How to promote it through WeChat?

My store has just opened, is there any good promotion channel?

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  1. First, radar plus friends

    Open WeChat, add friends -radar plus friends function, you can search for friends who open the radar at the same time through the radar. This feature is suitable for various offline gatherings, forums, etc. to add friends to expand interpersonal relationships face -to -face, some investment promotion organizations can transfer potential customers to individuals in this way to maintain it; Facing the fabrics

    The groups of friends meet and meet each other, open WeChat -add friends -face -to -face building, enter the same number, a group of people who do not know, just start to know.

    Third, nearby people

    Open WeChat -discover -people nearby can say hello to people nearby and expand their business. You can take a look at the other party’s WeChat circle of friends before saying hello. If there is a sign of the small circle of friends in the WeChat circle of friends in the WeChat nickname of the other party, it shows that his circle of friends allows strangers to view ten pictures. Zhang pictures determine whether there are potential opportunities for cooperation and find a close topic.

    . The QR code of WeChat group

    This is the most effective way at present. Establish a WeChat group with the topic of target customers, generate WeChat group QR codes, put the WeChat group QR code at the place where the target customer appears, and let the target customers scan into the group.

    If 5. QQ friends and mobile phone address book

    This is a very traditional way. You have to transform your mobile phone address book and QQ friends into your WeChat friends. Through it QQ assistant can guide the friends of your original mobile phone address book to your mobile phone, and then say hello to add. It is really a strategy to add friends in batches, because now many software can add a lot of friends in batches, and you two have certain hello to say that there is certainly there is certainly there is certainly there is certainly there is certainly there is a certain way to say hello. I don't advocate this. QQ friends and mobile phone address book are strong relationships;

    It 6, WeChat group

    WeChat group has been recognized as the most effective connection and target customers gathering place today, as one The real mobile Internet marketers will have at least more than 20 WeChat groups. Potential customer resources can be said to be inexhaustible, using the WeChat group to be enough.

    Seventh. No matter how much it is, put WeChat on the treadmill. Finding customers through one -to -one shake, I am afraid it is the most stupid way. Gaoming's approach is to engage in promotional and roadshow activities on the spot, and shake the potential customers into the mobile phone by shaking the lottery. The gameplay is very simple. The people participating on the scene shake together and shake to the first few of the WeChat on the designated mobile phone. When they are shaken at the same time, the potential customers will shake to the phone at one time, and then say hello as the award -winner. Add a friend.

    . The eighth, the drift bottle

    registered a lot of trumpet inspirational drift bottle

    ninth, through the public platform

    sharing the graphic and text, fans come to add you, and you can guide your personal WeChat after adding you. Just like you see this article now, and then pay attention to my public account.

    The tenth, WeChat QR code

    The WeChat QR code is put to all target customers in and out, so that potential customers can contact us by scanning the QR code.

    The above ten methods, based on WeChat functional ways, ten ways plus marketing thinking, constantly changing combinations are truly marketing masters.

  2. This is very simple. It is nothing more than a fission!
    The things related to your industry, of course, it is best to be virtual, so there is no cost
    If it, there are more ingenious and attractive tricks. You can't digest

  3. Then send more circle of friends, or promote your WeChat on post bar or Weibo. What benefits can be brought to everyone. Someone will add it

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