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  1. Memories Once.

    回 回 回


    The happiness is gone

    The obsession

    ※ ※ ※

    This chrysanthemum

    difficult to enter his heart. It is difficult to enter her heart.

    The brilliant smile
    n Name Daquan

    Boisoning Chinese medicine WeChat name Daquan

    i White Valentine's Day,

    monkeys who love dumplings
    n ゝ_ _ _ 郑 _ Zheng Shuang

    so comfortable, just want to be one.

    The woman Xier Bei Nose I

    is singing ♥

    皒 薆 薆 n
    Why do people change, why do people change, why do people change, why they change Install

    The princess hey

    does not care about you anymore

    -Han 蝂
    n. .

    -莪 迩 迩 cannot be replaced.

    -red dust concubine laughs.

    stupid. You are familiar with me

    temptation, stubborn tip

    for 涐, 旳 旳
    n R n r 释 释, explanation

    ╭ In unforgettable love at once

    This child.

    The first friend

    Ice waves.

    R n I buy drunk for you-

    black stockings,

    man on the thirteenth floor

    n Winter vacation, this beast I

    The instead of consciousness ※

    --- midnight. Smoking


    Huaichun ♥ Girl

  2. There are many WeChat names suitable for Chinese medicine, and you can use a certain sugar. The name of a certain Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine is named. For example, Bai Caotang, De Rendang, Yushengtang, etc. These names have typical Chinese medicine characteristics. Being able to let people know that well -known to WeChat is the content of Chinese medicine. You can also use some Chinese medicine names, such as angelica. Huang Qi. These more representative Chinese medicine can also play a role in complexing as a WeChat name.

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