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  1. Chinese native cats should be lion cats.

    The status of cats in China is a bit embarrassing, not as being as seeing dogs. Even at some moment when I hear cats or cats, especially black cats, they are considered ominous signs.
    So Chinese cats are not as detailed as Chinese dogs, and no one deliberately cultivate, not as clear as Western cats. Compared with Egypt, it is really not very high compared to Chinese cats in Chinese cats.
    but there are still many varieties in Chinese cats.
    This Chinese raccoon cats
    The Chinese raccoon cats are currently recognized internationally recognized Chinese native purebred cats. CFA (Cat Fanciers, Inc.). The origin was very early. It is said that the Song Dynasty had records and belonged to natural cats. Soul, lively and active, smart, and good to catch mice. The body is majestic, short and thick, without thick and fluffy, not cold -resistant, wearing fish bone thorns or spots.
    The personality is independent, loves sports, and is very cheerful.
    It now there is one at home.
    three flowers
    three flowers are cats with black, red (orange) and white cats. It is officially named "White Cat". The color of Sanhua Cat is a genetic decision, which only appears only on female cats. However, there are also a few male cats that have three colors, but generally such male cats have reproductive defects.
    yellow cats
    yellow hair is also called tabby cat. Wearing a beautiful tabby belongs to more Chinese native cats.
    Lion cats
    The lion cat can also be called white cat, also known as Persian cat. Because the lion cat is mostly white. In addition to the thick snow and long hair, some have a yellow -and -blue eye.
    This cats are cold -resistant because they are wearing a thick long hair. They are strong, strong, and good at catching mice.
    The personality is docile and quiet.
    The origin and Shandong Linqing lion cat, the descendants of Persian cats and Richeli raccoon cats.
    Because of the Persian cat blood, many people are more willing to call the lion cat as the Persian cat.
    This in the past as royal pet.
    cloud cats
    cloud cats are national three -level protection animals. The number is scarce and belongs to endangered species. Distributed in central Yunnan and northwestern Yunnan, India, Nepal, Thailand.
    also known as tattoos, stone cats, grouper, grass leopard, small cloud leopard, small cloud cat, leopard skin, coconut cat.
    Leopard cats
    Leopard cats are also national three -level protection animals. Also called Tancao, copper coin cat, stone tiger. Wide in the Chinese branch. The leopard cat in the south is yellow and the north is silver -gray. The chest and abdomen are white, and the spots are generally black. Night -like animals are generally alone. Bigger than the cat. Due to fur transactions, it is a large number of endangered species.
    Sichuan Jianzhou Cat
    Sichuan Jianzhou Cat is a kind of family cat, with tall and strong body, agile movements. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, it was the four major local specialties of the emperor of the dynasty. one.

    Xuan Cat is also called black cat. In ancient times, Xuan Cat was a kind of evil spirits and was slowly interpreted by modern people. Like the crow, the ancient crow was auspicious bird.

  2. The characteristics of this kind of Shandong Lion Cat! But it is estimated that it has continued! (Blue -eyed white cats are basically hybrid) The only allowed to be allowed to be defined is the Shandong Lion Cat! But it is also a hybrid with the Persian cat!
    The lion cat, also known as Shandong Lion Cat, is a variety of varieties breeded by the Persian cat with blue eyes and local cats with colorful yellow eyes. Among the many varieties, snow lions with blue eyes and yellow eyes are the most precious. It is called "Eye Lion Cat". Its blue eyes are like a Chenghu water, a piece of gem, crystal clear. The yellow eye was like a golden sunset, the golden light was shining, clear and transparent.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, you can send it to me to show me the photosnQuestionnnAnswer this hand pure whitenThis is pure whitenPure white civet catnQuestions are not like raccoon cats, mixed races of Jingfan, female catsnIs there any other angle photos of the answer?nIt's a bit like a lion cat and blue and white stringnQuestionnnThe answer is a bit like a lion cat and blue and white stringnIs it a mixed -race Angola?nThe answer is not likenQuestion how much is itnAnswer this about 500 yuannLion Cat, also known as Linqing Lion Cat, is mainly produced in Linqing City, Shandong Province. It is a variety of varieties breeded by the Blos and yellow -eyed Luxi local raccoon.nMore 14nBleak

  4. Ordinary big white cats are really not lion cats. You can look at the picture on the first floor. He posted it himself. Look at the cat in the second picture, the hair around the neck is very thick and long. This is the lion One of the obvious features of cats is like a lion, so it is called a lion cat. Your family is only an ordinary big white cat. As for how much it is worth it, it depends on ourselves. No one bought 600, and someone was sent in vain, because it was just ordinary big white cats, and it was worth a few money. Many big white cats like you were actually not lion cats.

  5. Betterfish is also called catfish, which inhabits the sandy bottom of the shallow sea to prey on small fish and shrimp. They are particularly suitable for the bottom life on the sea bed. Because their bodies are flat. Both eyes are on the side of the body facing up

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