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  1. Furniture sales tips
    The furniture store operation is more important to sell well. Good sales are naturally helpful for improving the business in the store.以下是为大家分享的家具销售话术技巧,供大家参考借鉴,欢迎浏览!rn rn rn rn   一、销售实例对白rn   1、顾客:你们What brand is it?
    The shopping guide: This is one of the top ten furniture brands in China, do you know?
    (ordinary shopping guides will directly answer: xx furniture)
    . Customers : Where is it?
    The shopping guide: XX Furniture Furniture Manufacturing Co., Ltd., one of the largest companies in European furniture in China, is Xingyi in Guizhou.
    (Ordinary shopping guide will answer directly: Guizhou Province)
    . Customer: Is your product environmental protection?
    This: This is the product produced by the top Chinese furniture companies. There are the latest certificates
    (ordinary shopping guide answered: environmentally friendly)
    4. Customer: How about your after -sales service?
    This: The reason why our sales are in the forefront of the country Not only our products are excellent, but also because of our excellent after -sales service
    (Ordinary shopping guides will answer: after -sales service, you must rest assured that there must be no problem)
    5. Customer: Why is the product so expensive?
    shopping guide: Only the best quality can sell the most expensive price, is it? Because it is expensive and it is very cheap, because buying a right set of products is better to buy the wrong three products, in fact, I hope that you can use it as you can with Buy the best quality things at the lowest price, but I have never found that any company provides the highest quality products and services at the lowest price. Spending a little money to buy a poor quality product and finally invest more.
    (Ordinary shopping guide will answer: this price is very cheap)
    6. Customer: Is this set of furniture suitable for me? ?
    The shopping guide: Only those who have a taste of you are only a big brand like us, which is suitable for you. You can see that China Furniture has been rated as "Top Ten Brands of Chinese Furniture". Now there are many in the country like you Such successful people have chosen CITIC Furniture and look at 99%of customers who are satisfied with our after -sales inspection, so I believe you will be satisfied with this true good brand?
    (ordinary shopping guides Answer: Absolutely suitable)
    . The furniture sales techniques of excellent shopping guides
    1. "price decomposition" transaction method
    I assume that customers are optimistic about a set of furniture with a price of 8,000 yuan and his expected price It is 6,000 yuan. At this time, you need to calculate the price difference. Once the price difference is determined, the price difference is no longer 8,000 yuan, but 2000 yuan. 10 years, right?
    Customer: Almost
    The shopping guide: Okay now we divide 2000 in 10 years, then you only need to invest 200 yuan per year, right
    Customer: Yes
    The shopping guide: In this way, you only need to invest at about 16 yuan a month on average (stop) Mr. Wang. You calculate how much you need to invest more every day
    Customer: (Remember this answer, it is best to let customers say that in the end, your customers will feel that it is ridiculous to argue with you every day)
    The shopping guide: Mr., you feel that you invest in 5 more corners a day every day You can have such a set on the left and right Do you like to bring happiness and happiness to your family very well? The cheapest, quality and best thing
    Customer: Haha, of course, there is no
    The shopping guide: Whether you will feel a penny and one penny is very reasonable
    Customer: Yes, there is any one. The truth
    (This is the greatest truth between trading and selling. Customers who almost agree with you must agree with you)
    The shopping guide: Mr. in this market, our price is fair, I may not be able to give you you The lowest price and you don't necessarily want the minimum price, right? But I can give you the most valuable transaction conditions in similar products in the market
    Customer: Oh? N Sometimes the price -oriented purchase of furniture is not exactly the correct investment. If you invest too little, you will pay too little, then you pay more because you may not be able to bring it to the products you buy. Do you think your expectations of satisfaction
    3. "Other houses may be cheaper" transaction method
    The shopping guide: The price of other husbands may really be lower than our price The lowest price is to buy the highest quality, but I
    but I never found that any company can provide the highest quality `products and the best service for one penny. n Customer: Of course
    The shopping guide: Mr. said that it is reasonable to buy our products and services at this price according to your years. Shopping guide: Sir, for your long -term happiness, which one is willing to sacrifice whether the quality of the product or good service
    4. Assume that the transaction method
    . If you booked today, when do you want us to submit "
    " Mr., you are now sure that our warehouse should still have stocks "
    " Mr. I can use the product for you as soon as possible. R n "Mr., do you want us to deliver for you or you pick up your own"
    "Mr. I will open an order for you now or wait for a while"
    "Mr. You, pay the full money or pay the full money"
    "Mr. You plan to determine this set"
    6. Opportunity transaction method
    "Mr. Mr. During the last three days, you will confirm it now"
    "Mr. Sir is the last two sets of last two sets, I suggest you set it now"
    "Mr. Mr. can get a gift worth 900 yuan if you are determined now "
    7. Bold Fayment
    "Sir, you have to choose such a large brand of high -quality products, right? Is it better now? Determine it. "
    " Mr. Mr. this set of furniture is selling more than a dozen sets this month. I also suggest that you order a set "
    8. Overlord transaction method
    Customers I really agree that your product can be accepted in price, but you still can't do it. Whenever you ask for the transaction, he always says "I want to test and filter for a few days before saying" this method will be useful at this time
    It before this customer you are already very familiar with the product you want, write a sales order as a sales order as a customer who came to the store to see the product again and talk to you for a while Then take out the sales order you fill in in advance and hand it out to hand the pen and order to him and tell him, "Do you see if you have any questions, please sign it."
    You must not speak calmly when you look at the customer calmly when you look at you, you nodded to him and said that the customer will carefully watch the sales list you have filled in for him. He will write his name with the pen you hand to him. rn   9、三问成交法rn   导购员:形先生您认为这套家具怎么样rn   顾客:好啊rn   导购员:您想不想拥有它呢r n Customer: You can test
    Shoppers: When do you plan to start using such a good product


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