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  1. Hello, Tencent, as a large domestic Internet industry, has six major business groups, and the treatment is very good. However, different business departments and positions have different salaries. The following uses Tencent Video as an example.
    1, all Tencent members, netizens: Four houses and five enters "I = Liu Yifei"
    at the Global Ceremony, what is the relationship between Tencent? The popularity of the goose factory products. Many netizens said that Liu Yifei = Tencent member, I = Tencent member so: I = Liu Yifei.

    An national -level Internet factories, how much does the goose factory make everyone?
    Tex of Tencent's main business consisting of value -added services, online advertising, fintech and corporate services, and other parts.
    I. as the head of the domestic Internet industry, goose factories are never ambiguous in their revenue. The first quarter financial report showed that Tencent's value -added business revenue in the first quarter increased by 16%to 72.4 billion yuan, and the average monthly salary of employees was 76,000.
    Tencent video members belong to a value -added service of Tencent, which belongs to the Tencent platform and content business group PCG. After Tencent PCG has established a BU consisting of Tencent Video and Micro -Vision under BG (business group) for the first time after the group organizational structure changes.
    Tencent video has a leading position in the field of long video, but still needs to find a more benign business model, and the user time is being squeezed by short videos and mid -videos; Weishi is Tencent's main short video app. In recent years, in recent years The attempts made a breakthrough and embarked on a differentiated path.
    Tencess of Tencent's current business groups have their own incomplete growth paths.
    The WeChat business group (WXG) and Interactive Entertainment Business Group (IEG) respectively rely on WeChat and games, respectively, so they are relatively independent and simple in organizational structure; Service products, such as Tencent Cloud, Smart Retails, etc.
    The purpose of business integration is to gather places where the most young users of goose factories are gathered to explore more new opportunities for young people.
    2. How high is the high salary of Tencent employees
    In general, Tencent is still a money -making machine, which is comparable to four major lines.

    The financial report in the first quarter shows that Tencent Video paid membership users of 125 million, exceeding iQiyi 20 million. The number of employees is 89,000, and the average monthly salary is 76,000.
    So the money of Tencent Video VIP and QQ Music VIP every month, even supporting the employees of the Goose Factory. Tencent's salary structure: Generally 12 1 1 = 14 salary.
    The standard salary of Tencent is 14 salary, but it can usually get 16-20 salary. In fact, there is a lack of 18 salary teams from OFFER. At the end of the year, the profit of the department is generally 3 months.
    The different salary and stock gaps between different business lines within Tencent. Tencent's game team salary and year -end awards are generally relatively high, while Tencent Cloud's stock share is higher than the game team.
    But in general, the technical line employees of the goose factories are still the highest salary group. After all, master the production and maintenance of the product. Therefore, we can see that in the Internet industry, the salary level of positions such as algorithms is nearly 40%higher than the operating post.
    On goose factory employees can I get for a year? There is a rough range according to the level.
    Te Tencent canceled the design of the original level 6 (level 1.1-6.3), and changed to level 14 (level 4-17). Although the title is more reasonable, many people are still accustomed to using the original system.
    . For example, the original T3 level, the salary of T3-3 level is 30-60W/year higher than the T3-1 level, and there is almost no stock at 3-1 levels. The difference is quite large. After adjustment, the gap is more reasonable.
    What employees do goose factories hold an annual salary of 750,000? Look at the social recruitment of Tencent Video. Goose Factory gave 3-5 years of experience in big data development engineers to a monthly salary of up to 50,000. In other large manufacturers' recruitment, 30K-60K big data development engineers only need 1-3 years of work experience. In summary, this kind of treatment is not uncommon for the annual salary of goose factories.
    Is my answer is helpful to you!

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