Analysis of the competitive pattern and development trend of the modified plastic industry (with the report catalog)

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  1. Analysis of the competitive pattern and development trend of modified plastic industry (attached to the reporting directory)
    1. Overview of the industry industry chain
    The upstream of the modified plastic industry mainly includes various synthetic resins. ; The modified plastic can be used for electric tools, automobiles, home appliances and other industries through injection and extrusion.
    This plastic industry industry chain
    . Industry competition pattern
    (1) Global
    has many modified plastic products, but from the perspective of raw materials, it is mainly concentrated in the downstream of crude oil and natural gas. Chemical products, have a certain cost advantage with enterprises with integrated upstream industries. The main modified plastic manufacturers in the world are international companies represented by DuPont, BASF, Disman, and Samsung, South Korea. These companies are usually large -scale chemical companies in various ways to achieve upstream integration. The market and high -end product market occupy the main market share.
    The relevant report: Beijing Pricewater Pacific Counseling Information Consulting Co., Ltd. "2021-2026 The panoramic research and prospect forecast report of the modified plastic industry"
    (2) China
    There are many entrepreneurs and a high degree of marketization. Generally speaking, domestic high -end modified plastic products mainly rely on imports or international large -scale chemical companies in China; most of the domestic modified plastic companies are concentrated in product markets with relatively low technical content. Essence After years of development, some domestic enterprises have gradually begun to expand the high -end product market on the basis of a certain scale or technical capabilities; in the future, the market competition of the domestic modified plastic industry is expected to be increasingly fierce, and the market concentration and industry technology level are expected to be expected It will continue to improve.
    3. Industry technical level
    While maintaining the original excellent performance of the plastic, modified plastics also overcome the shortcomings of ordinary plastic, reducing the cost of terminal products under the premise of ensuring performance requirements, while at the same time, the cost of terminal products is reduced. At the same time Increase the added value of the product, and play an important role in the aspects of lightweighting, low cost, beauty and comfort in automotive products. With the continuous improvement of the flame retardant, weather -resistant, and alloying level of modified plastic, modified plastics have been widely used in the fields of electric tools, automobiles, electronics, furniture, rail transit, etc., and have become one of the main materials in various industries. Such as hard PVC instead of wood, modified PE instead of rattan, electroplated PC/ABS alloy instead of metal. After years of development in my country's modified plastic industry, the comprehensive performance of some products surpasses steel and other materials to achieve effective replacement of other materials. However, overall, there is still a certain gap between the technical level of the modified plastic industry in my country. Mainly ordinary products with relatively low technology and technology requirements.
    4. Industry development trend
    (1) The application field is continuously expanded, and the market space is growing
    As the modified plastic technology continues to improve, the flame retardant, weather -resistant, alloyization of modified plastic plastics水平不断提升,应用范围的逐渐扩宽;如硬质PVC 替代木材料可广泛应用于建筑、包装、家具等领域,意大利Latis.P-A 公司研制出的一系列新型高硬度复合材料可回收利用,并Can replace aluminum alloy. The application of some engineering plastics is no longer limited to aerospace military, but is popularized to civilian fields, such as electronic products, packaging materials, cars and other fields. With the miniaturization of electronic components, engineering plastic applications such as polycarbonate (PC) and polybhenylide (PPA) are becoming more and more widespread. The increasingly strict environmental protection regulations have stimulated a lot of use in the automotive and transportation industry. With the growth of the scope and application volume of modified plastic, the demand and market space of modified plastic market will continue to grow.
    (2) Different domestic enterprises differentiated, characterized, international development
    From the perspective of the overall market of modified plastics, major international chemical manufacturers occupy the main mid -to -high -end product market, domestic enterprises, and domestic enterprises The products are mainly concentrated in the general low -end product market; however, in recent years, some domestic companies have gradually formed their own competitive advantages through their technological research and development and market experience. Products continue to develop high -end product applications and continue to expand business scale.
    If in the perspective of domestic development with strong competitiveness, differentiation, characteristics and internationalization are its important development trends. Due to the extensive application of the downstream industries of the modified plastic, it is still expanding. Therefore, although large international chemical companies occupy a competitive advantage as a whole, some domestic enterprises have adopted differentiated and characteristic strategies to study new market demand through technological innovation, actively expand the field of modified plastic applications, quickly develop and meet satisfaction New demand materials quickly form a competitive advantage in the market segment, and continue to expand product categories based on this, thereby achieving development and growth. In addition, making full use of global R

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