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  1. The selection of bedding is very important. It can not only create a comfortable sleeping environment, but also reduce the fatigue of one day of work. So how to start a business for bedding? The following is an article related to the bedding stories I have compiled for everyone.
    Cases 1: Xue Weicheng: Bedroom supplies have achieved hundreds of millions of wealth
    The 1980s. Xue Weicheng, who was born in Nantong, Jiangsu Nantong Family, began to acquire the pillowcase sewn stitched by rural people early and shipped it to the city to sell it to department stores.

    The typical entrepreneurial grassroots hero

    The market pry open, the business is getting bigger and bigger. In 1985, Xue Weicheng sold his pillow to Northeast, Tianjin, and Shanxi. The shopping mall is liked to place an order and organizes production at home. Many cities with large and small department stores have become his partner.

    In years, countless Nantong people who "run business" in the same way are countless, but why is Xue Weicheng the most successful today? In fact, he is not smarter than others, but he is more persistent than others. Focus, more diligent. The business method is similar. Others have made nine points of effort, but Xue Weicheng always pays twelve points.

    In 1992, the two brothers moved more and more flushing factories from the countryside to Nantong urban area. One hundred employees were put into battle, and the enterprise reborn up and down. Business has a new weather. This year, the Xuejia brothers' sheets and bedding business had achieved nearly 4 million yuan. This year. The two brothers took advantage of the situation and began to plan to attack the commanding heights of the market -Shanghai. Shanghai is not a fun place, countless businessmen return from there. At that time, many brand products in Guangdong were sold in Shanghai Shopping Malls. The Xue family brothers who had first arrived had no brand, but regardless of their positions with Cantonese in the shopping malls and fighting popularity. Between the two, there was a difficult and dangerous fight, and eventually ended with the failure of the Cantonese.

    Today, Xue Weicheng solved the mystery of "winning with weakness" to reporters: "In fact, the quality and color of both sides are similar, selling well and bad, lies in other delicate differences -due to the regional culture Different and language obstacles, the Cantonese who always look up at the eyes rarely communicate with the personnel below, and the processing of the problem is rarely taken into account the feelings of the first -line counter personnel. The key is the front -line salesperson. So how do Cantonese do public relations, but the actual sales are not good. "

    The brothers of the Xue family are different. They regard" all collaborators as their partners, family". Treating it sincerely. The salesperson strives to have a good relationship with everyone in the mall, from leaders, to cleaners and warehouse custodians, and they respect and friendly as they are, and have won a harmonious and benign business environment.

    "A trailer person sells related to us? Yes. If the cleaners see that there are customers at your counter, take a mop to clean, what else do you do? Guangdong? People are rude to them, and they treat Cantonese like this. And our respect and sincerity have exchanged their support. So once the counter has business, they will quietly leave even if they are cleaning. "
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    "Besides the store warehouse custodian. At that time. New goods were unified by the warehouse and shipped. If the warehouse staff had a bad relationship with you, he would press your goods in the innermost. One week, a counter in a large shopping mall can be sold at a counter. 30,000 yuan, a smaller shopping mall can also sell 20,000 yuan. If your goods are pressed inside, he will say that it will be pressed when the goods are required. You ca n’t take it out, so you will sell less than 100,000 in one month. Yuan! "

    , two examples, see big. When the "partner" of the Xue family brothers penetrated into every level and details of the business, the business had no reason not to go smoothly. At the same time, this also proves that they are more focused than others, "Thinking of everything in deeper and comprehensive ..." such a "partner" and "focus" concept is exactly the important cultural gene that Luo Lilai has been successful so far. one.

    The brand origin from Italy

    In September 1992, the mall master Xue Weicheng went to Italy. He needs to find inspiration there.

    although the product sells well. But the brothers still felt wrong. How can the sheets and pillows that can be made by the family that can make consumers have the desire to buy? Who should the product be sold to? What brand should they do? With heavy questions, Xue Weicheng hopes to be in Italy. The world ’s spinning industry in the world is in Italy. The most developed country found inspiration. Sure enough, an inadvertently lingering in the church gave him a clear idea.

    At that time, Xue Weicheng visited the Cathedral of Venice in Venice. The church is sacred and elegant. Among them, Xue Weicheng was suddenly fascinated by the strangeness of European art -the color use inside the church was very delicate and strong, and it seemed extremely exaggerated alone, but when it was combined with the people in the church, one showed a one. The intoxicating beauty. This is an ingenious aesthetic application to create an overall spiritual atmosphere.

    "Can this European -style beauty be used in the design of bedding ..." Just as Xue Weicheng had a comprehension, the church echoed the 16th -century famous musician Chipriano De · Rola's pastoral music. After the music ended, Xue Weicheng and the church music had inner feelings. Le Chang said: "Home textile supplies are definitely an art of life, and any art form must consider people's feelings. Everyone has the needs of artistic enjoyment, which stimulates people's inner artistic temperament. Success. "

    At that moment, it seemed as if the light appeared! Xue Weisheng's head was clear. He finally realized the positioning of his career -a European -style mid -to -high -end bedding. Create a home textile brand that "allows consumers to pursue life art". Such styles and ideas are definitely a blank in the domestic market! After returning to China, Xue Weicheng uses Italian musician Chipriano De Rola as the brand. At the same time, the side portrait of the goddess of the textile industry in ancient Greek mythology was adopted. The auxiliary graphics used as a brand strengthened the cultural connotation of European style. At this point, the Luolai brand was born.

    It to do it! In 1994, Ralen took nearly 400,000 yuan. The CI identification system was the first to design in domestic home textile companies. Since then, the concept of brand operations has penetrated into the blood of the Roles. Lalai continued to participate in multiple exhibitions such as the National Cotton Textile Expo. The new image and excellent product quality have attracted the textile managers of the "treasure hunt" in various places to participate in the "treasure hunt". "From then on, we have a good reputation in the industry."

    At the same time, Rolela has intensified the marketing. They are full of drums, and they are fighting the national market and adopted the marketing model of offices that are used by various industries at that time. It is equivalent to direct retail of manufacturers and huge profit margins. In the early stage, offices were established in more than 10 regions including Beijing, Taiyuan, and Hangzhou. The office was traded by the office and the mall. In just a few months. The malls of the provincial capitals were paved into Luo Lai's products.

    soon, a emerging home textile brand rose, and sales from all over the country rose. In 1995 and 1996, Luo Lai successfully seized the momentum of the Shanghai market with the previous two years, relying on the concept of "partner, focus, excellence", and created brilliant results in various places. In the sales competition of home textile products in large shopping malls, all opponents were defeated!

    In early 1997, Xue Wei, who was full of ambition, became a result of expanding the battle and decided to open up another blank market in person. Specialized in hotel textiles. The hotel bedding business is large, and the profit is considerable. Luo Lai was taken care of by his brother. Who knows that things are contrary to their wishes, the state -owned system of the hotel is like a "block tiger", and Xue Weicheng outside the system is different from the concept of business. After a hard time, the business has not progressed. At this time, a crisis of Xue Weicheng's long -term worries suddenly broke out -the entire office business collapsed like an avalanche!

    The disadvantages of the place of the place are not erupting, and the outbreak is devastating. This is what happened: around 1997. Social and economic sustainable development. The Chinese market has transformed from the market that is not in short supply to the buyer's market. The commodities are slow -moving, and the malls generally begin to drag money. The Luolai office cannot be spared. At the same time, after years of operation Essence One day after day, the mobile funds are stretched.

    S especially in 1997 and 1998 asked Zhengzhou Asia Minor and Chain Store, Quncun Department Stores closed down one after another. Other shopping malls were crane, and it was completely difficult to recover at Luo Lai's goods. It was a

    "The years of the soldiers of the soldiers". When the department stores in Beijing's village closed down, a pair of suppliers jumped off the building in public. Rola can only pull back more than 800,000 yuan of washing machines and watches. In 1998, Lori statistics spent more than 30 million yuan in sales. The book profit is more than 2 million yuan, but in fact there is no cash profit, and the flow of funds is almost exhausted.

    The situation is imminent, and the company may go down at any time! Xue Weicheng, who is plagued by hotel textiles, was shocked by a cold sweat. He made up the front to shorten the front, stopped the hotel project back to Luolai, and fought alongside his brother. "At that time, we realized that the sales model must be transformed. Then we checked around to find the way out to save Luo Lai."

    . They found that a domestic peer uses a special store chain franchise mode and is doing red fire. Essence This model is very obvious on the decompression of funds and management, and the two brothers immediately decided to open a store to try. In January 1999, the first Luolai home textile store opened on Renmin Road in Nantong. In the peak season, it was upgraded to the mid-to-high-end 700-1200 yuan. The retail price of the set was already the most expensive in the industry, but the on-site transaction was hot. Far away than the mall.

    The brothers were excited and immediately decided to transform the office into a chain franchise mode. Buy off the products of the office. You can become a local franchisee; at the same time, you are required to walk on both legs of commercial stores and shopping malls to form complementarity; and A_R will not be a wholesale. This has consolidated the gold content of the Luolai brand and laid the foundation for the industry in the future.

    Although it is difficult, the office will be successfully transformed within one year. At the same time, Luo Lai began to recruit franchisees on a large scale. "Horse running!" Instead of hand, he sent more than 20 cadres to major regions across the country to start a carpet -like intensive investment promotion.

    The at the beginning of the investment, the company had no money to advertise, and the salesperson completely made unfamiliar sales based on personal ability. Relying on a tenacious spirit, they traveled all over the cities in the area, sweeping from the city of the city to that one, and convinced the boss to join. In order to allow franchisees to succeed as soon as possible, they helped to do store design, promotion posters, sell goods during the day, and train at night. Many people can't eat this bitter, gone, the second echelon is made up again ...

    The newly opened stores such as Guiyang, Dali, Changsha, Nanning, Luzhou, Yangzhou, Wuxi, etc. At the end of the year, the sales of dozens of franchisees reached more than 37 million yuan, and Luo Lai finally realized more than 3 million yuan in profits! Luo Lai's strategic transformation finally was on the track. A chain franchise operation system. Gradually formed.

    The brand reconstruction

    During the interview process, several executives said. The two bosses of Xue Weicheng and Xue Weibin "admired". The wealth -making capabilities of the Rola brand will not only follow the executives of several years into the middle class. The wealth of franchisees continues to double. The personal assets of a franchisee in Hebei were 10,000 yuan 10 years ago. It has become 8 million yuan today! The story of this franchisee, "The story of hundreds of times of wealth, hundreds of times," has long been endless.

    At present, Luo Lai's franchisee system is further constructing, and it is matched with it. The social image is also comprehensively improved. Over the years, Luolai has accumulated a good brand awareness, and large public relations and public welfare activities have pushed Luo Lai's reputation to the peak. Luo Lai has always believed that doing public welfare is a social responsibility that the enterprise should bear, and Xue Weicheng has a core values: "Let more people enjoy the results of the development of the enterprise." The public image that can enhance the brand; Luo Lai, who is willing to pay, has ushered in a new platform.

    In 2004, Luo Lai began to devote himself to public welfare. After the 2008 Wenchuan Earthquake, he donated more than 4 million yuan in materials as soon as possible; the "Lale Warm Fund" was also established in July of that year, and special funds were allocated every year to rescue the poor orphans. The activity was promoted to members of the Luolai network to participate, and the public welfare activities of "You Buy once, I donate one yuan" public welfare activities at the same time were launched in more than 1,500 stores across the country.

    Cases 2: Why do Internet people make bedding? Online seller spin -out 30 million a year
    Feng Yi is a typical elite entrepreneur. She chose the most challenging field - Vertical e -commerce brand.

    It Feng Yi's office is the sample room of Youman's home textile, which is full of various pillows and quilts. "It's all we have slept." Her husband, the co -founder of Youman Family Textile, couldn't help but "spit", "Do you know how she has been destroyed '? There are twenty or thirty pillows in the bedroom, and there are more than a dozen bed quilt. I wake me up every two hours of sleep. I can't remember anything, we have to sleep again the next night. The backbone of the two of us and the operation department is the case. Now even I have become an expert, and I can help the candidates to be very suitable. Pillow. "

    The objects of the couple as the bedding consultant, such as Xu Xiaoping, one of Youman's angel investors. After Zhenge Fund voted for Youman, once Feng Yi and her husband went to Xu Xiaoping's house as a guest, and found that the bedding he used was the general level, so he chose a set of his own product to send it. Seeing Xu Xiaoping again a month later, he boasted: "Since using your products, I know how hard my life is in the past two years."

    In April last year, the company chose Qingsong and Zhenge from the 7 angel institutions. After all the money arrived for two weeks, it was pulled by Zhenge to start the A round of financing -the current financing is close to the end.

    Why do Internet people do bedding?

    Pefi after studying the Master of Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, Feng Yiyin was consciously unsuitable for studying TMT. In 1999, he was admitted to The Stanford Business College, and Zhang Fan, who co -founded the Sequoia Capital China Fund with Shen Nanpeng, is Stanford MBA classmates in the same class; returned to China in 2001, and later returned to Silicon Valley because he was not satisfied with the top -down CEO thinking in McKinsey. Struggling, it has been shuttled between China and the United States for 10 years.

    When she was still in Silicon Valley in about 2006, she was watching the Chinese e -commerce market and recommended to many VC friends. When she started her business, e -commerce became her best choice. There are about three types of e -commerce in China: the first type of shopping malls, such as the comprehensive or vertical B2C platform of smoke in the price war; the second type of goods, such as distribution and shopping guide under each platform; For example, "Amoy brand". The first two types of Internet people who are good at grabbing users, the latter traditional industries and Taobao shop are the main. According to common sense, since Feng Yiji has accumulated so many Internet experience, it is time to do a platform or service. But she is thinking backward. Since she understands the Internet, is willing, and capable of using the Internet method as a few people, it is her opportunity.

    of course, this is not the entire judgment basis. First of all, she believes that the timing of the comprehensive platform has passed, and she is unwilling to do the vertical platform of burning money. In addition, she is tired of being engaged in the virtual economy for a long time and hopes to connect with the ground. Furthermore, she attaches great importance to the quality of fashion and life, and is very obsessed with and particular about home and daily necessities. After returning to life, I found that their needs are not met in the domestic market. She is accustomed to using European and American, especially very soft, and discounts into a bath towel with RMB 400. For example, Ralph Lauren, the same thing is sold in Shin Kong Tiandi for one thousand or two, and there are very few choices. And another extreme in the domestic market -supermarkets with dozens of dollars, thin and hard, she has no unable to accommodate.

    In research, she found that home textiles are a large market with more than one trillion, which is highly scattered. The top ten brand market share is limited. The knowledge is not high; the process of the Internet in the industry is not as fast as clothing. Almost all of the e -commerce companies are still traditional brands, which means that there are two perspectives of markets and e -commerce.

    "Home Textiles are very skin -friendly and close things. The feeling of good fabrics and differences on the body is completely different. As long as you try it, you will know that the taste is difficult to come down. How good the home textiles and expensive, only you know, unlike the clothes that are worn outside, you can show the brand. After the vanity is satisfied, the pursuit of internal feelings will definitely catch up. "With her own experience, she admits that she is optimistic about the space of home textiles in the consumption upgrade, and said that what she wants to do Faced with consumers, let Chinese consumers enjoy the same quality as Europe and the United States at a affordable and reasonable price.

    The confinement to talk about financing

    Guoman's core operating team background is similar to Feng Yi: some have been engaged in the Internet for more than 10 years, some have been engaged in retail for more than 20 years or more Essence Part of the returnees, part of the earth. Shareholders and investors also have both industries and two identities.

    Guiman just registered, Feng Yi found that he was pregnant. The company's initial stage happened to be her whole pregnancy. Angel rotation financing was discussed when she was confinement. But last year, Youman already had 30 million sales, with a growth rate of 300%.

    At present, the main sales channels of Youman are B2C platforms such as Jingdong, Tmall, and No. 1 store. They are targeted at different products for the differences in age, region, and customer unit price for major platform audiences. Youman has not promoted his official website and has begun to lay out offline, but the official website and offline functions are more displayed, allowing users to see or experience that they do not serve as the main sales channel.

    For operating brand e -commerce, Feng Yi feels that it is similar to the past on the Internet platform: it is a 2C business. The role of some suppliers backup is equivalent to the fact that the server must be redundant. The quality control group does in the past test. The logic is the same as the person in the traditional industry. Faced with this newcomer, she believes that she is relatively lacking in brand marketing and supply chain management capabilities, which is why she is interested in introducing shareholders and VC with retail backgrounds. At this stage, her most important job is equivalent to the product manager of the Internet company: the general e -commerce company's purchasing manager has the right to place an order, and in Youman, she has taken a group of purchasing managers who have worked at home for many years. Even if SKU exceeds 1000.

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