4 thoughts on “What are the innovative points of "What to do with talk show"? Do you like this variety show?”

  1. There are a lot of innovation in the variety show "What to do with the talk show". Xiaobian personally likes this variety show. This variety show everyone has a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of the talk show industry and talk show actors, and learned how the talk show actor is doing the preparation of performance and creative preparations. And the daily way of getting along with the talk show, let everyone know very well, and let everyone have a richer understanding of the talk show.
    The variety shows are different from the previous talk shows to perform and play on the stage. This variety show is relatively pure. Everyone just enjoy the talk show, likes to talk about talk shows on the stage, and convey happiness to everyone. Therefore, the talk show actor has a large freedom right in this show. There is no pressure on the competition just to enjoy the stage and enjoy the performance. In this show, you can see the state of the talk show actor at work. They are very relaxed and relaxed. Under such circumstances, they are inspired by continuously out of inspiration.
    The talk show actors also continue to innovate on this stage. Many talk show actors have tried to combine the talents. Like the talents of Yang Yan and Yang Mengen, they have a lot of surprises to everyone. These performances are also a big innovation point for this show, letting everyone see a different talk show. Refresh the inherent cognition of the talk show in the minds, re -define and understand the talk show, all of which are very surprised. In the show, you can see the mode of getting along with the talk show actor and the boss Li Xuan. They are very equal and harmonious relationships, and the company's atmosphere is very good.
    The variety show given everyone a better understanding of the talk show actor, knowing that they are a very simple and happy person, but they just like the talk show. Although there will be a lot of suffering in this process, they do not give up each other. At the same time, the relationship between the talk show actors is very good. They help each other to modify and put forward their opinions to each other's paragraphs. They are all very sincere and sincere people. This is also a big highlight and innovation of this show.

  2. There are a lot of homophonic stalks in this variety show, and some amateur is invited, and when you see the blu. It is integrated into some scenarios. This variety show is better than a few seasons in the past few seasons.

  3. For example, use some new actors to support the field. And let each guest bring their clothes. I liked clothes on the spot, I like it.

  4. Very good -looking, particularly exciting, very sense of substitution, can give people a lot of joy, and can make people learn something. I like this variety show very much.

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