3 thoughts on “What is the prospect of fresh milk?”

  1. The prospect of this industry is very good. It mainly depends on whether the taste of the product you make is delicious. Can you
    The winning the return guest
    Ilads to join the headquarters that must have strong product technology in order to create a good reputation.

  2. Buddy, my friend will open a fresh milk. It didn't take long before it opened. He was really exhausted during this time. You must go to the fresh milk. Do n’t listen to those franchisees. It ’s a small workshop to see this franchise website. Okay, after all, it is our hard -earned money. You ca n’t throw it to those franchisees. The one that seems to be called Happy Ranch in my friend is also a franchisee.

  3. I have been doing this industry for 4 years. I will analyze the prospects of this industry and how to make money!
    Fresh milk, most of them are Pa's milk and handmade yogurt. The main distribution is distributed in community stores, as well as around the school.
    I have done this store for 4 years. From the beginning of joining the pit, I almost closed down, and then I did it again. At present, there are more than 1,300 fixed members. What I have done, I will share with you.
    The was very optimistic about this industry at first, and I found a brand. It spent 60,000 franchise fees. The technology was finished in two days. The headquarters just sent me the equipment. No, no mature business model taught me.
    The results in the results of the operation. I will share with you, you can avoid the pit. The first is the issue of documents. Many people in this industry open a store while receiving franchise. They do not know the industry, but they dare to open up and join, and naturally they cannot make it clear to the franchisees. At that time, I was unprecedentedly rectified for several days because of incomplete documents.
    Because of high hygiene requirements for dairy products, they did not tell me what hygiene issues needed to pay attention to at first, how to clean up containers, etc., which caused my products to often have problems and delay a lot of business. There are all kinds of shirk responsibilities.
    is even more ridiculous that in less than a year, the joining headquarters closed down. My raw materials were broken, and they deleted me on WeChat.
    This blowout is really big enough. At that time, I said to myself that since I chose this industry, I can definitely do it.
    I I am a biological food major. This is my biggest advantage. My teacher and I have tried it for a long time in the laboratory. Finally, I developed a most time -saving and most efficient yogurt technology. I can finally start again.
    It this time, through the inspection of peer shops and asking questions with the bosses from all walks of life, I understand that if a physical store business is to be done, not only the product needs to be diversified, you can cope with the off -season, and you must also need to be in the off -season. There is a set of marketing methods that suits you to have greater profits.
    So through my repeated attempts, I have made a lot of upgrades. At present, my products include Pakistan fresh milk, old yogurt, liquid yogurt, purple rice yogurt, osmanthus rice brewing yogurt, yogurt yogurt, fruit, fruit, fruit Fishing, yogurt ice cream and so on. In terms of winter, I also developed a warm yogurt that can easily cope with the off -season market.
    For business, I also made my own characteristics. I upgraded the fresh milk bar and made a combination of fresh milk bar yogurt shop. a lot of.

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