Cosmetics are idle, is there a group of second -hand cosmetics? I have a lot of idle cosmetics

I added a lot of idle groups, there are a lot of advertisements, no one manages at all, and all products, clothes, and micro -quotient products are all sending.

2 thoughts on “Cosmetics are idle, is there a group of second -hand cosmetics? I have a lot of idle cosmetics”

  1. Now there are indeed many idle groups. Many of them are actually built for drainage for micro -business or beauty merchants, and they usually don't care at all. I saw it in my idle makeup bar that there was a community called "idle makeup", and there was basically no advertisement, because the owner added everyone to screen. The idle makeup community is specially released and purchased for idle cosmetics. It is limited to makeup, skin care products, and perfumes. Other groups are not allowed to be released. At present, many local groups in the same city are also landing, and they feel very good.
    It can go to the idle makeup bar. There are several sectors. The idle makeup releases, the idle makeup, and the idle makeup. Essence
    This owner said that "leisure makeup" is taken from the dream of the Red Mansion describing the word Xue Baozheng's "rich leisure makeup", which is really appropriate ~

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