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  1. The characteristics of Hongyang Kiwi are large and neat in Hongyang kiwi fruits. Generally, the single fruit weighs 60-110g and the maximum fruit weight is 130g. The cross -section of Hongyang Kiwi fruit is radial -shaped red stripes like the sun. The light is full of light, glamorous and eye -catching. Then let's take a look at the cultivation technology of Hongyang Kiwi carefully recommended for everyone, I hope to help you.

    The cultivation technology of Hongyang kiwi
    "Red Yang Kiwi" variety is characterized by the bright red red. The flesh of the cross -cut surface is red and yellow -green pattern, which has a special stimulating appetite and the decorative value of meals.

    The premature fruit is strong, and the high yield is compared with the world's main kiwi variety "Hywater". The output and group output are higher than "Hywater"; "Red Yang" kiwi enters a period of 4 to 5 years. 10-15 kg, and the yield per mu is about 1 ton.

    The single fruit is larger, neatness is high

    "Red Yang Kiwi" variety has a large fruit, high degree of neat, average single fruit weight of 92.5 grams, maximum single fruit weighing 150 grams, and and with a weight of 150 grams, and with the maximum single fruit, and the weight of 150 grams, and the maximum single fruit weighing 150 grams, and the maximum single fruit weighing 150 grams. The Royal Institute of Gardening and Food of the New Zealand Academy of Sciences (using soft jujube kiwi as the mother, and the black stamen kiwi as the parent) cultivated by the red meat kiwi (about 10 grams), the single fruit weight has increased by nearly 10 times Essence Hongyang kiwi fruits are neat, and the mutant coefficients are small to 12.5%, and the mutant coefficient of Hywater fruit is 14%, which is higher than the "Hongyang Kiwi" variety.

    The nutrition and quality

    The fruit of the "Red Yang Kiwi" variety has greatly exceeded the soluble solids and sugar acid ratio of kiwi varieties reported in Chinese literature. The meat is tender and the taste is delicious. Its main internal content is better than several main cultivation varieties inside and outside the province.

    The red genetic traits are stable

    Thexicated scientific trait identification results show that the special traits of red yang kiwi fruits are very stable. The colors of red meat kiwi fruit cultivated by other places in China and New Zealand showed unstable, red variants were very large, and they were unstable during the age and plants.

    This kiwi is a Chinese series of kiwi varieties. The origin of Hongyang kiwi was originally Cangxi County. It is also known for its nutritional green, and Kogo fruit juice is known for its nutrition and health.

    The wild resources of Hongyang kiwi
    Ahongyang kiwi only needs to be between 350-1500 meters above sea level. The water source is guaranteed to be slow-slope or a good plain. Just

    This Kiwi

    Because its fruit heart is distributed in a radial distribution, it looks like the sun is shining and the color is delicious, so people give it a nice name "Hongyang Kiwi". It is an excellent variety selected by researchers in Longgang Mountain, Sichuan Longgang Mountain. Hongyang kiwi is not only good -looking, but also delicious. Its flesh is delicate, sweet and sour, and has a refreshing aroma.

    The red -yang kiwi variety is selected by wild resources, so its ability to resist diseases and insects is very strong, and naturally it has become the best choice for production of high -end and high -end fruits to produce non -risk -free export -type high -end fruits.

    The red -yang kiwi can produce 10 pounds and 110 per acre, and it produces more than 1,000 kg.

    This Kiwi is distributed in radial distribution because of the purple -red lines of the fruit. It looks like the sun is shining and the color is delicious. Therefore, people gave it a nice name "Hongyang Kiwi". It is an excellent variety selected by researchers in Longgang Mountain, Sichuan Longgang Mountain. Hongyang kiwi is not only good -looking, but also delicious. Its flesh is delicate, sweet and sour. Because Hongyang Kiwi varieties are selected by wild resources, its ability to resist diseases and insect pests is very strong, which has become the best choice for producing high -end high -end fruits for production. As long as it is planted properly, it can become a good helper for peasants to get rich. Due to rich nutrition, Hongyang kiwi is called "green beauty artist" locally. The "beauty master" has a long life span, and it is constantly growing in at least 30 years. From February to August each year, it is the most strong time when it grows! Breeding
    This Kiwi has become a treasure in the current fruit with its high nutritional value of vitamin C, especially some of the special products in the kiwi family

    , such as red meat red Yang Kiwi has become a high -end series in fruits. Cultivating kiwi has less pests and insect pests, barren and extensive cultivation, and is especially suitable for cultivation and cultivation in mountainous or hills. Kiwi

    This seedlings of Hongyang kiwi usually use the method of grafting and reproduction. There is a long period of seedling. Generally, it takes 2-3 years to cultivate a specified product seedling. The efficiency of seedlings and high production costs is high, and more importantly, it is difficult to meet the development of market demand. The price of seedlings is too high, and the market price reaches more than ten yuan. The use of non -test fast complication technology is fast and fast to shorten the cycle and maintaining sex is the best non -non -non -breeding method. Tests and research on the characteristics of the red -yang kiwi are conducted on the characteristics of red yang kiwi. It is determined that the breeding system mainly based on the fast matrix can generally reach more than 80%of the rooting rate, and the root system can be developed. Compared with the traditional method, the cost of time is greatly shortened and the cost of grafting management is greatly reduced. The rooting root system has stronger yield potential and premature birth.

    It is worth paying attention to in the process of fast

    It is best to choose a magnificent semi -wood -quality band leaf branch section, and it is required that the functional leaves are harmful to diseases and insects. This The management of the mother -based park needs to be implemented to be standardized so that it can draw more branches with good nutrition and good leaves. Cut the flower branches and fruit branches and long branches. These branches have low roots. Even if they take root, the number of root systems and development levels is not as fulfilled. Of course, the deciduous branches can be performed quickly after dormant. The accumulated branches with moderate lengths of the section are used to warm up early spring.

    The treatment of the potion. Because of a large amount of glue substances in the branches, kiwi will cause organic losses to cause organic containing losses and affect rooting due to water for a long time. Fast dipping treatment is better. After fast dipping, let the incision be slightly dry and dry.

    Themane light to be suitable for high temperature in summer, because Hongyang Kiwi is a large leaf tree species and likes the appropriate yin-lived ecological environment. It can be covered with 50-70%luster of light. Water management is the key. In addition to the standard settings of the computer, it must be adjusted to adjust its evaporation coefficient to prevent the rooting of the losing leaves.

    The construction garden technology of Hongyang Kiwi
    Thisy kiwi fruits cylindrical, with an average weight of 103 grams, a maximum weight of 253 grams, containing solid 18--25.5%, vitamin C110 --242 m

    This kiwi

    g/100 grams. The fruits are yellowish or green brown, and the hair is easy to fall off. The flesh is green, the juice is large, the flavor is rich, sweet and sour, delicious, and excellent. From late October to early November, the fruit can be stored for about 50 days under the temperature of the fruit. In the second year after the breed, the fruit can be reached in the third to four years, and it can reach the high yield during the third to four years. The plan per acre of the red yang kiwi

    results 3000 kg. This variety has strong growth, strong resistance to reverse resistance, strong ability to resist diseases and insect pests, and wide adaptability. Hongyang Kiwi adapts to regional development at an average annual temperature of 12--13 ° C, effective accumulation temperature of 4500-5200 ° C, and 210-290 days of frost-free period. High -standard construction gardens: drawing troughs or digging acupoints, re -application of organic fertilizer, 50 kg of farmers per hole, 2 kg of rotten cake fertilizer.

    Planting technology: In mid-to-late December to the following year, choose good root system, rootless nematode disease, stem thickness of more than 0.6 cm, and 3-5 full buds of strong seedlings. The row distance is 3 meters x3 meters and 3 meters X4 meters. When planting, the seedlings are straight, root stretch, water irrigation, and soil.

    The seedlings are left for 4--5 full buds after planting. After germination, 1-- 2 can grow up upward, and wipe other buds in mid-May. About 50 cm of rare peanuts and other plants can be separated from the row.

    The fertilizer: In the autumn or before and after the bud, combined with irrigation at about 50 cm from the root, 20 cm-30 cm of ditch, 0.2 cm of urea and a small number of human dung.

    The watering: After the seedlings are planted, water the root water first; water it in time when drought.

    The setting bracket: In the first year after planting, a bamboo wood stick with a diameter of 2--3 cm and 2 cm high in the first year after planting, the new shoots grow upward, with cloth every 20 cm. Bar or plastic bags are tied to the bracket in time; the next year should be used with wooden stakes or cement piles. Hongyang Kiwi should use a "T" shaped small scaffold or horizontal plaster.

    The fruit orchard management technology

    The tree plate covers the preservation

    in late May at about 15 cm from the trunk, the thickness of the coverage of 20--30 Cm straw, rape stalks, pine needles and other weeds.

    This irrigation

    The kiwi is afraid of stagnation, and drainage facilities should be constructed to drain it in time; high temperature drought should be irrigated in time. Management of Hongyang Kiwi Fruit Fruit

    The fertilization

    ① base fertilizer: 3500 kg-4000 kg of organic fertilizer per acre, 40 kg of overlapping calcium phosphate-50-50 -50 Kilograms, fertilization depth is generally 40 %

    The red yang kiwi

    meters can be opened around the trees. Ditt, sprinkle the fertilizer and chemical fertilizer on the ground, shallowly and resume the soil. ② Fertilization: Early from late February to early March, germination fertilizer is applied before germination, mainly with fast -acting fertilizer; fruit fertilizer is applied from late May to early June, so that the fruit is expanded rapidly and the branches grow strong.


    ① Summer trimming: mainly concentrated in May to August, focusing on controlling long branches and removing useless branches. The main measures are: in addition to cuteness, topping, sparse branches and branches. ② Pruning in winter: Generally, it is carried out before the leaves to the injury. Leave 10--14 buds for long tips, cut 7-9 buds in the middle tip, and cut 4--6 buds in short shoots. Short-shrinkable fruit branches can not be cut short. As a result, the mother branch must be updated in time.

    This fruit management

    It to improve the quality of Jinkui fruit and improve the appearance of the fruit, it is best to perform artificial pollination and flower ballad in the flowering period. At the same time Lei: Remove it 5--7 days before the flowering, remove the side buds at the base and the top, and leave the middle one. ② Sparse flowers: When blooming, remove the side flowers and direction positions, leaving only the main flower. ③ Sluthery: Cut off the branches of two fruits, and the branches of double fruits and three fruits, leaving only the center fruit and the big fruit.

    The timely harvest

    This Kiwi maturity period is from late October to early November (the picking time in the south is from mid -September to late). When consumption, the soluble solids of the fruit are generally above 18%, and the quality is extremely excellent.
    The medicinal efficacy of Hongyang Kiwi
    This Kiwi contains excellent dietary fiber and rich antioxidant substances. Treatment of constipation and hemorrhoids.

    Cupping barbecue foods can increase the incidence of cancer, because the nitrification reactions in the body after grilled food will cause carcinogens. Vitamin C is rich in kiwi as a antioxidant, which can effectively inhibit this nitrification reaction and prevent cancer from occurring. Can't help but be confused by food, or because you have to "bake" because of entertainment, then it is recommended that you eat a kiwi after meals. The latest medical research shows that adult depression has a basis for physiology and it is related to a lack of brain neurotransmitters. The serum promotion contained in kiwi has the effect of stable mood and calmness. In addition, it contains naturalositol, which helps brain activity, so it can help melancholy people out of their mood. There is a good dietary fiber in kiwi. It can not only reduce cholesterol, promote heart health, but also help digestion, prevent constipation, quickly remove and prevent harmful metabolites in the body. The medical community believes that kiwi is sweet and cold, which can relieve heat and distress, quench thirst and diuretic.

    This Kiwi contains resistance to scrifidal garden, which is conducive to inhibiting mutations that induce cancer genes, and have a certain inhibitory effect on various cancer cell lesions such as liver cancer, lung cancer, skin cancer, and prostate cancer. Hongyang kiwi is rich in arginine, which can effectively improve blood flow, prevent the formation of thrombosis, and have special effects on the incidence of cardiovascular diseases such as coronary heart disease, hypertension, myocardial infarction, and arteriosclerosis.

    This Kiwi contains a large amount of natural sugar alcohols, which can effectively regulate sugar metabolism, regulate the in -cell hormone and nerve conduction effects, and have unique effects on preventing diabetes and depression.

    This Kiwi contains vitamin C, E, K, etc., which are low -fat foods with rich nutrition and dietary fiber, which has a unique effect on weight loss and bodybuilding and beauty. Kiwi is rich in folic acid. Folic acid is one of the essential substances for building a healthy body. It can prevent embryonic device that can prevent embryo development. It is rich in lutein, and the accumulation of lutein on the retina can prevent spots from deteriorating. Kiwi contains antioxidant substances, which can enhance human self -immune function.

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