Is there any website on the second -hand truck trading network and a large number of new and old truck transactions. Thanks!

1 thought on “Is there any website on the second -hand truck trading network and a large number of new and old truck transactions. Thanks!”

  1. Snail truck, Checheng truck, Ruiyuan, 86 truck, truck home. The above belong to the second -hand truck trading platform, which is rich in vehicle sources and is worth recommending.
    1. Snail trucks: The snail truck is developed and operated by the Guang'an Vehicles, providing a truly reliable and mass -free truck for the majority of car buyers. Through professional vehicle testing, it provides guarantee services for the protection of the transaction. At the same time, it provides services such as purchasing consulting, financial insurance, vehicle transfer, and positioning services for second -hand car traders.
    2, Checheng truck: The source of the car is mainly divided into 7 categories, namely trucks, traction cars, light trucks, trailers, dump trucks, special vehicles and pickups. In terms of functions, only buying cars, selling cars, buying, consumption situations and car sources, and the departure is more fast. As long as you fill in the vehicle name, years, price, mileage, type, you can release it.
    3, Ruiyuan: The main business includes second -hand trucks such as Dongfeng, Jiefang, Futian, Shaanxi and China Sinotruk. It can handle various second -hand car business, buy car, sell cars, evaluates, appraises, transfer, installment, installment, insurance one -stop services, while providing customer management, vehicle management, operation management, business opportunities, etc.
    4, 86 trucks: For individual users, car manufacturers, automobile dealers, automotive after -sales service providers, automobile agency brokerage companies, auto industry individual entrepreneurs, provide professional automobile information, intermediary, evaluation, after -sales service, technical support Waiting for industry information. The platform does not participate in any transactions, and the buyer and seller need to communicate by themselves.
    5, truck home: composed of five categories: news, shopping guide, car raising, used car, policy and regulations. The main types of vehicle transactions are vehicles, traction vehicles, light trucks, trailers, dump trucks and other models. The platform provides information clues as a third party. The specific situation of the vehicle needs to communicate telephone and then talk.

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