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  1. When the cat smells stinky feet, it makes a huge response, not because your feet are too stinky, but they are curious about this irritating smell and want to find out. Why do cats like to smell the stinky feet and cats do not have visual and hearing when their cats were born. Newborn cats usually take about 8 days to open their eyes. Usually about 10 days, they will hear the first sound from this world.
    So the kitten first met the world for the first time, so their noses, so cats are born with a sensitive sense of smell. In other words, the master knows you through smell and remember you.
    The cat's mouth when smelling the smell and exposing teeth are a normal reaction -Flehmen Response. This reaction refers to the cat's lips, exposing his teeth, and inhaling his nostrils with your nostrils.

    In the top wall of the cat's mouth, there is a smell receiver called the plow nose (ORGAN), which is a small piece of sensor cells used to detect severe moisture odor particles.
    In short, you can get more smells through your mouth.
    The most important purpose of the lip lip smell is to collect intelligence. By capturing the strong smell in the air, it analyzes whether the environment is safe.
    In fact, cats will have a smelling behavior at close range, which has already shown that it is very interested in the object of smell, and has initially judged that the object of smelling is safe and there is no danger.
    If further bite, it means that it has possessiveness and conquest desire to the smelling object.
    So the master of the master made a huge reaction, not because your feet were too stinky, but they were curious about this irritating smell, and wanted to find out.
    is worth mentioning that some cats still like to lick your feet, which does not mean that your feet are not smelly, but the master lacks salt ...

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