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  1. Small and sticky pets
    Small and sticky pets. Small pets are very cute and flattering, so many people like to raise some small pets. Can quickly get started and get used to sticking to the owner to see a small and sticky pet.
    The small and sticky pets 1, honey bags
    The honey bags are small, and the boldness is relatively small. It becomes very sticky and likes to be in the hands of the owner and on the body. However, it is best not to start with honeybags, and it is easy to be bitten.
    2. Golden Silk Bear
    The golden silk bear is very docile. Basically, it can be raised for a few days, and then you can let the golden bears get started at will. At the same time, the golden bear's territory is strong, and he prefers to stick the owner. He needs to play with it often when breeding.

    3. Hamsters
    The is actually a kind of golden bears, but the character of the two is completely different. The hamster has a lively personality. In addition to the need to accompany people, you also need to exercise every day. It is also more greedy, but it is easier to get started.
    The pets with small and sticky people 2 TOP6: Teddy dog ​​
    If you have raised teddy dogs, then you must know that it is also very sticky, and it has few hair loss, it is very small, it is very small, it is very small, it is very small, it is very small, it is very small, and it is very small. The taste is very light, so it is easy to raise the teddy dog.
    and teddy dogs eat less, office workers can consider breeding!
    top5: Butterfly dog ​​
    butterfly dogs are a docile and lively small dog, and it is also the most sticky pet dog in small dogs. Where is it going.
    . The amount of hair loss of butterfly dogs is also very small, and it is simple to raise!
    top4: Pomeranian dog
    The people who have raised Bomei know that Pomeranian dogs are also very sticky, and they are always around the owner, but Pomeranian dogs are very fierce to people, and the owner is advised to give it more to do more train.
    The dietary problems should be light and low salt, which can prevent tears!
    TOP3: French bullfighting dog
    French bullfighting dogs are expensive dog breeds, even if there are many people who raise French cows, this is because French beef is particularly cute, and French bullfighting dogs are It is also very sticky.
    The breeding Fa Niu should pay attention to the cleaning of the face, otherwise Fa Niu will easily develop skin diseases!
    TOP2: Shi Shi dog
    Ti Shiho is also a very popular pet dog. Its appearance is particularly cute and charming, and it is special to the owner. Oh.
    Because Xi Shi dog is very tolerant of children and likes to play with children!

    Top1: Biens
    I believe that the pet owner who has raised Bichon dogs knows that Biens are very sticky, so it is particularly easy to have separation anxiety. When the owner is going to go out, it will keep calling.
    Because it just wants to be with the owner at all times, it is not a good thing to be too sticky. It is recommended that the owner can do more training for Bichon dogs!
    Dog dog breeding:
    It believes that many parents will give it leftovers, human snacks and other foods in the process of breeding dogs, but do you know that these foods are generally uneven nutrition and too much. Oil is too salty.
    The long -term eating of dogs will cause tears, worsening hair, skin diseases and other problems, so it is best to eat dog food as the main food. After all, it is scientifically combined.
    The good dog food should be considered from its smell, raw materials, oil volume, salt, nutritional elements, etc., as if this "non -greasy natural dog food" is not only high -protein, low fat, rich nutrition and good nutrition, good nutrition and goodness Absorption, low salt and low oil 0 additives!
    Dog dog training snacks:
    Apicking the dog to train snacks, the owner may choose a dog snack that effectively helps the dog's bad breath, as if the dog snack chicken jerky below can help the dog can help the dog Dogs to breathe, prevent dental stones, oral diseases, etc.!
    Small and sticky pets 3 1. Demon king squirrel
    one of the pets of the magic king, sticky and recognized the owner's pet, is a pet pine rat, the demon king squirrel is lively and active, and the food requirements are not required. High is very easy to raise.
    2. My Neighbor Totoro
    Totoro must be very familiar with it. The furry chinchilla is definitely the first choice for everyone to raise a small pet!
    3. Tongxin pink mouse
    The top ten small pets with hygienic and well -raised pink mice. Tongxin pink mouse is very cute and has no odor. If you are interested, you can try it.
    4. The chipmiper
    is very suitable for pets. Because the chipmiper likes to stick to people, it is very good for the owner. So you can simply train it.
    5. Mini little hedgehog
    This little hedgehogs are really cute, but because the thorn on the body is still relatively good, so be careful!

    6. Spanish sleeping mouse
    The Spanish sleeping mouse is particularly small. You can hold him on your palm. This little pet likes to sleep, so you don't need additional care.
    7. 兔
    垂 耳 rabbit is really particularly beautiful. This kind of rabbit has a very quiet personality and does not require high food, so hygiene is very easy to take care of.
    8. Cats
    . Cats are one of the small pets that are sanitary and well -raised. At the same time, cats are also very interesting. Of course, the price of pure cats is also more expensive.
    9. Dogs
    Dogs are the most raised pets, especially small dogs, such as Teddy, Chihuahua, Big Bear Dog, etc.
    10, hamster
    hamsters are a very common small pet. The hamster is very small and very hygienic. It only takes a little feed hamster to be very happy.
    The small and sticky pets 4 5 kinds of sticky pet dogs
    The first type: Golden Retriever Tour Hound
    Golden retriever raised at home, cute and cute, and very sticky often often people. Turn around the host. However, after the Golden Retriever grew up, it did not change except for other aspects. It was still a personality that loved to play and made trouble. The degree of stickiness did not decrease at all. Instead, it became intense like a child.

    The second type: Giant Sherry
    giant Snow Nayri is a dog who likes the owner very much. The owner is the only in the heart of Shineri. Sherry only likes to be with himself. The owner talked together, that is, for this reason, it contributed to their very sticky personality.
    The third type: Alaska Slaces
    It believes everyone is more familiar with this dog. There are a lot of information about the information of Alaska on the Internet. Version, whether it is a Husky Wolf Edition or a fat bear version of Alaska who likes to stick to the owner, because Alaska is not as escape as Husky, but it is a little more stable, but this also makes Alaska prefer to accompany the owner and stick to it. Master, it can be said that Alaska is a very cute dog whether it is a wolf version or a bear version.
    In 4: Newfoundland dogs
    don't look at the large and teachers of Newfoundland dogs, but Newfoundland dogs are very docile and smart. In the minds of Newfoundland, the owner is the most important, so they like to accompany the owner at all times, and over time they like to stick to the owner.
    Fifth middle: Giant poodle
    giant poodle is the second dog breed in dog IQ, and the poodle is very loyal and learned. It is a very flattering partner dog, and What this smart and loyal dog needs is the company's company most. It is very lively and close to people. Because of this, it also shows a very sticky characteristics.

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