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  1. The first part of the material
    It, many things can become props. As far as the details are concerned, Christmas balls, door locks, bottle caps, wires, paper, fragmented heads, and even newspapers are fragile things.
    It go to the local toy market or hardware shop to go around, and you will find a lot of things that can be used (Prince Prince now has only no matter where you go shopping. "This thing can be used with this thing ... ")
    of course, depending on what to do, the small commodity market, and some specialty stores with special commodities need to go to buy it ...
    The small things are too much, so it will not explain one by one. If you have a chance, you may mention it in other chapters. The problem of details is mainly to slowly understand the OTL.
    The only large -piece materials.
    The so -called large -piece materials, a certain thing that can be used as the main body or skeleton of the prop.
    The materials of this type generally require hard quality and intensity; at least the weight on the hand cannot exceed the user's ability. Of course, it is best to be very light if it comes to power; It will be troublesome to be able to cut my hands (otherwise, otherwise the master outside will help.) Although it is just three conditions ... it is actually very harsh. In the words of the rogue at that time, the harder it is, the harder it is to cut, and the most of the things such as the Beauty knife will not be hardened ...
    This is the cruel reality. And most of the materials with high density will not be light ... Explain that the density is high ...
    So when the main material is selected, there are many problems. Basically, as long as the general props are thickened, the hardness can be maintained. If it encounters a long or fine part, consider adding "skeleton". This will be explained later.
    The following category instructions

    The believe that there are many props in this thing ... it is now quite common material. The biggest advantage of this thing is that shaping is very convenient. One prop, the initial step of making is to open the foundation shape. If the original shape is wrong, no matter how good the other is doing, it will not be the original. Therefore, many producers now like to use this material.
    In inclusions (this is the most used), large weapons on the stage, monster skin, and so on.
    eva is a kind of material for soles, that is, the type of foam shoe (real OTL) that is usually worn, so it can be found in the shoe market. The price is not expensive, and it is cheaper in the materials. The thickness is 3 mm to various thickness, and you can buy it directly as needed. However, because it is used for soles, the thicker EVA is rarely equal to the thickness of the whole. It is forgotten several times ... There are also various hardness, the thicker, the harder, but ... it is not hard to go ...
    can be shaped after heating.
    I usually use alcohol lamps (because the area of ​​making is small ...), but one thing to pay attention to, the temperature of the alcohol lamp is higher than the ordinary lighter. The speed is fast, so the time should be controlled when heating. The same is true of other heater, because the temperature of various fires is different, so it is best to try a little material first to master the heating time. The area is large ... you can try the gas stove at home ... but ... pay attention to safety ... remember.
    It is best to cool down quickly after heating, so that it can come out more accurate and beautiful. Therefore, if you have a refrigerator or electric fan at home, you must make good use of it (mention that if you use an electric fan, remember not to be too close to the alcohol lamp, the alcohol lamp cannot be blown ...)
    eva cannot be polished, but you can paint. Because the density of the EVA is very low and the pores are large, it is not possible to directly paint. The secret is that the upper paint has been coated with a layer of dilute latex, which is evenly applied. The part of the small armor can also be considered to include a layer of cloth on the basis of EVA (leather, coating cloth, soft ding, etc. are all possible. You can do this when you do leather armor or non -metallic soft armor) r)
    In addition, 502 glue is not very useful for EVA. With 502, EVA will harden, and the adhesive will become obvious. It is best to use U glue. Of course, if you deliberately make the effect, you can apply a layer of latex in the interface, and after drying 502, it will be firm.

    This is the most used material for a certain separation, although it seems that the industry does not use this kind of thing ...
    PVC is actually a plastic, the white you usually see, those white you usually see The water pipe is a type of PVC. PVC also has various hardness, but unlike EVA, the hardness of PVC is not measured by thickness. Since he is a mixed plastic, it is measured according to density. The harder the price, the more expensive. When you buy it, you can feel it with your hand with the same thickness and the price of the same thickness. Of course, as far as the board of the same density is concerned, of course, the thicker the harder ...
    pvc is generally more expensive ... But the hardness is relatively the hardest One of the things. So Mou Li likes to use it to be the subject.
    It mentioned earlier, PVC can be cut with a paper knife, but it is limited to the thickness (including 3mm) below 3mm. The boards above 3mm can basically despise the beauty knife. Therefore, if it is not hard enough, it is generally no problem to use a 3mm board to make a small -scale prop. It can be iron wire, wood, etc., and there are special methods when needed. This has the opportunity to say. If you are troublesome, you can also consider getting to the store to ask Master to cut. The shops for light box billboards often use PVC boards, so you can get it there. However, because the boards used in this store are low density, it is best to choose the board by yourself and draw the shape to the store. There are two types of cutting machines, one is controlled according to the computer diagram. The shape of this kind of production will be quite accurate, but the price is definitely not cheap. Push the cutting machine by hand, then it depends on the master's crafts ... but ... anyway, it won't be cheap to take it out, and the monarchs still work hard ...
    PVC have a dedicated PVC glue, but 502 is enough to deal with it (to buy a bottle of the box, about 4 yuan for about 502, that kind of 2 yuan is unreliable ...), you can also use U glue, that is, do it, you can do it, you can do it. It's slower. (Simply put, PVC is the "body lasa wowka)
    PVC can also be polished. The board with a certain thickness can be polished, but the PVC after polishing will not be too smooth. Apply a layer, polish smoothly, and then paint. You can try to polish yourself by yourself.
    PVC can actually be heated and set, the method is the same as EVA. However, the plasticity is not as powerful as EVA. If you do simple arcs, you can still have a good shape. (You can refer to the headgear of Aguo)

    glass paper
    It this is not a big piece ... you can buy it in a stationery store. It is a thin layer of transparent plastic, which is relatively hard (compared to paper). Although it is a very light and soft material, it can still be shaped through the architecture (that is, simple mechanics, the principle supported by the card tower), and it is very light and light. Compared to organic glass, this thing is done by this thing. Crystal things are much more convenient. But just pay attention to the end after finishing.
    The density is high. Things like 502 cannot completely merge it. Therefore, if the contact area is small, the sticky glue will not be too firm.
    Is should be careful not to scrape before using ... The effect of smooth glass paper paint is good

    Materials used. It can be carved with high hardness. It can be said to be the most ideal material. But the premise is that you have to do woodworking.
    It with wood, we must learn more about all kinds of wood. Fullwood white wood splint and so on. Different wood will have different characteristics. For example, fir is relatively light but low density, which is not suitable for carving or making a larger arc; the splint cannot be used as a blade weapon, and it is relatively heavy. Because these are different from different carpenters, they seem to be better to find the old carpenter master, so I won't talk about it here.
    The cork like fir is also a paper tiger that can be dealt with by paper knife. As long as there is patience, the paper knife, sandpaper and simple woodcut carving knife can cope with the carving of the small components (of course, it also requires a little handmade ... That is, there is no cover outside. When you paint directly on the wood, you must polish smoothly. After that, the upper layer of optical oil must be painted after drying it. The effect will be better.
    It simply speaking, wood is a material that tests strength and patience ... Because sawing wood is really laborious OTL
    eva, it is best to use UHU's glue to strengthen, even if it is advertising paper There are adhesion to add glue in the back, otherwise after the completion is completed, it is to cry without tears
    and use EVA to make things into various shapes. Paste things

    . This kind of splint is not easy to use a slope like a blade. The density of the middle material and both sides is much different. Heavy, if it is just a plane, there is nothing, but in general, it is not easy to use
    The wood is indeed very expensive, but the better materials can be finely

    Inned it with it. Toy modification is a good way. Of course, it is best to use, but many times the size, shape, length, etc. cannot meet the requirements. In contrast, it is too cherished

    Is related to the color of paint

    The is a convenient and economical method for spray paint, but its biggest disadvantage As LS said, air pollution is very serious, and there are no very effective preventive measures. You can only try to find a good place with good wind and wear a mask, but you still need to pay attention to the toxic gas to disturb the people at home. , Parents have broken for a week ???

    The lacquer has many brands. Different brands will have a slight difference in color. For coloring, the good -quality brands we have used include Sega Bao and the bottle. There are two types of benefits of the word "B" on the bottle. In terms of NO. 35 gold, these two brands are brighter and more metallic texture. Most of the other brands will be a little matte. Of course, there are special matte gold

    . As for the spraying attention, the distance is the same as the MH. Pay attention to the distance. In the first two layers of color, finally the upper layer of light oil is protected (if it is to be matte effect, we are omitted this step). After each layer is sprayed, it is best not to touch him for a day, otherwise you may leave fingerprints ?? ?
    It the color of the blade of the scabbard. If the scabbard is tight, it is as good as possible, and the paint has a certain thickness. The friction is easy to drop

    The smoother materials, the more smooth the material. The easier it is to drop the paint, the steel pipe is typical, and it will be stunned when it encounters a hard thing. We have not found any solutions. We can only try to be careful ??? = v = ????? R
    EVA's upper paint method has been said on it, and I will not write anymore. Other things can basically reassure the paint

    better than spray paint. The process is complicated and very technical, but because the quality of the paint use is not comparable to paint, it will be much better than spray paint, and it is not easy to disconnect. We have no technology and no tools. It is amazing that the effect is amazing. In this simple sentence

    sometimes needs to be replenished, but if the parts are assembled, it is necessary to block the part that cannot be polluted. If the area is small, it is recommended to apply it by hand. After the color is applied, the upper light oil should not be too thick, otherwise it may crack. When a large area is used, if the tape is needed, the paper artist is a good thing. Do not use double -sided glue ??? n
    By the way, the handling of color objects
    It new paint things. If you want to carry it, it is generally to cover people's ears (feed ???) to find things. Well, don't use newspapers, especially long -distance transportation, dry time, smooth surface (such as steel pipes), etc. What will happen ??? The bag is the best


    General we often use 502, UHU, latex, hot melting glue
    502. I don't think to say more, then UHU This thing is said to be a glue for architectural models. Before I started making props, I did not know this thing at all. Basically, it was like a small toothpaste that could be used as a small toothpaste when I was a child. The materials are almost all -round, and the 502 that will become crispy after some possible parts will become crispy after drying. It is more refined than hot melting glue, now I love this glue the most ~

    The latex does not use it to stick to the west, it is used as a harmonious agent, and it works with lime or paper sticky soil. The soil is the same as the replenishment when it is done. It can also be used as a coating that improves the surface uniformity and hardness. After drying it, it can be polished with a fine -sized sandpaper. Okay, but there are too many

    . 1. Use the hanger, or the thick iron wire, the shape of the recessed; then use the thermal melting glue to stick the gauze to the skeleton with the shape.
    If the feather is not easy to obtain, you can buy the feather shawls matched when wearing a cheongsam, remove the feathers, and only stick to the yarn net, and arrange it according to the feeling of desired. The front and back are posted on both sides until the gauze was covered. You can use loose tightness to bring a strap to fix your wings on your back.

    2. Method 2: Material: Iron wire toilet paper milk white rubber feather first uses iron wire to make skeleton, and then fill the wire to fill the thickness and texture with emulsion and toilet paper. Dip the feather again. There is also a black cloth wings that make the shape of the wings with iron wire and wrap it with cloth. Fixed method of wings: Tie around the neck with a black rope, and insert two iron wires from the waist and fix it.

    . Art Ears

    [Tip ear]

    The tip ears of the Demon Ren or elven look very good, but the formal approach is complicated. Fortress ears, inverted molds, etc. will annoy you cramps. The relatively simple method is to use the meat -colored large tape that treats rheumatism, fold it into triangles and sticks to the ears. Of course, the ears made by this method are not good -looking, but it is hard to harvest ...
    [Cat Ear]
    The method is to sew the ears on the head hoop with the same color. If you don't want to expose the head hoop so obviously, you can walk around your head, fix it across the ears (like a certain headset), and then welded one end of the two bending iron wires to the head hoop near the ear, and the other end. Over the head. Ear seam on the curved wire.

    The method of sword armor category

    1. The real sword is very heavy. Of course, it is impossible to use metal, but it will carry the dead. Most people choose to use wood to make the sword body, and the wood can be obtained at the wood. After planning the shape of the plane, use the gaps of the planer planed by the planer to make the plane with sandpaper, and then use sandpaper. Repeat the above steps until the surface reaches the smoothness of hope. The part of the coloring part can be purchased from the hardware line. The spray paint requires a little trick to spray it well. Please remember that the formula is "fast, ruthless, and accurate". Try a few more times to catch the trick. Remember to spray paint in a well -ventilated place! In addition, there are some swords that need transparency, and some people are made by ***; but *** is more difficult in cutting, and may need to spend some money to ask for a specialty store to help handle it. In order to make perfect props, the time of power or money is considerable, especially when it is broken. But from the knowledge, sense of accomplishment, and fun, there are many! I hope you can work hard for a more perfect performance. Weapons such as canes can be made with wood or even water pipes. Because Paulron is very light, it is often a good choice when making weapons. It is recommended that you go to the art business, and you will find many special materials! Before making the same props, especially before the weapon, please get enough settings; then try to draw the design drawing by yourself, and imagine what kind of material to use to create texture.

    2. The difficulty of the armor is relatively high. The most difficult point is how to make the arc of armor beautifully and integrated without looking together. Some people choose to use thin metal pieces to make.

    〖Second stage: appearance effect handling〗
    Materials and tools:
    1. Cotton cloth: ordinary cotton cloth, about one meter of about 10 yuan.
    2. Primer: This ... There is no requirement. There are different brands and different prices in the market, but it feels not much different from the holy clothes.
    3. Atomic ash: There are no brands of restrictions. A bucket of atomic ash with a tube of the reinforcement market is more than 20 yuan in the market, and the expensive is seven or eighty dollars.
    4. Sand paper: try to prepare three or four different specifications from 400 meters to 1200 mesh.
    5. Universal glue: As long as it is non -corrosive glue, we can use it. We are used to using the "Sanhe" card. It feels that the viscosity is just better and environmentally friendly, 15 yuan/can.
    6. Decorative cloth: colorful coats like bronze, the decorative cloth we use is elastic ammonia, 28 yuan/meter. Gold uses golden decorative cloth, from deep to light three golden colors, 10 yuan/meter.

    The brief explanation of the process and note:
    1 percent of the pectoral armor attached to the torso, large volume and generally without activity joints. Essence
    Pour the thoracic armor with a cotton cloth on one layer. As for "glue", you can use the tweezers. Pay attention not to adjust the batter too thick. After drying, brush the bottom paint. This is the first layer of reinforcement, and the rough on the surface of the patent leather can easily hang the atomic ash. After the primer is dry, the gap, small pit, and cotton cloth joints on the chest armor are filled with two percent of the atomic ash mixed with a fastener. It is best to scrape the entire threshold ash. After drying, use sandpaper to polish smoothly. From 400 mesh sandpaper to the water sandpaper above 1000 mesh, grind it once and then fill the pits with an atomed ash, and then grind it. Repeated operation until the surface is smooth.
    The atomic ash can greatly enhance the hardness of the paper shells, and there will be no problem with the small impact of leisurely bumps. Of course, if you plan to wear a holy clothes PK, you will even hit the tragic level of corpses ... The atomic gray is not enough. It is recommended to add iron wire (or steel wire) in the inside!
    Basically, the COS armor system and the cloth coat system are completely different concepts. The cloth coat is not possible to find a tailor to do it. Most of the armor needs to be made. But of course, the stage effect is not the same.
    First of all, there must be concepts
    If out the armor, about 500-800 yuan for budgets (material fees, processing fees, coating costs plus other small jewelry).
    The hard materials are the same. FRP or PVC boards and FRP were bought by the barrel. It is said to be very cheap (industrial materials, where it is not expensive).
    advantages: cheap, simple processing (relative to FRP)
    disadvantages: influence action, rigid shape, difficulty in processing of complex objects (relative to ordinary materials) FRP
    Advanced: The shape can be done well (depending on manual) The solid and durable type can basically not affect the stage action
    For example, "Monster Hunter" is probably generally a PVC board for shoulder armor and helmets such as glass reinforcement.
    The proportion of rough reinforcement, PVC, and fabrics is 3: 3: 4.
    The large weapons must not use wood. The reason is very simple. We are playing cos, not working hard. How to do.
    Basically there are the following schemes
    1.kt board, advantages: simple processing, cheap cost, disadvantage: unused, easy to bad
    2. Steel wire with skeleton skin, advantage: good plastic Type, cost is also cheap, disadvantages: easy to deform, easy to break
    3. FRP in the air -cooked mold, advantages: perfect plasticity, light weight, solid durability, disadvantage: more expensive, difficult processing, not recommended by those who are not recommended
    ps. Regarding the FRP, because the processing difficulty is relatively large, it seems that the COS industry in Hangzhou still does not have appeared at present, but there are many successful cases in Guangzhou. Most of the COS champion TB items of Hangzhou Animation Festival this year are produced It is, but this material is currently under technological development. The main difficulty is that there are not too many plastic artists (the production process is to use the 1: 1 ratio to make the props mud model first and then flip the model), so The material is very cheap. The biggest problem is that it is good to work, and it is best to have a sculpture foundation.
    It people who need the props to make mud molds with mud, and can be thrown into the store to do it.
    ical color color, which is related to the first impression of the audience. No matter how beautiful the shape of a prop is, the rotten color, and the poor material, all affect the conviction of the audience. It has not received much attention or is not very valued in the entire COS world, but in fact, this is a very important and often omission.
    This polyethylene
    is slightly hard than the URETHANE FOAM. The anti -slip pads of the bathroom are made of it. It is widely used, but it is difficult to attach paint on the surface. It is usually pasted with a piece of sheet for it. Treatment. The adhesives used are rubber adhesives (tanks or tube), where the G10 is the best.
    This polyolefin board
    The type of foam polyethylene. The practicality and strength, most COSER uses this material to make the shape. It is impactive and excellent thermal heat resistance. It can be easily processed with a paper knife or scissors.

    Applicable: from armor to small props, wide use.
    The polystyrene foam plastic
    is generally used for swimming exercise plate insulation material buffer material. It is harder than polyolefin plates, and it is easy to process. Lightweight surface. Fine texture.
    The applicable: hard node solid armor weapon props, etc..

    Bo is not suitable for making thick things.
    The application: Swords and other thin weapons and small props.
    Not suitable for making ring -shaped things.
    The application: Fine sticks such as cigarettes and decoration of clothes.
    Foamyerer (board)
    Paper cutter processing, but the surface is rough and easy to be damaged.
    The applicable: If you don't mind roughness and durability, the use range is wide.
    This pyroyrene (block)
    In addition to the square, it also also There are shapes like barriers, and some colors such as clay products.
    The application: not only for weapon props, but also suitable for photography background props. n has various sizes and size, lightweight. In addition to spherical, there are ovate and semi -circular, and wide use range.
    The applicable: The most suitable for the decoration of the hair of the hair of the hair and earrings. A hard and shiny piece of strong sheet with lining. It looks like a metal feeling so it can be used to make mechanical armor. Use rubber adhesives on the forming foam polyethylene. The lining can be combined with the curved surface, which can be hotly processed.
    The application: Paste it on the foam polyolefin plate to make armor. Putting water resistance, can be applied.
    The application: coating for foamyere as plastic.
    This oil spray
    fast dry, not easy to drop. Pay attention to dissolved foaming. Styrene Wait.
    Apply: coating of iron products, wood products, etc..
    Olipotropic clay
    plastic resin clay. Use hot water to make it soft, simple forming. Use.
    Applicable: plastic components and other shapes.
    lightweight paper clay
    super lightweight paper clay. It is easy to find and the shape is simple. Scholars are most suitable for materials. But durability is low.
    It applicable: according to coating can be used for weapon small props and other components

    clothing production

    1. The fabric
    If the production of cosplay clothing as the benchmark, the most important thing in buying is to evaluate the characteristics of the fabric and whether it can express the characteristics of the character's clothing. For example, the role of a dress, but the thinnest woven fabric is selected. It is generally recommended to use a little thickness of the oblique plain color cloth. If it is not stiff enough, you can stick it.
    It other clothes like uniforms will use oblique fabrics, or khaki cloths such as washing and wear -resistant fabrics, and more fitted clothes will use fabrics such as telescopic cloth. When buying, you can ask the clerk, I believe they can provide good suggestions.
    In terms of fabric color, due to the color of the picture, there are often some different from reality; as long as it is a little color difference, it may cause the whole clothes to be visually different. This is the characteristic of making cosplay clothing. It is recommended that you find more pictures, multi -party comparisons, and then choose the right color.

    2. Buy the fabric

    On how much fabric should I buy? I believe that many people have fallen into this problem. First of all, the cloth is divided into a single and double amplitude, which is different from the width of the cloth; the single cloth width is 90 cm, and the double cloth width is 144 cm. The most direct way is to print the character's pattern, and ask the shop to make clothes or the owner of the cloth shop directly. Here are also a general concept: (hereinafter referring to the double cloth)

    a. A piece of trousers about one and a half B. One top (short sleeve, collarless) about one yard of about one yard
    c. A skirt (basically narrow skirt, knee length) is about one code. Of course, this is just the most basic estimate method. It also depends on the style to add and subtract the fabric.

    3. Other accessories
    Per other clothes accessories, such as lining, loose bands, needle wires, buttons, librarys, shoulder pads, chest pads, etc. Generally speaking Things can be found in specialized sidewalks; most of the shops near the cloth shop have such specialty stores!

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