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  1. If you want to be a companion, you can go to various recruitment networks to vote for your resume, or you can establish a public account ordering platform to pick up orders on a certain group. Application for the elderly to accompany this position, there are special companies who are recruiting people, or go to the hospital to find the business staff who accompany the clinic, Mao Mao to recommend themselves. Generally, the three hospitals have their own clinic business.
    The summary of the accompanying client
    The occupation of helping others in the hospital. In fact, the clinician is not a occupation that appears out of thin air. As early as 10 years ago, many hospitals had to improve the patient's medical experience in the patient's medical treatment experience. , I have set up similar posts in the hospital. In modern society, there are a large number of groups that have difficulty seeing the disease alone, such as the elderly in the empty nest, young people who live alone, pregnant women, people who are inconvenient to move, and people with different places.
    The visual clinic can solve the pain points of these people well. Now the hospital is promoting intelligent medical treatment, and the online appointment is registered to pick up numbers, but many elderly people do not understand these operations and do not register online and intelligent payment online, but they do It is also the main force of the medical treatment, so I often see the scene of the hospital's artificial window.
    . In the face of unfamiliar hospitals, it is more like in a maze. It is scattered in different places for registered, clinic, checking, taking reports, and taking medicines. It is an old man. Besides, a little complicated disease requires various examinations. Usually, the examination queuing of the three hospitals usually takes a few hours.
    The is very time -consuming for patients. It is very cost -effective to queue up in the queue, but you have to line up, and many inspections of the hospital such as gastroscopy and CT are required to accompany someone. Young people who work outside will miss one. Those who can accompany themselves to see a doctor. On the other hand, in addition to work responsibilities, like medical guidance in the hospital, the clinician can also touch the fields that medical staff cannot see.
    Standing on the position of a third party to set up a bridge for the doctor and patients to effectively reduce the occurrence of doctors and patients' conflict. Function, avoiding patients' inner tension, unable to express the condition accurately, or doing irrational behaviors because of emotional excitement.
    During the accompanying process, you can also record the work of recording, interpretation, and coordination to help patients accurately understand the doctor's treatment plan. For foreign patients, it is an essential link to take medicine again in the later period. Accompanying it. Accompany it. Accompany it. Accompany it. Accompany it. Accompany it. The existence of the clinic can also let them run a few times to help.

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