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  1. For the spread of an enterprise, the most ideal state is the overwhelming publicity and discussion. However, in reality, due to funding and multi -faceted restrictions, it is often difficult for us to do this. Therefore, the biggest results at the smallest cost are the most ideal results, which is why so many entrepreneurs will make their names for the company.

    If food company naming precautions
    1. The company's name should conform to the company's concept and service purpose. of.
    2. The company's name should be brief. The names of the names are small, the strokes are less, and it is easy to communicate with consumers, which is convenient for consumers to memory. At the same time, it can also cause the public's reverie, which is richer in meaning.
    The reference of food companies' naming
    1. Arctic Star Frozen Food Co., Ltd.;
    2. Freshly frozen food company;
    . Weiyuan Food Processing Co., Ltd.;
    4. Provincial Grang Food Co., Ltd.;
    5. Heart -warm frozen food company;
    6. Yayin Food Co., Ltd.;
    7. Tongxin Food Co., Ltd.;
    8 8 , Love Food Co., Ltd.;
    9, Ruiskang Food Co., Ltd.;
    10. Haoji Food Co., Ltd..

    The two -word Shunkou Name Company
    Qianren. The word "modest" and "benevolent" are both the words that reflect the profound philosophy. It reflects the company's intimacy and enthusiastic service attitude.
    Huijiu. The word "Hui Jiu", the intention of its intention is brilliant, long -lasting, the meaning is auspicious, and the company's grand blueprint and ambitions are announced in a straightforward manner, and the company's ability is excellent from the side. The two -character pronunciation sounds one by one, it sounds calm and powerful.
    Dong'an. The word "East" is a direction word, which contains the allusion of "Rising Sun East". It means that the company will have a booming future. The word "An" is combined with "East", smooth and nice.

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