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  1. Paper -free office is a trend. Printers slowly disappear with paperless offices. This is why my country does not conduct a part of printer research and development and manufacturing. The printers are almost all from Japan.

  2. There is no doubt that the printer computer maintenance industry must be promising, because most people used now can connect printers, especially office staff, government officials, and school students and teachers. Computer external device.
    How of the prospects of a industry and whether there is a future, it mainly depends on the role of this industry in the role of the people in our current society. It is not important. In the case of less contact, this is the key.
    It, the printer is really closely related to our daily life and is inseparable.
    Sometimes it ’s small to print the family photos, as large as the drawing printing of professionals, large drawings and the like, all need to be completed by the printer.
    Especially there are many print shops and copies in the society. The main core equipment in this is printers, so the printer is still very marketable on it, and its market potential is huge.
    and the printer belongs to computer consumables. It must be maintained regularly. This also requires printer maintenance personnel to repair. In addition to maintenance, it will not avoid sometimes occur some problems, and it will be broken or bad or bad or bad. It is a hidden danger of annoying, which requires the printer's maintenance personnel to solve it.
    The example, take my personal person as an example. I am a graduate student, and I have my own office. There are teachers with allocated computers and some office utensils, as well as a printer. I use it every day. It, print some documents or some materials that schools need to submit them, will definitely deal with professional maintenance personnel as soon as they encounter problems.
    It because of my professionalism, sometimes I need to print some large color maps. This requires a printer to deal with it. After a long time, the machine will have a certain loss. Essence
    So I think the printer computer maintenance industry is promising.

  3. I think it is very promising, especially the development of computers. Because all aspects of life are becoming more and more information and electronic, even when we go to the supermarket to buy things in our daily life, computer operations need to be operated.
    So the printer computer and maintenance industry will be used on their machines. For example, once, I touched my computer at home and accidentally forgot the password. I changed it several times myself several times. Nothing, find my first password.
    So when I racked my brain, I took my computer to a computer's repair shop. Those who professional maintenance in it, I don’t know what method I use to use my computer. Unconsisished.
    The industry that is now printed is getting more and more popular, because it is full of things that need to be printed at all times, just like we usually use books, even some public watches, and some advertisements like some advertisements. By banners are printed with printers.
    So I think learning this industry is very promising, especially when others go out and ask what you are learning. You say that you are learning computers. They will say that this major is good and suitable for the development of the current society. That is to reflect the current society.
    It because of all aspects of our lives, computers and printers must be used, so people often use these to fail, because after all, it will fail after a period of use. Find someone to repair it.
    So people in this industry do work at this time, so there will be more and more needs for such professional talents in the society. If you are studying this kind of profession, then your development prospects in the future It will be particularly good.

  4. I think it's okay. Now is an era of electronicization. Most of the work must be used. For example, the company cannot work without a computer. And each company will match a certain number of computer maintenance personnel. When the computer is normal, you can make good use of it. However, once the computer fails, there is really no way. Many companies have not been repaired in time because of computer problems, which will affect the company's income. Therefore, I think it is better to be a computer maintenance personnel.
    The know how to repair the computer, you should be familiar with computer knowledge. Because if you do n’t know how the computer runs, what composition is it, what parts are responsible for which parts, and which one is to repair it?
    Now, with the rapid development of society, I think this society will become a full electronic era in the future. In other words, people must do everything through electronic devices such as computers. Well, this requires a lot of electronic maintenance personnel.
    Because there is no opinion, it is from production to the end of life, and there is no failure in the middle. We can't say that as soon as there is a problem, we throw it away, don't want it, this is a waste. Society does not use so many resources for us to use. Therefore, the maintenance personnel must be "cured" by the maintenance personnel.
    is like us. No one is from birth to death. Could it be that we do not care about it when we get sick, let it go so until we die? It's definitely not. When we are sick, we will definitely go to the doctor to see it.
    Actually, as long as you think about it, you can understand whether the future of the doctor's career has the future.

  5. The person in charge said that the industry has fallen and no future can be seen. Of course, if you like to pound these hardware equipment, you need people to do everything, and you can do what you like to do.
    First of all, the current manufacturing process is getting more and more refined, and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher. Therefore, manufacturers are now focusing on quality. Take a computer, for example, a motherboard must be used for 7 to 8 years, and a few years later, the hardware is constantly upgraded. It may not be bad. You must eliminate it yourself. Broken to repair it again. After all, as long as it is not considered destruction, most of these products can be used for the period of scrap.
    Secondly, the manufacturing industry is much more advanced than those years, and the manufacturing cost is much reduced. As a result, the price of a computer and a printer is several times worse than 10 years ago. In those years, in those years, in those years The computer and printer repair is indeed very profitable. After all, buying a new one is too expensive, and it will not be thrown if you can use it. Today, a DIY computer was only one -third of the price at that time. Some people felt that it was troublesome and lost it directly.
    It, like our company's computers and suppliers, there were several people in the past. Now there are two people and his younger brother. There are no benefits and no living people. In desperation, they also went to expand other businesses. All attendance and monitoring learned to do it. Anyway, they could do everything. They were mixed like a grocery cargo Lang, and there was no professionalism.
    , there is still market demand for computers and printer sales plus repair. If you are really interested in this aspect, as long as you are willing to pay more, serve customers more carefully, to distinguish between problems for customers, and the business will naturally be better. This service rule applies to any industry.

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