2 thoughts on “Is it a good thing for a cat?”

  1. Yes,
    This is not afraid of strangers a habit, but now many cats are nursing, so they are still scared for strangers. Wild cats are generally not afraid of people.
    I habits. Cats are selfish creatures. When they are used to being together, they naturally treat them as it. When other cats approach, it will instinctively want to protect themselves to protect themselves. The property of the cat is called the cat master
    . Only the same class can there be a threat of survival. Cats and cats will compete for survival resources. Different types of pet cats and cat slaves have no survival competition with each other, and there is no need for fear.
    Cats are domesticated from wild animals, retaining primitive wildness, so there is also the habit of beasts, which always has a conflict between people and the territory. Some cats have been with humans for a long time, and the conflict of people has gradually reduced, so there is nothing to fear of people, which is related to the environment.
    This should also be related to the genetic genetic inheritance of the cat. Those who are in nature are afraid of people.
    The statement of not being afraid of strangers is not absolute.

  2. When it comes to cats, many people like it, but sometimes our conditions are not allowed to raise cats. But what do you want to do with cats? It's okay to go to cat coffee cats. Cat coffee is a cat cafe, a cat -themed cafe. In the cat cafe, cats are the main body. Many people who can't raise cats but like cats will go there to order a cup of coffee, and by the way, the cat. But some friends may find that cat coffee cats are not afraid of giving birth, so quiet. In fact, it is caused by these "cat greasy".

    1, the environment is different: First of all, cat coffee cats and domestic cats have different growth environment. Cats in cat coffee have been cultivated since childhood. So cat coffee's cat growth environment makes them knowledgeable and rich. Make them know that the customers in the store will not hurt themselves. The cats are afraid when they see strangers. I think strangers will hurt themselves. So this is why cat coffee is not afraid of strangers.

    2, different varieties: After all, it is quiet in cat coffee. We feel that if the cat is always crying, we will feel that the cat is afraid. But why do cat coffee cats see strangers so quiet, and I am not afraid of you? Because cat coffee cats choose relatively quiet cats, unlike some cats like to call. So quietly they give us a feeling of not being afraid of strangers.

    3, different personality: The reason why cats in the cat coffee are not afraid of strangers, there is a very heavy reason. It is that most of the cats in cat coffee are mostly courageous and docile. Such a big cat will not be screaming except quiet. In the face of strangers, you will not be afraid of being brave. Family cats may be more timid, and they will run away when strangers approach. Of course, cats in cat coffee cannot. So this is why cats in cat coffee are not afraid of giving birth. It is because these "cat greasy" can go to cat coffee.

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