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  1. Kitten should cut the umbilical cord after birth. In the case of the maternal cat, the female cat will take the initiative to bite the kitten umbilical cord. If the female cat does not bite the umbilical cord, the owner needs to prepare the disinfected cotton noodles, scissors, and iodine, and tie the umbilical cord tightly with cotton wire 1-2cm from the kitten belly, then cut the excess umbilical cord with scissors, then disinfect it with iodophor, then disinfect it with iodine Just take the cotton thread.
    The cats of cats do not have clear requirements in clinical clinical clinical. Generally, cat mothers will help the kitten to bite in a short time after birth, but generally have more blood. If it is an artificial delivery, you need to tie the umbilical cord with a wire, and then cut it with scissors to avoid too much blood. In fact, if the umbilical cord is not cut off, it will also move over time without blood supply.
    This mother will eat the umbilical cord and placenta. This is a good supplement for cat mothers with a lot of energy. It will soon dry. The kitten and cat mothers will be more sensitive at this time. Try not to look at them, otherwise the cat mother will think that you will hurt its baby, and you will put the kitten one by one to the place where it thinks is safe.

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer 3 to 5 days. The navel cord of the kitten will be dropped by yourself when 3 to 5 days. Second, it is usually dropped by yourself. If you can't fall, the big cat will help lick it. Third, you can take the iodophor at the umbilical cord every day. Fourth, if it has not been dropped for 5 days, it is recommended to take it to the hospital to let the doctor help

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