5 thoughts on “The kitten grabbed the hand and didn’t bleed, do you need to get an injection?”

  1. If the cat is caught without bleeding, then if there is a broken skin, it is still a third -level exposure to rabies. If the third -level exposure of rabies disease is required, the inoculation of rabies vaccine and rabies immunoglobulin need to be carried out. If the rabies are exposed in the third level, it is at least secondary exposure. At least it must be vaccinated.

    If there are no obvious wounds, no broken skin, no bleeding, caught by cats, that is, the second -level exposure of the rabies. If a rabies vaccine is hit within three months, you do not need to re -get the rabies vaccine. If it exceeds three months, if there is a device that can detect rabies disease antibodies, you can first detect rabies antibodies. If the antibody level is sufficient, you don't need to fight again. If there is no condition to detect rabies antibodies, you still need to get a rabies vaccine.

  2. If you are caught by a cat, without bleeding, you are likely to need to injected a rabies vaccine. Because there is no bleeding wound, if there is a broken skin, it is also a secondary exposure. This degree may also be infected with rabies, so the vaccine of rabies must also be injected to prevent rabies. Whether cats are caught by people will be infected with rabies. At present, they must be judged through the level of exposure. In addition, it can also be judged by whether the cat is carrying rabies virus. The condition of a cat is not able to rule out the possibility of carrying rabies virus. It can be judged by a blood test for cats. However, in most cases, it is not possible to use such testing methods, so you can indirectly determine whether the cat has been regularly injected with rabies vaccine. If it has been injected, it is considered that it will not carry rabies virus, that is, it will not be transmitted to rabies. However, if the possibility of a rabies or rabies virus is eliminated through the above methods, it is necessary to give people a rabies vaccine to prevent rabies.

  3. If a cat is vaccinated, it is a pet cat, and there is no symptoms of rabies. There is no need to get injections at all. Various articles on the Internet said that no matter what cat is injured, it is necessary to fight. It is purely a doctor's marketing. I have been caught by my cat how many times. I do n’t have to worry about my cat.

  4. If the kitten is caught without bleeding, it will not be infected. You should not need to get a rabies vaccine, but let's deal with it.

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