1 thought on “How to quickly enter the stock group”

  1. If the novice wants to get started, the following preparations should be made first:
    1. Understand the risk of the stock market.
    Mas novices made money when they first entered the market. Before entering the market, you must have a basic understanding of the profit and loss of the stock, so as to ensure the correct decision.
    2, learn how to buy and sell stocks.
    The basic operations of some stock transactions must be mastered. As the number of transactions increases, transactions will become proficient.
    3, learn how to think.
    It must learn how to sell stocks before buying and selling. Generally speaking, you need to operate. For novices, even the stock market may not understand. Don't think about how to go to the bottom operation. Only investing in the trend can effectively reduce the risk.
    4. Select a good stock.
    The newbie stocks are recommended to start operations from the excellent stocks. Generally speaking, the performance of this stock is relatively stable and has a certain growth. Although the price -earnings ratio is low, the profit is relatively high.
    5, the source of funds is best for leisure.
    Is should not invest in the stock market for waiting for urgent use or other important purposes. This is too risky and has a great negative impact on the psychological psychology of entering the market.
    6. Do not concentrate when funding.
    sm do not put funds too concentrated into one or a few stocks, and build a reasonable stock portfolio. Do not put the funds at a time point for investment. The price of the stock is volatile. It should invest in the stock market in batches, so that the investment of funds has a certain span in time.
    7, has certain autonomy.
    Mo blindly obey the recommendations and interference of relatives and friends to overcome emotional impulses.

    This Reminder:
    1. The above explanation is for reference only, no suggestions.
    2. There is risk in entering the market, and investment needs to be cautious.
    This response time: 2021-12-01, please refer to the official website of Ping An Bank.

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