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  1. Combing a cat is not a trivial matter.

    The error combing method may hurt the cat, and the cat will also shove the shit officer.

    . For example, if it is too hard to comb, it is easy to hurt the cat's epidermis. This will cause cats to appear dandruff, which will cause cats to bald from then on.

    This and the frequency and number of cats of the cats will form their own habits. If the shoveling officer suddenly adjusts the time for the cat to comb the cat, some cats will also have emotional tension.

    has 6 taboos to comb the cat.

    Especially those who have just raised cats need to avoid the misunderstandings of these 6 cats.

    1. Do not frequently comb the cat with hair: combing the cat against the cat, just perform every 48 hours. The benefits of combing cat hair are to help the skin of pet cats fully breathe. Some cats can deeply clean the cat's fur by combing cat hair. But the disadvantages of counter -cat hair are actually more than the benefits.

    The disadvantages of combing cat hair are 3 points:

    will make cats more likely to lose hair. Catal hair is damaged to the root of the cat's hair and hair follicles. And some cats can feel pain, and some cats will cause irreversible hair loss because of combing hair.
    It is easy to cause dermatitis: Especially when the home is more humid, it has been combed to the cat for a long time, which is easy to make the cat dermatitis.
    mo's emotions are more tense: cats do not like to combat hair, combing hair will make cats nervous, the cat's body will only secrete the substance that only secretes during hunting, and the cat will be so on the cat for a long time. Health is not good.
    2. Do not scrape the epidermis of cats: Some cats are afraid of the cat's hair in life, and will scrape the cat's epidermis very hard. After you comb your hair, you can touch the cat's epidermis. If there is obvious swelling, it means that you are too hard. Especially the cat's back epidermis, if it is injured, it usually takes about 12 days to recover. So when combing the cat, control the strength as much as possible, and do not scrape the cat's epidermis.

    3. Do not dip the water to comb the cat: This is an unwilling way. If the cat's hair is frequently encountered, the cat can easily get dermatitis. Some cats even have skin infections. Do not dip the cat with hair. If the weather is dry, you can slightly wipe the cat's back in the middle of the back 3 days every 3 days. This is enough to make the cat feel the water.

    4. Comb the cats up to 3 times a day, do not exceed 30 minutes each time: the total time to comb the cat for cats per day should not exceed 90 minutes. For too long, the cat will make the cat's hair loss more frequently. Comb the cats every day, which can be divided into 2 or 3 times, generally 15 to 20 minutes each time.

    5. Frequently replace the cat for the cat: The cat's combing comb needs to be fixed. You can observe which comb in the cat's favorite. When you comb the cat, the cat is willing to turn over to show the cat's abdomen. This is a signal that the cat feels good. Then this comb can be fixed for cats. Generally, cats need 2 or 3 fixed comb. In addition, new comb are used as much as possible for cats, because cats will have emotional anxiety because of the new smell.

    6. Do not comb the cat's tail hair: as much as possible without combing the cat's tail. If you see some dirty things on the cat's tail, just clean up. Comb the cat tail, and if the intensity is improper, the cat may hurt the cat. Even if the cat allows you to comb its tail hair, it will be performed at most twice a week. The cat's tail hair does not need to sort out too many times, and the cat can clean up it.

    This of three parts of the cat, the shoveling officer should sort out less.

    The first is the cat's tail.

    . In addition, there are cats of the cat's abdomen.

    When the cat is combed, sometimes the cat will turn over because of happiness, but do not combine the cat's abdomen. Just a little bit of it, too hard to comb the cat's abdomen, which may cause enteritis in some cats.

    The abdomen hair of the cat must not only be appropriate, but also use a combed of non -"sharp heads." The cat's abdomen skin is more fragile than the back, and once the cat's abdomen is injured, it may take more than a month to truly recover.

    The other place to combat the cat is the cat's limbs.

    This of the hair of the cat's limbs, cats can be fully cleaned by themselves.

    Is when a person is combed to the cat's limbs, the cat's joint may be hurt, especially the two forelimbs of the cat. When you comb your cat, you will find that the cat does not want you to touch its limbs too much.

    If your cat is over 8 years old, the cat's limbs are basically no need to comb your hair.

    It combed the cat's limbs, but may make the cat angry.

    This to comb the cat, and the intensity should be as lighter as possible.

    Is combed the cat too hard, and a small white debris will appear in the cat's fur.

    This is the cat's dander. This kind of dander may occur when cats have dermatitis and skin. But combing the cat forced the cat can also make the cat dandruff.

    Once the cat's dander appears, it takes 2 weeks to slowly recover.

    The within two weeks, the shovel officer should not combat the cat as much as possible, or the number of combing hair a day is reduced to 12 minutes.

    The dandruff due to the strength of the cat's hair can only be raised slowly. Do not worry about the cat's medicine. This may make the cat's dander more serious.

    Is when a cat appears dandruff, do not take a bath easily, often aggravate the cat's skin problem.

    This to combing cats requires some experience skills. Each cat's temper is not the same. You can only slowly master the tips for combing the cat.

  2. Need, often combing cats can help cats improve hair, but it is only one -sided improvement. You can eat Domatsu beef. It can help cats improve the hair problem. This, now the hair is much better, Baidu searches.

  3. Why do cats always like to sort out hair? Is it really just to clean it?
    Whether the cat is playing or sleeping, or eating or with shoveling officer, they may suddenly start combing hair. In our opinion, cats have to sort out hair even if they only take a few steps, for fear of becoming dirty.
    The reason why cats often sort out hair are not just to clean themselves. They have to sort themselves on their hair and have these reasons inside.
    The first reason: The cat has a smell that makes them uncomfortable
    The cat not only loves cleanliness, but also has a strong sense of territory. In the cat's territory, they like to bring their own smells that they care about. For example, in order to attach the smell to the shoveling officer, they will often grind the shit officer.
    It, if the cat comes with a smell that makes itself uncomfortable, such as pure odor, other cats, and the smell of strangers, the cat will use the method of combing hair to remove these smells.
    The cat only allows his own smell to leave his favorite smell, so if the shoveling officer sees the cat, you will not be angry when you are licking the hair by the part of you. Only out of your own habits.
    The second reason: The cat wants to "cover up" the embarrassment
    The cat knows what is "embarrassing". It will use combing hair to cover up the embarrassment.
    This is actually a good way to calm themselves because this disperse their attention.
    It, but the shoveling officer should not laugh at them when the cat sortes out hair because of embarrassment, otherwise they will turn their embarrassment into anger and turn to the shoveling officer. The shoveling officer only needs to pretend not to see it.
    The third reason: The cat feels dirty
    The cats are very clean animals. Whether they are walking or resting, they pay attention to the "instrument". If the cat finds themselves dirty during the play, they will suddenly stop to sort out their hair. After all, they care more about their cleanliness than playing.
    The habits of cats also prevent them from skin -related diseases. For example, if the body is too dirty, dermatitis will appear (dogs have no cats to clean). It can also prevent cats from putting pressure on the body because of too dirty body. I have to say that this is a good way to decompress.
    The fourth reason: The cat doesn't want to play anymore
    This Cat suddenly sorted out the cause of the hair when playing, not just to make himself clean, but also the reason is to express what he didn't want to play.
    This is an animal that is "impermanent". They are still happy in the last second, and they may suddenly change their faces in the next second. Therefore, when the shoveling officer suddenly sorted out the hair when he saw the cat playing, it was that they wanted to tell you not to find them to play. Even if they took the initiative to play with you, they might take the initiative to tell you not to play. They just do not talk about "emotion".
    The meaning of licking the hair after playing between cats is different. That is the meaning of playing happily to the other party.
    of course, if the shoveling officer finds that the cat is always sorting out the hair, it may be related to the stress or illness of the cat. At this time The question, I know the reason for more peace of mind.
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  4. Need, because the cat has the habit of licking hair, cleans away the hair dropped on it in time, so that the cat can eat less hair into the stomach. And the cat's hair is more neat, and it will make yourself happy.

  5. Multi -hair care is what cats and owners must do every day. Cats like to clean, so they often lick their hair with their tongues, remove dirt, and sort out hair.

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