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  1. Top Ten Most Woman Cats
    Top Ten Most Wind Cats? As pets that exist in each family, the status in people's hearts is getting higher and higher, especially the rare cats, of course, the number is also very rare. Below my younger sister has collected ten famous cats for babies who love cats. If you want to know, come to see it
    1. Scottish folding ear cats
    . It is a kind of genetic mutation in the ears Cat species, its cartilage is bent forward, and looks like a discounted ear, so it is named. Scottish folding ear cats are small and medium -sized cats, with round figures, strong muscles, and long fluff in the whole body. Personality is relatively peaceful, very friendly to other cats and dogs, more playful, soft voice, and rich feelings.

    2. Russian blue cat
    Russian blue cats are very slender, with long pairs of long ears and large ears. Because the soles are small and round, I always feel that I use their toes when walking. Walking, with a slim body shape and light steps, the aristocratic atmosphere comes on. Russian blue cats live in the cold belt area, wearing silver and blue short hairs on their bodies. They have a strong adaptability to the environment, but they are more conservative in personality and do not like strangers.

    3. Persian cat
    among many famous cat species, Persian cats have the title of "Prince in the Cat". One of the cats' favorite cats, the status is very noble. Persian cats have a favorite face, long and gorgeous hair with elegant manners, showing the aristocratic style, coupled with a gentle personality, a very fast response, and being enthusiastic, loved by the owner.

    4. Canadian hairless cats
    In listening to names, Canadian hairless cats are a cat with hair without hair on the whole body. Its skin has many wrinkles, mouth, feet, nose, nose, nose There are thin and soft tire hair for the part of the part, and those who do not know they think it is scratched by its hair. Although the hairless cat in Canada looks strange, the personality is docile, no aggressive, strong independence, and can get along with other animals.

    5. Main Island Cat
    This is a cat native to Main Island, England. Compared with other purebred cats, the real purebred Main Island cat is completely completely completely breed of Main Island cats. There is no tail, while the ordinary Main Island cat has a dental position. Main Island Cat is a well -known pet cat. They have very high wit and loyalty. In addition to their good personality, they are also very strong, their hind limbs are long and developed, their hips and noses are high, and they jump like a rabbit when they run.

    6. The puppet cat
    The puppet cat is the largest and heaviest type of cat. It takes three or five years to grow up completely. The reason why it is called a puppet cat is because its hairy feels like a soft puppet, and the appearance is very beautiful. It is also called a fairy cat. The puppet cat screams softly, the whole body is very relaxed, soft, and endurance.

    7. Turkish Vatican Cat
    The Turkish Vatican Cat has no mixed hair. The appearance is extremely beautiful and cute. Both eyes are usually amber or blue, which is a semi -long hair cat, and its

    8. Tropical grassland cats
    Savanna cats are the tropical grassland cats we call. From the perspective of appearance, it is more like a narrow version of the cat cat. It has the appearance of wild cats, has a long body, and has a very good bouncing power. It can jump more than 2 meters in place. You can learn. The growth period of ordinary cats is about two years, while tropical grassland cats have three years. Because it is difficult to reproduce, it is more precious.

    9. Bangladesh cat
    Bangladesh leopard cat is a kind of wild cat, but it is not a leopard cat in the wild. You can see the wild beauty of the leopard cat on it. Usually, it will always be Maintaining full of energy, with a very powerful police personality and strong curiosity, but without aggressiveness. The Bangladesh leopard cat prefers sports. At the growing period, the nutritional consumption is greater. A beautiful Bangladesh leopard cat has a very coordinated and perfect figure.

    10. Arthurra cat
    Seshra cats are the rare cats in the world, with less than 100 global output each year, each with a price of 22,000 US dollars, adults, adults, adults The recoil weight can reach 14 kg. The cat's fur has a leopard dot and tiger pattern, which looks very strong and powerful. Because of the blood of wild cats, it is more energetic than ordinary cats, just like a narrow version of Cheetah.

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