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  1. China Interior Design Market Prospects Survey Analysis Report (2009_ Senior Edition)
    Research background
    Research method
    indoor design product definition and classification

    Chapter 1 China Interior Design The main economic characteristics of the market
    -product overview
    1. Product classification
    2. Development background of various products
    3. Overview of the Industrial Chain
    . The position of the interior design industry in the national economy
    . The economic operation environment of the interior design industry
    . Craft technology development status
    . indoor design product life life life Cyclical analysis
    6. Market entry / exit barriers
    7. The profit level of indoor design industry

    It chapter interior design product production analysis n one, 2005-2008 2008室内设计行业生产规模及增长速度rn二、地区分布情况rn三、2009-2012年室内设计行业产量产能变化趋势rn四、行业领导者的生产现状及产品策略
    . The problems of the production industry in the interior design industry

    Chapter III interior design industry market analysis
    . Interior design industry chain
    two, 2005-2008 China Interior indoor indoor indoor indoor Design market size and growth rate
    . Factors affecting the market size of the interior design product
    . The interior design market size and growth rate of the interior design market and growth forecast of the interior design
    , 2005-2008 Key enterprises Market share and change
    . Analysis of the development potential of indoor design market
    7. Market demand development trend

    Chapter 4 Interior design industry market analysis
    , 2008 In the year, the market size and proportion of indoor design products in each province and cities
    . The market size and proportion of indoor design products in the provinces and cities from 2009-2012
    3. Deep analysis of indoor design market conditions in key provinces and cities

    Chapter 5 Interior Design Substant Product Market Analysis
    . Product characteristics of various segmented products
    . The market scale of each segment product
    three, 2009-2012 The market size and growth rate of each subdivision product
    . The market prospect analysis prediction of key segment products

    Chapter 6 indoor design product price analysis
    , indoor design product price Elastic
    . The relationship between the price and cost of indoor design products
    . The price and price strategy of the main interior design enterprise
    . The role of price in the interior design market competition
    five, five, five, five, five, five, five, The impact of the financial crisis on the price of interior design products
    6. The trend of indoor design product price changes in 2009-2012

    Chapter 7 Interior Design Product Competition Analysis
    I, Competition Analysis Theory基础rn二、室内设计行业竞争格局rn三、竞争组群分析rn四、室内设计行业市场集中度分析rn五、竞争的关键因素rn R Chapter 8 Interior Design Product Process Technology Development Analysis
    . The current status of the development of interior design product technology
    . Interior design product process technology development trend

    Chapter 9 Interior design product import and export analysis
    1. Export analysis
    1. The total export and growth of my country's interior design products
    2. The main brand of the interior design industry
    3. The impact of global economic form on the export of interior design products
    . Import analysis
    1. The total imports and growth of interior design products in my country
    2. The promotion and impact of imported brands on the indoor design industry
    3. The impact of the global economic form on the import of interior design products

    Chapter 10 Interior Design Upstream Industry Analysis
    . Interior design upstream industry development status
    . The upstream industry to the interior design industry Impact
    . The development trend of the upstream industry in the interior design
    . The impact of the financial crisis on the upstream industry of the interior design

    1. The development status of the downstream industry in the interior design
    . The impact of the downstream industry on the interior design industry
    . The development trend of the downstream industry in the interior design
    . The impact of the financial crisis on the downstream industry of the indoor design

    Chapter 12 Channel Analysis
    . Channel form and comparison
    . The impact of various channels on the indoor design industry
    3. The key factors of channel construction and management
    4. Research on channel strategies of main interior design
    . The status of major agents in various regions

    Chapter 13 Alternative Analysis
    . Replacement pair interior The impact of design products
    . The development status and trend of alternatives
    . The impact of the current economic situation on indoor design alternatives

    Chapter 14 complementary product analysis
    1. The impact of complementary products on interior design products
    . The current status and trend of complementary products
    . The current economic situation on indoor design complementary products

    The fifteenth Analysis of the leading factors of the interior design industry
    . National policy orientation
    . The development of related industries
    . Industry technology development
    . Changes in social needs

    Chapter 16 Interior Design Product Policy Environment Analysis
    . Macroeconomic policy
    . Industry policy
    . The impact of policy changes caused by financial crisis on the interior design industry

    Chapter 17: Key Interior Design Enterprise Analysis
    . Introduction to the top 10 companies in the industry
    . Analysis of the competitiveness of the top 10 companies in the industry
    3. The top 10 industry in the industry Enterprise financial indicators

    Chapter 18 Insert design industry risk analysis
    . Environmental risk
    . The upstream and downstream risks of the industrial chain
    . Interior design industry policy policy Risk
    . Market risk
    5. Other risks

    Chapter 19: 19 indoor design industry market prospect forecast and opportunity analysis
    . Indoor design industry market prospect forecasting
    . Interior design segment market opportunity analysis
    . Analysis of investment opportunities for new entryrs
    . Investment opportunities of the interior design industry in the interior design industry
    5. Indoor design industry vertical industry Chain Investment Opportunities
    6. The overall opportunity of the interior design industry

    The related strategy suggestions
    . Product positioning and pricing
    . Cost control recommendations
    . Technology innovation
    . Channel construction and marketing strategy
    five , Investment strategy
    6. How to deal with the current economic situation

    Main chart
    Charts: 2005-2008 The market size and growth rate of the interior design industry in the interior design industry
    Charts: 2009- The market size and growth rate of the interior design industry in 2012
    Charts: 2005-2008 key enterprise market share of the interior design industry
    Charts in 2008 indoor design industry regional structure Design industry channel structure
    Charts: 2005-2008 Total interior design industry demand
    Charts: 2009-2012: total interior design industry requirements forecast
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry Requirement concentration
    Chart: 2005-2008 indoor design industry demand growth rate
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry market saturation
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry supply total supply total Quantity
    Chart: 2005-2008 indoor design industry supply growth rate
    Charts: 2009-2012 indoor design industry supply prediction
    Chart R n Chart: 2005-2008 indoor design industry sales volume
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry inventory
    Charts: 2008 indoor design industry enterprise regional distribution
    Chart: 2008: 2008 The distribution of sales channels for the annual interior design industry
    Charts: 2008 indoor design industry main agent distribution
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry product price trend
    Charts: 2009-2012 interior design Industry product price trends
    Figure: 2005-2008 indoor design industry profits and growth rate
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry sales gross profit margin
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry Sales profit margin
    Charts: 2005-2008 Total asset profit margin of the indoor design industry
    Charts: 2005-2008 Indoor design industry net asset profit margin
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design products Export volume and export amount
    Figure: 2005-2008 indoor design industry export area distribution
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry import volume and import amount The distribution of import areas of the design industry
    Charts: 2005-2008 indoor design industry Foreign Depending on the Destiny
    Charts from 2008-2009 indoor design industry investment projects
    Charts: 2008-2009 indoor design industry in the interior design industry List of investment projects
    Charts: 2008-2009 indoor design industry investment demand relationship

    Published agency: Qianxun Industry Research

    2009-10-18 20: 42
    Manan design survey report

    Stiocene this semester we have studied "Interior Design Curriculum Design 》 In order to better grasp the content of this course, I specially investigated the owner of Yuanchi Century City.

    . Investigation time: September 12, 2009

    . Investigation location: Yuanchi Century City

    . Investigation form: Enter Household visits,

    . Investigation purpose: Through investigation, understanding the units. The area. The owner's preferences, living habits, cultural background, age. Architectural structure. Building orientation. Provide the necessary materials for design, and can make timely and accurate responses to the problems reflected in the interior design and more needs, prepare for the upcoming design, formulate a design task book, to break through the inherent inherent ones, and to break through the inherent ones. Model, reflects the human spirit, and has fashion and interest. The design creates a romantic and warm living environment

    Five research objects: Yuanchi Century City is preparing to renovate a wedding house,

    6. Research content:

    (1) Unit type. Area: According to the apartment floor plan provided by the owner, I learned that the apartment is a medium -sized unit of 3 rooms, 2 halls, and 2 guards, with a building area of ​​148 square meters Essence

    (2). The owner's preferences, living habits, cultural background, and age: The owner is a newcomer to get married. They are all post -80s. In terms of economic income, the hostess is a university teacher, and the male owner works in government agencies.通过我和他们的交谈得知,他们平时工作压力挺大的,所以他们喜欢简单大方,舒适,休闲,恬静放松的那种氛围,颜色呢要淡雅一些的,但是特别强调卧室要温馨浪漫,因为Is it a new marriage?

    (3) Building structure: brick and reinforced concrete structure.

    (4) Building direction: This apartment is sitting north to south, and the master bedroom and living room are facing south. In China, the living room of residential commercial houses is the best. The northern region has always been formed in the north to the south to the south as the best living habits, causing consumers to "buy a southeast house if they have money".

    7. Investigation results: First of all, although the newcomers have a stable salary, the salary of young people is limited. First of all It is cheaper and the color is good for young people.

    Secondly, young people are full of passion and vitality. They decorate their wedding rooms for themselves, so they can like their bedrooms a little romantic and passionate. However, because the pressure of young people is very high, the bedroom must be designed with some relaxed, romantic, and dynamic tones. When you can return to your bedroom, you have a sense of decompression and relaxation. The hostess is a teacher again, so the study must be studied well.

    again, many young people are very fashionable, so when choosing furniture and indoor plants, the current latest styles should be selected and designed for the current trend.

    In short, it is necessary to follow the owner, the design is simple, generous, comfortable, leisure, quiet and relaxed. Fashion and family warmth.

    8. Investigation Experience: In this practice, from many aspects, I once again understand the high requirements of indoor designers in interior design. I have cultivated my own ability to find problems, analyzes problems, and solve problems. At the same time, I also found my own deficiencies, so that I continued to make up and improve in my future learning. Lay the foundation for the future to society.

    . The purpose of internship 1. Understand the market status and prospects of interior decoration design in Texas. 2. Further grasp the use of design software such as PS, 3DMAX, CAD. 3. Try to apply the theory of environmental art design learned in the school to the internship. 4. Methods for indoor designers for the first time, and familiarize the method and procedure steps of interior design. 5. Cultivate interpersonal communication and social capabilities to prepare for interior designers. Second, the internship unit comprehensively overview the "East Yiyi Sheng" was founded in 1996. The home furnishing industry has formed a large -leading advantage of large -scale, professional, branding, groupization, and industrialization in China. Dongyi Ri Sheng Group takes the purpose of "making today's famous brand, creating a century -old enterprise", with the east Yijisheng brand as the platform, the home industry chain as the main line, and based on the high -end home decoration design and construction, materials and furniture and accessories supply , Real estate real estate refinement decoration design, national franchise brand development, industry research and analysis and other directions, etc., conduct deep integration and resource optimization and integration from a global perspective, and build the most competitive decorative industry and brand echelon in China to form all unifications. Merge strategic system and pattern. Third, the internship content and progress first need to understand the procedure of interior design: 1. The design preparation stage during the design preparation phase is to accept the entrustment task book, sign the contract, or participate in the bid according to the requirements of the bid; Consider the coordination and coordination of various types of work; clarify the design tasks and requirements, such as the nature, functional characteristics, design scale, level standards, total cost of interior design tasks, the indoor environment atmosphere and cultural connotation created according to the nature of the task's use nature. Or artistic style, etc.; familiar with design -related specifications and quota standards, collect and analyze the necessary information and information, including investigation and survey on the scene and visiting the same type of instances. When signing a contract or formulating a bid document, it also includes the design progress arrangement, the design rate standard, that is, the interior design charges the percentage of the owner's design fee accounts for the total investment of the indoor decoration. 2. The design phase of the plan design stage is based on the design preparation stage, further collecting, analyzing, and using the information and information related to design tasks, conceive the intention, conduct preliminary solution design, in -depth design, and analyze and compare the scheme. Determine the preliminary design plan and provide design files. The files of the preliminary interior scheme usually include: (1) flat map, a commonly used ratio 1: 50, 1: 100; (2) the interior facade expansion diagram, the commonly used ratio is 1: 20, 1:50; Figure, the commonly used ratio is 1: 50, 1: 100; (4) indoor **** picture; (5) the real layout of the interior decorative materials; The construction diagram can be performed. 3. Construction drawing design phase of the construction phase need to be supplemented by drawings, indoor facades, and flat tops necessary for construction. Essence 4. The design implementation stage of the design and implementation is also the construction stage of the project. Before the indoor engineering, the designer shall conduct design intentions to explain the construction intent and technical intercourse of the construction unit; during the construction period, the construction of the construction is required to be checked in accordance with the drawing. At the same time, the quality inspection department and the construction unit conducted engineering acceptance. Secondly, understanding the interior design method, Master Zhao explained the following three types: 1. Stand -ahead, bend the details, and in -depth scrutiny of the overall and detail 2. The intended to be synchronized with the first or pen, and the intention of the expression and the actual use of the actual use of the expression, I found that the above three items are really practical. I communicate with those experienced designers. Essence Once again, I have mastered some design software techniques and improved the proficiency of software application. For example: the two -dimensional background is the three -dimensional scene, the production of the time tunnel. Fourth, the internship experience and experience passed the internship for half a month. I have a better understanding of the industry in the interior design, and I am proud of being one of them. Indoor designers should have the following quality. (1) There is a comprehensive comprehensive quality: In addition to professional knowledge and skills, indoor designers must continuously improve their aesthetic capabilities and have extensive knowledge and experience in order to create a moving space. (2) There is a keen insight: The keen observation ability and foresight of fashion are a basic ability to self -cultivate by designers. At a height, the designer should take the responsibility of guiding fashion. (3) Detailed pursuit: The interior designer is facing different details in the environment. The processing of details is related to the success or failure of the entire indoor space design. The simpler design, the more important details. Pay attention to indoor and outdoor. Swap of space characters. (4) Have strong performance ability and rich performance means: Designers should clearly and accurately express their design intentions and ideas, so that owners can easily understand and communicate. (5) It is necessary to accurately grasp the ability of material information and application materials: the development of the market and the advancement of technology have continuously emerged for new products and new materials. Get in time to grasp the characteristics of materials and explore its actual use maps to broaden the design of design, keep up with the times, and occupy the pioneer in the market. (6) Pay attention to concept design, style positioning: Concept design is the design idea of ​​the project, it is a comprehensive result. It is a general idea, including comprehensive consideration of humanities and functions, technology and materials. Some designers' unique understanding factors and personality characteristics of design projects are different from other design solutions. Focus on the implantation of unique personality in the design of the design. So do not form a fixed style, but it can form a fixed idea. (7) The ability to understand and use fans: The ability to understand and use folds is the root of the living and living environment of creating modern cultural characteristics and taste. Formula is an important part of the space environment. In the design, the form of decoration has a deep cultural quality and aesthetic value, and it is a person's experience and pursuit of a cultural realm. (8) Good interpersonal communication and social capabilities: Design is a service industry, serving the public, not a work of art. Many things are said to the owner! Communication and running -in with the owner are the key to achieving a plan. Only by understanding can the design have a direction -just as the successful artists are their style caters to the needs of a certain population. (9) Attach importance to the market survey: On the basis of market survey, some assumptions that people may occur in the space that may occur in the space that are about to be designed. At the same time, consider the impact of modern technology application on action and behavior. Because this assumption and analysis will lead to some issues we will face. For example: the problem of streamlined design, the problem of space settings, the problem of furnishing, the problem of equipment configuration, the problem of color and shape, the problem of lighting, the pollution problem, and so on. (10) Form your own style: As a designer, innovation is very important. In the design, you must improve your vigilance, do not lose your personality, and open the situation with your independence. After all, design is a modeling art. The development of design has a process of drawing. The requirements for personalized are the pursuit of the designer's lifetime, and they must continue to hone at work. Form its own unique style in line with the rules of interior design.

  2. Do you want to learn from Hangzhou Tianhu Room? Where is the interior design in Hangzhou? Training? Class? How about the interior design of Hangzhou Tianhu School? Learn to design to Tianhu!
    Arrigged in customer aesthetic ability and requirements, the competition of decorative design companies is no longer the competition of drawing capacity, but the competition of design schemes, leaving the art foundation and professional design concept, and the software operation is better. It is impossible to come up with a good plan, and you can't talk about becoming a designer. Therefore, learning the concept of art and design is the core skill that the majority of our designers must master. It is your business card of the designer than the cattle designer. In the industry, he is invincible in the industry to become a shortage of talents for decorative companies. Therefore, talents with art foundation and professional design concepts are the lack of talents in decorative companies, which is increasingly favored by enterprises.
    This teaching mode: Tutor teaching, to follow -up, small class teaching, and learning, free renovation for life, 66 campuses nationwide
    So, what should Tianhu interior design be learned?
    1, AutoCAD mainly introduces the basic operation of two -dimensional drawing: operation interface, graphics settings, display control, basic drawing method, graphic editing, library layer and characteristics, pattern filling, text annotation, size marking, graphic output Wait.
    2, 3DSMAX basic building decoration renderings production process, 3DSMAX introduction, system interface, basic operation method, unit settings, three -dimensional geometric parameters, spatial capture, alignment function, array replication, coordinate system, selection and combination.
    3, Vray's high -quality image quality, fast rendering speed and simple operation process, which meets people's demand for renderers. The accuracy of the rendering effect is very high. Standing out, it is called the more popular rendering engine.
    4, Photoshop mainly processes digital images composed of pixels. Using many of its editing and drawing tools, picture editing work can be effectively carried out. PS has many functions, and it is involved in all aspects such as images, graphics, text, videos, and publishing.
    5, Sketch up sketch master
    ①, settings of the SU operation interface and drawing environment, Sketch up view operation

    ②, Sketch up operation principle and basic drawing steps, display mode switch r r r r r r r r r r

    ③, Sketch UP commonly used tool introduction and operation techniques, object operation

    ④, group and component use process, use Sketch UP to draw simple architectural model
    ⑤, tools Explanation of the box command, the four commonly used space instances
    ⑥, the rapid performance of the planning of the room, the building, the landscape garden planning and the use of the powerful functions and skills of the component
    绘, draw color construction drawings and hand -painted drawing style

    free trial courses, not register? After testing, decide:
    /tg-4? Wm = _zl_xqtg

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