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  1. Cover reporter Dai Zhuxin Yang Bo Photography Report
    The company involved in the "pet blind box" incident in Chengdu has been punished by relevant departments. In the current huge pet industry market, how many unknown secrets are there?
    In May 8th, cover reporters went to the home of an individual farmer to visit on the spot, and tried to glimpse some "corners" of the pet trading market from the eyes of some industry insiders.
    Pets from family breeding
    The more than 30 categories of category of category of category
    in the Chengdu Sanlian Pet market, many pets from family breeding are sold. In fact, it was mentioned in the "2019 Chinese Pet Breeding and Living Trading Industry Overview" report that among Chinese pet living bodies, there are many individual farmers, accounting for more than 90%.
    The pet cats in a community in Fair Town, Wenjiang District, Chengdu City, have more than 30 female cats in their homes, and breed more than 30 kitten cats of various categories. On the balcony of her house, the cat cage was placed on three sides of the wall, and a total of 4 floors were overlapped. Each cage was placed with different varieties of kittens. Including Garfield, Puppets, Golden Environmental, Silver Grade, Blue Cat, German Cat, etc., the selling price ranges from more than 10,000 yuan to tens of thousands of yuan.
    The merchant claims that his own pet cat varieties are pure. Although there is no relevant certificate, it is guaranteed by "doing more than ten years of business" to guarantee that "does not need money." In addition to breeding kittens in her own, she also has a "male cat borrowing" business, which is about hundreds of yuan each time.
    The reporter saw at the scene that many of the cats in the house were "big belly" to be given birth. One of the kittens in the cage, one of them suffering from mouth, two cats fell almost off, a cat had wounds on the neck of the neck, and a cat had no left eye. "It was caught, and it would not be sold. It kept it for breeding by itself." The merchant said that his cat breed twice a year. "The business is very good, and the kitten who can not be sold for more than three months."
    The merchant also said that because the number of cats was large, the pet cat's vaccine was purchased from the pharmacy, and the injection work was also by herself by herself. Finish.
    The reporter's inspection that the "Administrative Measures for the Review of Animal Epidemic Prevention Conditions" released by the Ministry of Agriculture in 2002 put forward seven requirements for animal breeding venues and embryo production venues.
    of which includes: the site selection and layout meet the requirements of animal epidemic prevention, and the production area is separated from the living area; the design of the livestock (poultry) house meets the requirements of animal epidemic prevention, the lighting, ventilation, dirt, and sewage discharge facilities are complete. The production area cleansing channel and pollution tract are divided into; there are diseased animals isolation circles and diseased animals, sewage, and pollution -harmless treatment facilities, equipment, etc.
    Data: Pet market over 200 billion yuan
    If people in the industry: Pet breeding and selling markets are not standardized
    According to the data of "2019 Chinese Pet Industry White Paper", that year, the market size of the Chinese pet industry has already been in the market size of China's pet industry. It reached 202.4 billion yuan, the number of pet cats reached 44.12 million, and 55.03 million pet dogs. It is undeniable that this is a huge market.
    Pet breeding and breeding are just part of the industry. The reporters learned from the mouth of three different practitioners that in accordance with relevant requirements, the breeding and breeding pet living business must obtain relevant qualifications. However, in terms of pet breeding markets, there is no unified regulation and no clear mechanism, which is one of the reasons why the market is difficult to regulate.
    The pet shop owner in Chenghua District, Chengdu told reporters that there are four links: breeding farms, pet agents, pet shops, and buyers in the pet breeding and sale market he knows.
    In a pet agent or many breeding farms and pet shopkeepers. When the pet shop proposes some kind of pet demand, he will choose the appropriate supply from the breeding field, which is equivalent to the collector of a "pet information". And distribution. During the process, the price of pets will increase with repeated fingers.
    The pet dog wholesaler in Chengdu Shuangliu Pengzhen also said that in the pet breeding ground, in addition to allowing dogs to mate naturally, there are also artificial insemination. For the relevant certificates of purebred dogs, he said that he "can apply for any certificate."
    . Another person who has been engaged in the pet industry for many years told reporters that at present, there are indeed some unconventional dog houses in the breeding market.
    The channels for sellers to "collect dogs", one is to sign a cooperation agreement with a cocoa house with formal qualifications, and the dogs are supplied by them; the other is "retail investors", and "Wherever there are dogs, you can accept it." He believes that the current market in Chengdu's pet breeding and sales market is not so standardized. "There are really fewer walking according to the rules and regulations."

  2. In the Cultural Palace, it is only sold on Sunday to Sunday morning. Some people are raised, and some are sold there.
    The ones are banned by model streets. In August, Model Street was sold at night, and it was not sold now. But there are individuals.

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