5 thoughts on “What should I do if I have bugs on the cat at home?”

  1. There are insects on the kittens that are generally in vitro parasites, but there are many types of parasites in vitro, and the symptoms are different.
    So when the cat has a parasite on the cat, the owner needs to distinguish the type of parasitic in vitro. If it is flea, the owner can use the collar of insecticida worn by a cat at this time. After 4 days, the flea will slowly disappear.
    But if it is a parasite such as tapeworms, the owner needs to take the cat to the hospital for a systematic examination in time to avoid the pathogen of the tapeworm caused greater damage to the cat.
    During the normal breeding management process, the owner should do a good job of cat vaccination and deworming work at the same time, and at the same time do a good job of breeding and environmental sanitation of cats. force.

  2. 1. Go to pet stores or pet hospitals to buy some professional drug spray, euged mites, and lice, or to buy some medicines for medicine. After returning home, spray the cat, or give it a bath to remove insects. (Spray flea spray and medicated bath. Do not do it every day or at all times. According to the condition of the cat infected with the insects, you can spray it reasonably.)
    2. superior. This type of flea is also easy to buy, and large pet shops will be available. Of course, the time of this collar can be longer, and if it is in the rainy and humid weather, the effect will be as good as usual.
    Reminder: In addition to the cat's body of flea, ear mites, and lice, there may also be their traces on carpets and sheets. Therefore, if you want to remove the cat more thoroughly, in addition to the cat's body deworming, the environment of life should be completely cleaned and cleaned, and then disinfected and sterilized. Parasite.

  3. It may be a parasite, no matter what, it must be destroyed. Most of the market on the market is targeted at mites fungal flea tapeworm. I suggest that you can use the divorce to take a bath in proportion. Pay attention to the proportion, and you can't let the cat lick until you drink it.

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