Teachers' parental group sun -collecting list? Official confirmation of the picture of the network is true! When will educational corruption?

4 thoughts on “Teachers' parental group sun -collecting list? Official confirmation of the picture of the network is true! When will educational corruption?”

  1. The official confirmed the list of gift lists in the group of teachers, which was a stone hammer. The corruption of education needs to be resisted by everyone. Everyone does not give the teacher a gift, and the teacher does not receive gifts.
    01. The official confirmation of the list of sunbaths of teachers and parents is true.
    First, on September 23, 2022, a second -year Chinese teacher in a parent group in Jiangsu was mistakenly discussed by netizens. After the incident, the official investigated the first time, and the teacher involved had been suspended. We can see from the exposure chat records that the teachers involved in collecting a total of 15 parents' money, the amount between 500 yuan and 1,000 yuan.
    Besides, I don't know where the teacher courage to collect money, is it Liang Jingru? She was originally taught and educated, and the country also paid her. Where did she get the parents' money from her face? Don't say anything else, not even the basic teachers' rules have not done it. It is simply shameing the teacher industry and destroying the professional image of the teacher. Such teachers should not suspend their jobs, but should never be expelled. After all, a gift teacher, did she take the student three views?
    02. Everyone does not give gifts, and teachers abide by professional ethics.
    although we all know that we should not give gifts to the teacher, some parents can always send to the teacher for their own children, thinking that this teacher will be eccentric, and the child will get more educational resources. In fact, such an idea is wrong. We must understand the reason why the teacher dares to accept the gift is that parents indulge. If parents resist this behavior, they all consciously do not give gifts to the teacher. They usually care about the children's learning situation. The child's learning effect is much stronger than gifts.
    Added a gift to the gifts to refuse in time. This is a professional ethics that every teacher needs to learn before being a teacher. The teacher should not say that parents give it hard, and the teacher has the right to refuse.
    In short, the corruption of education depends on parents, teachers, and official supervision.

  2. There is no way to solve it for a while. In Yancheng, Jiangsu, a teacher was reported to send the gift records to the screenshot of the parent group. The screenshot showed that the parent group was a group group of elementary schools on Xiangyang Road, Yanyang Road, Jiangsu. Screenshot, suspected records of parents' gifts.

  3. Yes, during Teacher's Day, a teacher posted a gift he received in the parent group and said he was very lucky. Educational corruption will always exist, because many people with incorrect minds have been promoting such a custom.

  4. Parents are indeed incorrect. As a teacher, they should be fair and honest. Only every teacher grasps his bottom line. Do not receive gifts to the education industry can be better.

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