3 thoughts on “How to find a group?”

  1. You can use 2 methods, one is the situation where the QQ group number is known, and the two are the case where the QQ number is not known.
    1. Click "Find" - "Group user search" - "group number" - "Determine search" - "Join the group" -wait for the administrator to approve.
    2. Click "Find" - "Group User Find" - "Category Find" -the select the category of the group you want to add, then click OK, then select the group you want to add "—— Wait for the administrator to approve.

  2. The lower part of the interface has a search
    click, and then click the user to find
    and then precisely find
    The group number you want to add
    and then find!
    and then find it!
    Group management passes your application, you can enter the group

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