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  1. The summary is to review and analyze the period, a certain project or some job afterwards, so as to make regular conclusions. It can help us find the laws of learning and work. Summary. So what format is there? The following is a summary of the new employee work of electricity collected for everyone for your reference. I hope to help friends in need.
    The work summary of the new employee of the power of power 1 ended the four -year colorful university life. I hope that I can enter a large enterprise with a large enterprise with a status, respected, and good development prospects in the society. After hard work, I finally fulfilled my dream -I got the employment opportunity given by the XX grid company. In the passionate July, I was very excited to enter the dream of XX Grid Corporation. I was honored to become a new employee of the XX Power Supply Bureau.
    In early July, after reporting to the bureau, we first joined the 20xx new employee training course launched by XX grid company at XX in Guiyang. This is an important turning point for our college graduation to participate in the work. It is also a new starting point. In the short ten days, we have conducted military training, professional knowledge learning, and watching anti -ice -saving video and picture exhibitions. Military training can not only cultivate our spirit of hard work, but also to hone the strong will of people.
    Su Shi has something to say: those who are in ancient times, not only the talents of the world, but also perseverance. Military training makes us learn to endure, persist, and obey, let us temper the style, enhance the body and improve the discipline of organizational. At the same time, the overall quality of our entire comprehensive quality has been improved. Essence Watching the special film of ice anti -rescue films made me deeply shocked by the anti -ice protection spirit of each employee of each XX grid company. Their high standards, strict requirements, and fast -paced work style have to be admirable and amazing. They always insist on renovating and re -power under the guidance of leaders at all levels under the guidance of leaders at all levels. They have created electricity equipment, lines, etc. that can be recovered by many experts for at least half a year in just one month. Essence This is the concrete manifestation of the strong cohesion and tenacity of the southern network people and the perseverance of struggle with ice and snow. The spirit of their dedication of their bravery and the courage to give up everyone must continue to inherit and carry forward in the future work. During the training period, after careful study, I have the strategy of southern network, corporate culture, southern network company, South Network employment philosophy and new employee career planning, power reform and power market status, corporate professional training, etc. A certain degree of understanding.
    XX's ten -day training was over, and we immediately joined the 20xx new employee production skills training course launched by Duyun to conduct a one -month in -depth study. Through more than 20 days of learning and training, I had a clearer understanding of the Duyun grid. At the same time, the classification tasks of basic knowledge, oil technology supervision of high -voltage equipment, application of electrical tests in power production, basic knowledge of relay protection, substation operation, electrical wiring and operation methods, relevant knowledge of power stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, and peace stations, peace stations, and peace stations. Regulations, accidents, and abnormalities, operating terms, scheduling automation system functions, relevant knowledge of power marketing systems, power line carrier waves, optical fiber communication technologies and information automation, structure and functional permissions of measurement management, the basic knowledge of electrical measurement indicator instrument,, the electrical measurement indicator instrument, the basic knowledge of the instrument, and the instrument of the meter, The basic knowledge of line management and transmission lines has a certain degree of understanding of the relevant knowledge of scheduling management. This study will have a role that cannot be ignored in our future work.
    The training in the past two months is over. I am assigned to the Malays Ping Power Supply Center to work for work and engage in charges. It is inevitable that I have not encountered problems that have been tuned just before contacting the fee. When I patiently ask the colleagues in the house, they are always very enthusiastic and explain to me. Every time I see their enthusiastic smiles, one The warm current flows from my heart, and I know that I also believe that this warm current will not dry up. Every colleague in the place gets along well and helps others. I think this may be inseparable from the good reputation of the XX people in the outside world.
    It for two weeks to work until now, coinciding with the peak of the charging, there are still many customers who come to pay electricity bills and handling business every day. Sometimes, starting from the morning can be said to be busy at 6 pm to get off work. To be honest, there must be a little bit, but the more feeling is full and happy. My internship position is a service window. Whether it is now or in the future, I will serve any customer with a good spiritual appearance and enthusiastic attitude every day. The service is endless! Strive to be an excellent South Internet person!
    The work summary of the new employee of the electricity 2 The operation company recruited new employees and strengthened training in September. The theoretical practice is arrested together to meet the operation and maintenance of the launch. Essence Study a good professional knowledge, strengthen your professional skills, and integrate into the working environment as soon as possible to find a job status, which has become an imminent thing.
    In just one month, from practice to theory, a "brain innovation movement" was carried out to eliminate backward old things and learn advanced new things. Thoroughly changed my understanding of the power transformation industry in the past, and laid a solid foundation for the new jobs in the future.
    The week before the training began, psychological counseling practical training was conducted. In the subsequent half of the month, the company spent a lot of manpower and material resources, hired experts in various fields, and used corporate culture, safety, production and other aspects to us. A comprehensive training explanation was conducted.
    The first is psychological counseling physical training. The tower line is a basic skill for the employee of the operation inspection. In fact, as long as people with a healthy trace can be done, the key is to make a breakthrough in psychological counseling. No matter how many meters high, how long the lines are walking, after the psychological counseling level, the level of psychological consultation, then then It feels the same as walking on the ground. In this training, I gave me my own grades. Compared to me a year ago, psychological counseling is no longer there are any problems. The focus is now proficient. I believe I can do and improve in future work.
    It again is skill theory training. The first lesson introduces the corporate culture, humanities culture and corporate spirit of Hubei Provincial Power Transformation Engineering Company. Only by understanding the history of the enterprise, the cultural spirit of the enterprise, and the policy and trend of the enterprise, can we better be the owner of the enterprise, understand that the role they play can grasp the attitude and contribute to the enterprise. Then there is the study of security rules and regulations. Safety is more important than Taishan, and security is the lifeblood of the enterprise. For a whole month, the word safety has been interspersed in it, which shows its importance. After a month of safety learning, I re -defined the word safety. Safe first, only once in life, any small negligence at work has hidden safety hazards. Once I ignores the importance of security, I must give a heavy heavy. The price. Then there is the training of work skills, new technologies explained by experts, and new technologies have improved our understanding and interest in work. At the same time, we also point out the difficulties in future work and technical knowledge worthy of in -depth discussion. The introduction and operation of various equipment is also the focus of training. Safety equipment directly affects the safety problems in our daily work. The operation and application of the instrument also directly affect the personal working ability. Patriotic education and humanistic spirit education are also reflected in this training. Watching patriotic movies, participating in the company's cultural and sports activities have enabled us to strengthen the cohesion of the team and more recognize the importance of social responsibility.
    soon will be assigned to the grassroots to study. In the future work, we must remind myself from time to time to do more daily work summary, experience life, and enjoy the happiness brought by work. Overcoming existing problems, doing your basic work well, and maintaining a innovative mentality at all times, clarify your own efforts, and strive for ideals.
    The work summary of the work of new employees in power, 3 years of time, time has passed, and 20xx has passed in a blink of an eye. I have been half a year since I joined the State Grid Corporation on July 12
    After graduating from school for the first time, he officially settled in a job. As a new employee, I am very grateful to the company to provide me with a growing platform for me to keep studying, continuous progress in my work, and slowly improve my quality and talents. Looking back on the work of half a year, the company accompanied me through the important stage of my life, which made me know a lot. With the strong support and help of the company's leaders and colleagues, in all aspects of ideological consciousness, office ability, etc. The achievements, here I expressed their heartfelt thanks to the company's leaders and colleagues. Because of your help, I can step into a new journey from my career from the ignorance of the campus, and it also makes me in the company’s company’s Develop a step. Of course, in order to better do your future work, summarize experience and learn lessons, the work of the 20xx years is as follows:
    . Strive hard to improve your own quality
    as a rigidity The lack of knowledge and experience on the new employee who goes to work is my fatal disadvantage. Although there is no clear job job, the company is qualitative to the office assistant to cooperate with other company colleagues to better complete various tasks to achieve this to achieve this I ask me to pay great attention to learning and practice this goal with practical actions, and actively cooperate with other colleagues' work. In the past six months, facing non -professional. At work, it has been very difficult to work, but I have actively cope with the challenges of difficulties, learn to learn from colleagues with an open mind, and strive to master the skills required by the office. Since our company's engineering field is widely involved, it allows me to understand that the half -year study requires work and does not allow me to be independent of the requirements of various tasks, so I need to study harder.
    . Work hard and successfully complete various tasks
    In half a year when the assistant position, I mainly assisted Manager Deng to complete the business work. Manager Deng was experienced. During the assistance of his work, he tirelessly explained to me to explain some skills to the learning work, so that I had a better understanding of business work. In the half -year work, the most memorable thing is to make the book. This is a blank field for me. It has made me experience what it cannot be started. Although I have the patience of my colleagues, I still feel difficult. In the end, this work was not done well. This incident made me understand that my ability to work was insufficient, and let me know that office work was not superficial on the surface. I still need to continue to improve and improve, and I still need to work hard and strive to do a better place. There are several aspects of the following aspects:
    The first. Due to lack of experience at work, I do n’t know deeply about the IT industry. The solution to some problems is too simple. The working method is too simple. The dots are not calm enough in the treatment of some problems.
    Secondly, we must further strengthen the mastering of office skills in the IT industry, expand electronics, networks and related knowledge, and improve their ability to solve problems.
    Third, on the basis of completing the tasks of leadership, we will exert their own advantages, continue to strengthen the learning of professional knowledge and new standards, further improve their ability to operate, and link the knowledge and work.
    three, 20xx work plan
    20xx company will have a tremendous change. Manager Li presets the company's 20XX year development strategy fundamentally changing the company's existing bad state -from The most basic change. Therefore, 20xx companies will face qualitative changes from personnel structure to the nature of work. So in 20xx, we will face major challenges, letting me know that my work will change from the nature and workload of 20xx. This determines that I need to improve myself from the following aspects:
    1. Study carefully, strive to improve my own quality and work ability, and do their duties, responsibilities, and complete the job as soon as possible.
    2. Promoting the spirit of hard work. Don't be afraid of suffering, take the initiative to find things to do, "eye diligence, mouth diligence, hand, and leg diligence", actively adapt to various environments, hone your will in complex work, and increase your talents.
    3. Promoting the tireless enterprising spirit. Strengthen learning, be brave in practice, pay attention to collecting
    The various types of information while learning, and widely absorb various "nutrition"; at the same time, pay attention to learning methods, correct learning attitude, improve learning efficiency, and strive to cultivate your solid theoretical skills And practical work style. Strive to make work better and establish a good image.
    4. Be a good assistant. For various decisions and problems, propose rationalized suggestions and solutions in a timely manner for leadership reference, and cooperate with department leaders to complete the company's tasks.
    In short, in the past six months, I have done a certain job and achieved some results, but there is a certain gap from the requirements. I will continue to summarize my experience, strengthen learning, update the concept, and improve all aspects of work ability. Focusing on the company's center work, we are down -to -earth and do their duties to do a good job of work and duty. The mentality determines the state, the state determines the success or failure! You must be responsible for the company, have love for the society, have perseverance in work, have enthusiasm for colleagues, and confidence in yourself! be the best you can be! The above is my summary of the work of the company for more than six months. Please criticize the leadership. I hope I can grow up quickly and make greater contributions to the company next year!
    20xx February 12

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