The fast -moving brand manager turns to the Internet product manager, how do you think of the future development?

4 thoughts on “The fast -moving brand manager turns to the Internet product manager, how do you think of the future development?”

  1. I think if the brand manager who sells to the Internet product is changed to the manager of the Internet products, the future development is still good. Although the brand of fast -moving consumer goods, the manager will be more treated in a short period of time, but the Internet has become the Internet that has become the Internet. Once, many of the final choices for sales positions, because the power of the Internet is very large, and its audience is very wide. If we can excavate new channels, it may form an explosive type of explosion style The achievements, so I think that if the experience of becoming Internet products is turned, the future development will be more diverse, and it is likely to create a new wealth growth point in unintentional.
    , turn into an Internet product manager, I think the future development prospects are huge
    The development prospects of the Internet are very large, because there are many audiences, there are poetic web in our country, and there is a poetic network in our country. Name, often browse some products on the Internet, the condition, the activity on the Internet is also very enough. Except for remote mountain villages, in our small and medium cities, and many towns and rural areas, the Internet has developed. The Internet In the world, no matter what product we are engaged in the Internet, the Internet has the opportunity to be seen by everyone, and there are overseas markets, so it is said that Internet product managers, its development prospects It is very huge.
    . Turn to Internet product managers will have more possibilities
    because if we are just a brand manager of fast -moving consumer goods, the wages and treatment levels that may be seen in a short time are all Yes, and it is also developed, but if it turns into the Internet product manager, our possibility will be more, because the products we are engaged are diverse, and the crowd facing the crowd It is also diverse. If it is said to be a manager offline, the number of customers who are likely to receive in a short time, the number is limited, but in a short period of time on the Internet, you can contact countless netizens, so his possibility and potential are very very very very very. Great, then we must pursue the diversity of this product and the diversity of our future development.
    three, I think there may be explosive growth in future development of wealth
    because of employees on the Internet now, basically they can easily accumulate wealth, as long as they have accumulated a lot of relatively much relatively much, After some experience, and after mastering the needs of some creativity and netizens, they can usher in the explosive growth of wealth, so I think that if I change from the fast -moving brand manager to the future development of the Internet product manager, it is still considerable, and If you have mastered some new opportunities, the explosive growth of wealth is not a distant dream

  2. I think the future development is still very good, because there are many people needed by Internet products. The future development of this industry will become better and better, and this profession will develop greatly.

  3. It will be very good. This is because this person's ability to work is relatively strong, and it has been sitting in the position of the product manager, and the room for improvement is relatively large.

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