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  1. . The cause of the cat's mouth inflammation
    1. Oral injury infection: mechanical injury, such as bone spurs, fish spurs injury, burns.
    2. Chemicals corrosion.
    3. The lack of vitamin B and other must be trace elements.
    4. Bacterial virus infection, such as cat nose, cup -like viruses, white sunset, etc.
    5. Autoimmune disease.
    6. Tooth disease and calculus are more common causes.

    . The clinical symptoms of cat mouth inflammation
    1. Due to the different causes and inflammation of the cat mouth inflammation, the clinical manifestations are also different.
    2. Most cats show loss of appetite or completely disappearing. Especially when cats eat, a large amount of drooling is often occurred. Some of them shout and cry when fasting, because the reactions caused by food stimulating pain.
    3. Oral examination, you will find that the cat's oral mucosa is congested and swollen.
    4. In severe cases, sticky, brown, odor -smelling secretions will flow out of the mouth, causing the cat's desire to drink water to increase and refuse to be checked. Sleeping, loss of appetite or abolition, clear watery saliva flows out of the mouth. Oral mucosa congestion, ulceration or pus, bad breath, difficulty in chewing, pain.

    . The treatment and prevention measures of cat mouth inflammation
    us can prevent cat mouth inflammation through the following methods:
    1, timely clean up the foreign body in the cat's mouth,, the foreign body in the cat's mouth,, Stones, tooth decay, etc. Improve breeding management, feed liquid or chewy food.
    2. Using Putan's Lokou Ning, cleaning the mouth, can promote the repair of oral mucosa, swelling and analgesic, antibacterial and anti -inflammatory.

    3. Supplement the treatment and prevention of vitamin B and vitamin C oral inflammation for cats. It can be auxiliary effects. It can be mixed with vitamin B solution to feed in food to promote mucosal repair, muscle healing and healing and healing of healthy muscle and healing of healthy muscle and healing Skin recovery.

    4, oral metronidazole tablets can efficiently sterilize and inhibitory, mainly targeting anaerobic bacteria in the oral cavity, alleviating the symptoms such as cat oral inflammation, periodontitis, oral ulcers, and gum redness.

    5. Cats with severe condition can be treated with antibiotics and general infusion.
    The ideal cat oral inflammation results are of course to completely eliminate inflammation in the cat's mouth. Unfortunately, there are no cases of 100% successful treatment. In most cases, doctors can only control the development of inflammation, so that cats can return to normal eating, usually not completely anti -inflammatory.
    The main effective treatment methods are concentrated in two aspects:
    1. Eliminate the inflammatory medium, but no one knows what this medium is included, only the problem may be on the cat's teeth, and tooth extraction is effective Ears, then extracted tooth extraction.
    2. Do not extract the cats, only use antibiotics, anti -inflammatory drugs and other drugs to inhibit the function of the immune system and control the occurrence of inflammation, but long -term use must have side effects.

    Cat oral inflammation must be treated in time without seriousness, otherwise it may need to be extracted. After the tooth extraction, cats will affect their diet and life. If If you have any questions, you can consult an online pet doctor.

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