5 thoughts on “How to attract customers when opening a restaurant”

  1. 1-- Respect

    everyone is eager to be respected.

    Is when consumers decided to choose to dine in your shop, they guided with a smile and enthusiastic greetings, all of which improved the embodiment of "respect".

    The smiley face is like an iron suction stone, attracting customers to pushing the door and entering your restaurant for consumption.

    2-noble sense

    The reason why consumers are also called "God" is to want to get God-like customer experience.

    How to enhance the customer's noble sense, there are more aspects involved, service details, decoration environment, etc.


    Compared with water stains and oil stains, diners are more willing to choose a clean and tidy dining environment.

    Because of eating for meals, the sense of security brought by cleanliness is very important.

    The good sanitation is one of the most attractive customers in a restaurant, but there are always catering people ignored.


    did you like hard states, or a comfortable and soft sofa card?

    At least I won't go after a meal that makes people hurt.


    The sense of joy is actually the most difficult to start, after all, everyone's standards are different.

    . We can let customers see our intentions, such as placing magazines, chess pieces, small snacks, etc. in the place where they are queuing, so that the equal position is impatient to become the pleasant of the diners' recognition of the restaurant's recognition of the restaurant. feel.

    In how to attract customers when opening a restaurant, you need to understand these routines!

    The feel is the most direct. It feels good for diners, and it is also the most effective way to improve the customer experience.

  2. 1. Control costs and reduce prices.

    This operators with lack of experience always eager to renovate after finding the right store and open immediately. However, the grinding knife does not cut the firewood. If you want to operate a restaurant for a long time, you must avoid opening the business. You must make the preparation work in the early stage and then choose to open it. Outside things. So, what specific work before opening?

    In open a restaurant, needless to choose, position, and decoration. Next, there are staff recruitment training, apply for various necessary documents and licenses, determine dishes, print menu, purchase each Planting items, as well as establishing a complete financial system and other financial systems. The preparation of the restaurant before opening can be described as nothing, but no matter what is the same, the preparation is not enough to open the business, there will be unexpected errors, it is likely to make the order at the time of opening a mess.

    The recruitment of restaurant staff is not to be sloppy. Each department must have someone to take responsibility. People need to cooperate with each other, with clear authority and responsibilities. Similarly, the waiters in the front hall are the same. Regardless of the former hall manager and ordinary waiters, they should clarify their duties and do their best at work. Of course, the collaboration of the front hall and the kitchen is also needed to form a unity and collaboration as a whole.

    Ip, in addition, the purchase and storage work of the restaurant is also important. The procurement should ensure that the daily supply of raw materials, drinks, beverages, cigarettes, etc. of the restaurant must be sufficient. In place, this can not only ensure normal needs, but also establish a good relationship with the supplier to ensure that it can be supplemented in time when it is out of stock.

    In short, you must do the relevant preparations before opening, so that you can be calm when you open the industry, and it is red.

    2. The quality of the dishes is guaranteed. Do not taste flat and unique

    The most important thing for a restaurant is the two parts of the front hall and the back kitchen. Of course, the quality of the dishes is the most important. Customers come to the restaurant to eat, and they mainly hope to have delicious dishes, so the quality of restaurant dishes is very important.

    The quality of the dishes first requires fresh raw materials and high quality. Only good ingredients can ensure the taste and quality of the dishes. On the basis of ensuring the quality of raw materials, there are many factors that can make the restaurant praise, such as:

    Stime dishes: In many cases, the amount of restaurant dishes will give people a completely different feeling. Some customers think that the amount of vegetables is relatively large and eats affordable, and some people think that although the amount of vegetables is small, but the dishes are delicate and the dishes are very delicate. So is the weight of the dishes big or small? This depends on the positioning of the restaurant. Different positioning, of course, will also be different. If the restaurant is opened around the school, factories, and residential areas, the best amount of food is larger, making people feel that it tastes more valuable; if the restaurant is opened near high -end commercial areas and boutique office buildings, there are more business banquets or friends small friends in this place. Gathering, so the amount of dishes does not have to be too large, but it must be exquisitely done, so that it can not only avoid waste, but also improve the grade of the restaurant.

    The taste: The taste of the dish can also have different understanding, or it tastes more authentic, maintaining the authentic taste of traditional dishes, or more distinctive characteristics. Customers like to eat, and they have to patronize next time. It is very important to build your own restaurant. Successful specialty dishes can not only recruit back guests, but also make the restaurant's popularity. The company's headquarters pays great attention to the characteristics and taste of the dishes. It has carefully developed a series of special condiments and provided them with franchise customers. Good products.

    3. The quality of service should be excellent. Do not make mistakes in your hands

    Themids who have dealt with the guests who deal with the guests directly. The waiter is the first impression left by the restaurant to the guests. Their image will also represent the image of the entire restaurant. Therefore, the waiter must not only be enthusiastic and thoughtful, but also have the ability to control the order of the entire restaurant.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer dishes: The dishes must be fully flavored, beautiful and delicious, and the guarantee of quality and quantity, not only to make customers eat well, but also to be full. This is the essence of the restaurant to attract customers; The marketing promotion strategy allows more customers around the restaurant to know that their catering system is excellent; decoration: a simple, refreshing restaurant can easily attract customers' attention and enter the store for consumption; service: kindness to customer attitude, encounter emergencies, encounter emergencies Being able to solve it in harmony, the reasonable requirements of customers are satisfied as much as possible.

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