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  1. 27 China International Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition and Symposium
    This China (Shanghai) International Science Instruments, Chemical Reagents and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition July 4-6th World Expo Group Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    Shanghai Technology Convention and Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    28 The 8th China International Fluid Machinery Exhibition July 11-14, the first and second floors Singapore Global Contact Exhibition Group Co., Ltd.

    29 2007 Hongqiao Friendship Mall Summer Special Fair
    July 18-21, Shanghai Hongqiao Friendship Mall Co., Ltd. Business Industry Association Shanghai Tianhe Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. 021-55959031 63179195
    021-55959031 33035595
    [email protected]
    n 31 4th China International Adult Health and Reproductive Health Exhibition August 10-12 First Floor China International Exhibition Center Group Corporation Shanghai Branch
    32 Fifth China Automotive Supplies (Global) Procurement Fair August 16-18 Shanghai Gehua Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Company
    33 Medtec China
    August 28-30, first and second floor, Canon LLC

    34 Fifth International Stainless Steel Exhibition
    The sixth international color and color and color and color Special Foundation Exhibition September 5-7, first floor
    The Metallurgical Industry Branch of the China International Trade Promotion Commission
    The China Casting Association
    35 2007 China International Biomass Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition 9 On the second floor of the month 25-27, Shanghai Foreign Server International Advertising Exhibition Co., Ltd.
    The Shanghai Noigus Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.
    36 2007 Shanghai International Automobile Parts and Automobile Supplies Exhibition 2007 Shanghai International Automobile Manufacturing Equipment Exhibition September 26-28 on the first floor elegant exhibition service Co., Ltd.
    37 The 4th China International Disabled and Elderly Rehabilitation Care Health Products Exhibition
    October 5-7 First Floor Shanghai International Exhibition Center Co., Ltd. 021-62956677
    n 38 2007 Shanghai International Creative Industry Exhibition October 16-19 Day 1 and Second Floor Shanghai Asia-Pacific Advertising Company
    39 2007 International Non-Weaving Exhibition October 22-24, First, Second Floor
    The China Technology Market Association
    Shanghai Hida Technology Co., Ltd. Company
    40 2007 China International Architecture Cultural Exchange and the 7th Shanghai International Architectural Design and Urban Planning Exhibition October 27-29, first floor, Shanghai Pudong International Exhibition Company
    n 41 2007 Shanghai International Wind Energy Conference and Technology Exhibition, November 1-3, 1st and second floors Shanghai International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

    42 2007 Shanghai International Fishing Tool Fishing Tool Supplies Exhibition November 11-13 China China International Advertising Company
    Shanghai Dongshi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
    Sug Shenyi Hao Investment Management Co., Ltd.
    43 2007 Canada China Comprehensive Exchange Expo, November 22-25, the first, second floor of the Canadian International Exhibition Company
    44 2007 Asian International Transportation and Logistics Exhibition, December 10-12, the first floor
    Bu Beijing Lide Exhibition Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch
    45 13th China International Furniture Exhibition December 14 14 -17th, first, second floor
    Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 2021 International Medical Device Design and Manufacturing Technology Exhibition Time: 2021.09.01-2021.09.03 Hosted: Yingfoman Enterprise Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Langu --2021.09.10 Hoster-hosted: Shanghai Bohua International Exhibition Co., Ltd. Hall number: 1, 2, 32021 China International Composite Materials Exhibition Time: 2021.09.13--2021.09.15 Honor: China Composite Materials Group Co., Ltd. Real Union Exhibition Technology Co., Ltd.n2021 (Shanghai) The 33rd International Entrepreneurship Project Investment Chain Franchise Exhibition Time: 2021/09/15-2021/09/17 Exhibition Hall: E3 China International Rubber Technology Exhibition/China International Adhesive and Sealing Agent Exhibition/China International Chemical Industry Exhibition/ China International Industrial Water Treatment Technology and Equipment Exhibition Time: 2021/09/15-2021/09/17 exhibition hall: E7, E6, E4, E4, N2, N3, N5 2021 (Shanghai) seventh international education Training Brand Franchise Exhibition Time: 2021/09/15-2021/09/17 Exhibition Hall: E3 2021 (Shanghai) The 19th International Overseas Real Estate Immigration Study Abroad Exhibition Time: 2021/09/15-2021/09/17 Exhibition Hall : E3 Asian Metal Architectural Design and Industry Expo (MBE) 2nd Architectural Epidermal Design and Application International Conference (DAAF) Time: 2021/09/16 -2021/09/18 Exhibition Hall: E2, E1 21st Shanghai International Advertising Logo Exhibition, 2021 Shanghai International Digital Display Technology Equipment, 2021 Shanghai International Digital Printing Show Time: 2021/09/16-2021/09/18 Exhibition Hall: W1, W2, W3, W4, W5 Shanghai International Inspection Materials and Energy Sales Technology Exhibition ( TIM) Asian architectural epidermal design and material exhibition (DAF) Time: 2021/09/16-2021/09/18 exhibition hall: E1, E2 2021 China International Balance Instrument Exhibition Time: 2021/09/22-2021/09/24 Exhibition hall: N1, N2, N3 Valve World Asia Expo and Seminar Time: 2021/09/23 -2021/09/24 Exhibition Hall: N5 China International S Littal Equipment Exhibition Time: 2021/09/26-2021/09/29 Exhibition hall: W1, W2, W3, W4, W5, E7, E6, E4, E3, E2, E1 international textile washing, leather care, cleaning technology and equipment Asian exhibition time: 2021/09/27-2021/09 /29 exhibition hall: N1, N2 2021 The 4th Global IC Entrepreneurs Conference and the 19th China International Semiconductor Expo (IC China 2021) Time: 2021/09/27-2021/09/29 Exhibition Hall: N3, N4 Shanghai New International Expo Center Exhibition Hall Location: No. 2345 Longyang Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai

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