5 thoughts on “What should I do if I like cats but have cleanliness?”

  1. Comb the cats every day, and then do more hygiene. When you go home, you will ventilate the house and change the sheets. If you feel about trouble, you can buy a bed photo. Just take the bed every day. A better hair removal brush, preparing a large rubber strip, often clean up, although it will be troublesome, but it will be very happy to see the cats run around at home!

  2. In fact, I was also the kind of cleanliness before I raised a cat. I ca n’t sit on the sofa and bed without changing my clothes. But after the cat raises, there is no lower limit. Meow is very cute, why do you want to close the cage? Intersection For the sofa, you can buy a super thick curtain cloth, cover it up, and buy a cat to grab the board. He will not grind his paw elsewhere elsewhere.

  3. In fact, after many people with cleanliness raising cats, they feel that cats and love cleaning are completely conflicting, because people with cleanliness love to clean up. After raising cats, they can clean up a bunch of cat hair every day. A sense of accomplishment. Sure enough, people who can become shoveling officers are not ordinary people.

  4. I have to wash my feet and brushing my teeth every day. Take a shower once a week. My cat makes me training. I will wash my hands more frequently, sweep the room frequently, and the bedroom door is closed all the year round. It is not allowed to go to the sofa table, and to do it with them and eat it before eating.

  5. Regarding cat litter, the closed cat litter pots, the small cat litter, and the ventilated position, clean up twice in the morning and evening, the taste of the cat toilet is basically not smelled in the home. After all, the cat with good habits will bury it every time they go to the toilet, which is relatively clean.

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