jiabao of the Crown Prince of Dubai played the movement of international love! "Belt and Road", we are accompanied by the way!

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