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  1. Cats are very docile animals, and cats are usually raised. Like the rural female cats, they will slowly give birth to a few nests of kittens. Therefore, when the cat has a kitten, the owner will never look at it, which will affect the cat's mother. However, some cats will be more sticky and need to be the owner next to it. So what should I do at this time?
    Is when the cat is a kitten, can the owner can't see
    This mainly depends on the specific situation. Some cats When giving birth to a kitten, it will be very sticky, and the owner needs to be accompanied and feels comfortable. But some cats are best not to watch, and do not look at it half a month after birth, such as rural pastoral cats. Because this period is a sensitive period for cats, they are hostile to foreigners, so please do not look at them, otherwise they will hide the kittens because they feel dangerous, or even eat the human -like kitten. Essence
    Why don't you let people look at
    not all cats cannot be seen when they are born. If the cat is bold and not easily frightened, the owner can still watch it, but do not interfere with the cat's production. If a cat does not have children or has abnormalities, it can also help if necessary.
    For timid cats, if someone watchs them during delivery, it may be very nervous, which may make delivery difficulties. Therefore, in order to enable cats to give birth smoothly, it is best not to look at cats.
    In addition, the female cat may feel that her child is being concerned and threatened, so she will take the child away. In this way, the kitten may be injured during the movement, or the female cat may be too tired to carry the cat and lack energy. If the kitten does not have enough breast milk, there will be hunger.
    What to eat after giving birth
    The cats are very weak after the cat is born, and the gas in the blood is insufficient, so more nutrition is needed. Pet owners should prepare high protein and iron cat food and cat canned food as a staple food for long -haired cats.
    Then take some beef, chicken, fish, mutton, duck meat and other foods to make cat's nutritional cat food as supplementary food to supplement the cat's body nutrition. It is possible to feed 3-5 meat cats a week. Excessive feeding will make the intestines difficult to digest.

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