The "companion" of the big city: the proportion of young customers accounted for more than 60 %. What is the work of this profession?

4 thoughts on “The "companion" of the big city: the proportion of young customers accounted for more than 60 %. What is the work of this profession?”

  1. As a emerging profession, the clinicist suddenly became angry on social platforms. Some first and second -tier cities did not say, and even the clinicians in Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing and other cities became hot. In addition to helping people register, medicine, and reporting, the work of the clinic will also go to the station to pick up people. For example The clinic, the clinicist will accompany the whole process. Accompanying a doctor seems to be a trivial matter. Why do such things still need others to help?
    The reason why the accompanying client can get the favor of people is that the rapid development of the city is inseparable. The population flow in different regions is becoming more and more frequent. Most young people will stay in large cities after graduating from universities. Parents are separated from their children for a long time, and the older the elderly, the more difficult it is to go to the hospital to see a doctor. In addition, modern hospitals tend to be intelligent and electronic. The elderly are not used to such a medical treatment process. The legs and feet of the elderly are inconvenient. They need to be accompanied by people.
    In fact, it is not only the elderly who need to be accompanied by the clinic. Even young people need it. Some media reported that the young customers of the clinicians accounted for 60 %, which is also a very interesting phenomenon. In fact, it is not weird. Young people rarely go to the hospital. They are not familiar with the hospital's medical treatment process. The division of labor in the hospital is becoming more and more professional. Young people are very powerful on the Internet. In real life, they become very cramped. Therefore, the clinicist can help young people to resolve embarrassment and save them time.
    In fact, whether it is the elderly or young people, someone will feel very practical in the field of their unfamiliar areas, and the process of seeing a doctor will no longer become boring and tense. Therefore, in this way, the appearance of a clinician is not accidental, but for the actual needs of different groups. However, the emerging career threshold of the accompanying clinic is low, and many contradictions may occur during the accompanying process. I hope that the relevant departments can attract attention. The regulatory authorities should form a new cognition to make this profession more standardized. standardization.

  2. This occupation is to accompany the patient to go to the hospital for treatment, help you register for medicine, and take a physical examination report to make you more convenient to see a doctor.

  3. The work of the companion includes helping others to seek medical treatment in the hospital. Specific services include registering for people, taking medicines on behalf of medicines, and accompanied by medical treatment

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