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  1. Cats suffer from ringworm. First, you need to avoid contact with pet cats and use drugs to apply timely treatment.

    Cat moss is a kind of inflammatory response to the skin. A fungal infection is a skin -based disease caused by insect cats. It is necessary to go to a regular hospital to do a detailed examination. Whether the diagnosis of clarity belongs to the cat ringworm can be treated targeted.
    Once diagnosis is confirmed, we must first avoid contacting pet cats, including the sheets, bedding, etc., which are touched by cats. They must be disinfected or exposed to exposure, and they need to disinfect themselves in time.
    The area of ​​cat ringworm needs to be applied in time to apply antifungal ointment. You can use nitrate nitrate, cumazole cream, ketoconazole ointment, etc., oral medicine hydrochloride tablets. Detailed consulting doctor.
    The treatment must be kept clean and clean during the treatment period, and regularly clean up. Do not scratch the disease of the disease with your hands. Do not eat spicy and irritating foods. Proper nutrition. rn曾经的治疗情况和效果:用了好几种外用药,如联苯苄磋乳膏,菌必净等等,其他部位的都已好了,但头部的仍不见好,而且The larger the area, the hair root is white.

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