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  1. Haha, easy to handle. If you really want to exercise your body better, and exercise a tall, strong, capable, well -proportioned, chic, dazzling, personable figure and physique, according to my personal success experience, I suggest you modify your own. The exercise method and method, take the following overall strength exercise method to exercise:
    first to develop the habit of getting up 40 to 60 minutes a morning;
    Run, just run your body to slightly hot, as a must -have for preparations before exercise every morning;
    is to do radio gymnastics, or learn simple martial arts routines or some basic actions of martial arts. Do not require God to look like, but must pursue similarity. In order to ensure that your hands are raised and fulfilled in line with the martial arts people's shots;
    four are during the morning exercise, take a deep breath, and try to exercise and improve your lung volume, confidence and voice brightly with a breath. To. Exercise more in place, jumping in place, jumping in place, running and jumping, helping running and jumping high (can effectively promote the strength and lines of muscles in all parts of muscles, and at the same time, it can improve the bouncing force, explosive power, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance, endurance , Running speed and starting speed), more horizontal bars and two bars exercise (it is better to meet and exceed the high school physical exercise standards above);
    . Five is to prepare a cup of green tea before going to bed every day. After adding some hot boiling water to Liang Lv tea, drank it on an empty stomach (one is to dilute the blood viscosity of blood due to sleep; It has the effect of cleaning the body in the body, improving the digestive function of the body, which is conducive to how long meat, especially how long tendon meat; fourth, you can eliminate various physical discomfort when you get up in the morning and exercise. Drinking green tea water has the medical effect of eliminating fat (fat)). After getting up on an empty stomach in the morning, you must drink more than 400ml every time;
    You must also eat well. Chicken, duck, fish, and meat can be eaten casually. However, dinner: First, it is best to eat less pasta (steamed buns, bread, noodles, biscuits, snacks, etc.); second, it is best to eat less chickens, ducks, fish, meat; full. Because the three of dinner are the most favorable conditions for long meat, you must control the grasp to avoid the main cause of long fat meat (fat) and not long tendon meat (lean meat). ;
    Seven is two hours after dinner. You can go out and go out to do push -ups, hanging horizontal bars, double bars or dormitories at home or dormitory. After the body adapts, increase the amount of exercise. Note: Before you are less than 23 years old, we cannot carry weightlifting and ultra -intensity exercise (including zero -pulling bumper, load -bearing exercise, squat), which will affect the body's growth and leg obesity. Remember! Remember!
    8 is to buy or download some physical protection and protection books and exercise technical essentials, precautions, women's body defense martial arts routines to study well Exercise and implementation are better.
    The or above, you are persistent.
    As long as you can persist for a long time and develop such a habit of life. In particular, I can exercise strictly in accordance with Article 4, 5, and 6. I dare to be sure: you will see the effect in two or three months.
    . If you can stick to it for a long time, you can't use it for three or five years, you will definitely exercise yourself: tall, capable, handsome, temperamental, stunned, handsome, and hands -on. Isn't it better?
    I I wish you success!

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